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What to Watch…Thursday, October 9, 2008

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You gotta love Thursday nights…especially when all our favorite shows are back on the air with new episodes.

I’m of course excited for a new episode of THE OFFICE, as well as GREY’s.  Here’s to hoping UGLY BETTY gets things back on track and stops recycling storylines.  Can’t say I have high hopes for newbies KATH & KIM (although I do love the title) or LIFE IS MARS.  I’m not really excited for either, but I’ll still watch. I’m kind of bummed that I won’t be able to watch ELEVENTH HOUR because it looks pretty good – but alas, there’s already too much to watch on Thursday night.  Despite  I am ready for the premiere of SNL WEEKEND UPDATE THURSDAY – I love me some Amy & Seth.

Here’s a little of what’s on TV tonight…

Ugly Betty | 8pm on ABC
An accident leaves everyone at Mode stunned; when a detective (Mark Consuelos) starts looking for answers, Betty tries to piece together what really happened.

My Name is Earl | 8pm on NBC
Earl tries to figure out how he can cross a stuntman (David Arquette) off his list, but the man’s permanent injuries make it a challenge; Joy buys a gun after being carjacked, but Darnell disapproves of the purchase.

Smallville | 8pm on The CW
SmallvilleTess and her team perform tests on the crystal she retrieved from the Arctic, causing it to send a beam of light into the universe; the beam of light triggers the arrival of Maxima, a queen from another planet looking for her soul mate

Kath & Kim | 8:30pm on NBC | Series Premiere
Kath and Kim, NBCKim, a self-absorbed princess recently separated from her husband, decides to move back home, putting a damper on Kath’s new romance with a sandwich shop owner named Phil.

The Office | 9pm on NBC
A business ethics seminar gets out of control when Michael lets everyone talk about their unethical behavior at work; Jim makes Dwight observe the company’s “time theft” policy.

 Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday | 9:30pm on NBC
MeeVee Recommends  Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers and the SNL crew take there Saturday night staple to Thursdays with a look at the week that was.  Expect special election coverage.  Perhaps Tina Fey?

Grey’s Anatomy | 9pm on ABC
A plumbing leak becomes a flood, causing chaos at Seattle Grace; the chief tries to implement new teaching policies; George tries to take his residency exam again; Derek hopes to move Meredith’s roommates out of her house.

CSI | 9pm on CBS | Season Premiere
CSI what to watchAfter Warrick is shot in a Las Vegas alley, the CSI team comes together to deal with the aftermath.

Supernatural | 9pm on The CW
SupernaturalSam and Dean discover a man named Jack who is turning into a Rugaru, a creature that changes from a human into a flesh-eating monster; Sam thinks that Jack can learn to control his urges, but Dean thinks the only honorable thing to do is shoot him.

Life on Mars | 10pm on ABC | Series Premiere
Life on MArs, ABCHit by a car while investigating a murder, Detective Sam Tyler finds himself transported to 1973 New York, where he helps the homicide squad investigate a killer whose methods are similar to those of the killer he was chasing in 2008.

Eleventh Hour | 10pm on CBS | Series Premiere
Eleventh Hour,CBSDr. Jacob Hood, special science adviser to the FBI, investigates when evidence suggests that someone is attempting human cloning

ER | 10pm on NBC
ER What to Watch GMMRDr. Banfield’s arrival and attitude causes the ER staff to feel defensive; Gates and the new interns risk their lives saving a terrorist; Neela discovers an unexpected advocate in her fight to get Dr. Dubenko back on the surgery staff.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | 10pm & 10:30pm on FX
It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaFrank and Charlie discover that somebody has pooped in their bed; Dee leads the waitress and Artemis on a night out on the town.

Lots and lots to choose from.  So tell me…what are YOU watching?

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