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24 Debrief: Day 7 | 8am-10am

January 12, 2009 by  

Finally, a new season of 24.  I hope it lived up to everyone’s expectations.  It’s been a long time coming.  Missed the episode?  Want to break it down with other 24 fans?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  Agent Philboy will be providing a weekly debriefing of the activities of Jack Bauer and his associates, his assessment on the events that transpired and other pertinent information you’ll need to stay on top of the actions.

Check out Agent Philboy’s first weekly 24 report.

Chronicling the latest activities of the good guys and the bad ones too.

  • Our favorite former CTU agent Jack Bauer is on trial for war crimes. He is close to being indicted.
  • Tony Almeida is still alive and is leading a group of domestic terrorists who are stealing in technology that gives them the capability to control airliners, as well as the power and water supplies for the entire country. Whatever group Tony is a part of is selling the module that does this to Gen. Juma, the genocidal dictator of Sangala.
  • President Allison Taylor is well on her way to invading Sangala.
  • The First Gentleman, Henry Taylor, isn’t accepting the idea that his son killed himself. Plus, he might be a little bit crazy, at least his seemingly pre-pubescent Secret Service Agent seems to think so.
  • Jack has been enlisted to help find Tony by FBI Agent Renee Walker, who has immediately become his subordinate, as soon as Jack figured out that there is a leak within the FBI.

Agent Philboy’s Assessment…
What an awesome way to open a new season of “24.” It didn’t have a lot of the flash that previous seasons have started out with. No jugular veins were bitten. No nuclear bombs went off. But maybe that’s just what the show needed to get back on track. Perhaps, in year’s past, they kind of went too far and too big too soon, leaving the rest of the season just as time for disappointment.

I like all of our new characters. Janeane Garofalo as Janis Gold is Chloe but intentionally funnier. I am already awaiting the following two moments: 1) When Janis becomes a huge supporter/asset to Jack and Renee (Can we call them Jackee? Like Brangelina?) and 2) When Jack needs Chloe and Chloe and Janis go head-to-head. Garofalo kind of got the shaft on “The West Wing” and was really underutilized, so I’m glad she’s getting a chance here.

I’m very intrigued by Agent Walker. Not only is she incredibly attractive, but she seems to be a complex character who, I believe, will never become a total disciple of Bauerism, but will agree with him most of the time, meaning that I think they’ll but heads and explore the ethics of some of Jack’s actions, which has been a main theme, even in these first two episodes.

This cast is just fantastic. It’s such an awesome ensemble of people that you’ve seen for years in various things, but never really have seen in a solid, meaty role. I can’t wait to see how the cast we know is coming into the fold is added, like Jon Voight, and the returns of Kim, Chloe and Bill Buchanan.

Speaking of Bill, if he had found out that Jack had gone off orders and was someplace he shouldn’t be, he DEFINITELY would not have taken a helicopter and found him. That moment gets my vote for most random, borderline creepy event of the evening.

My only concern is the storyline with Harry Turner. Not only is him getting the story on the Sangala invasion pushed back going to bite them in the end, but I don’t want this to be the crazy sick daughter (Season 3) or the office relationship (every season, it seems) that takes us away from the true mission at hand. I’m confident, though, that the writers have come up with a way to fold this in to everything else.

Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Jack Bauer…
Each week we learn valuable lessons from Jack Bauer.  I will share with all of you what the great man taught me this week.

  • Going into a trial without a lawyer isn’t poor legal strategy. It’s BADASS!
  • If you didn’t see something happen with your own two eyes, it didn’t happen.
  • A pen can be a weapon.
  • Khaki London Fog jacket = BADASS!
  • Always pay attention to your shoes.

The Weekly Kill Count = 5
In the sniper scene, where Gabe Schector was taken out, I could have sworn two men died. And yet, when Moss was talking to Janis, he said three people died. Confusing. Anyway, acting under accordance of one of Jack’s lessons, I must count it as two kills.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this season AND about writing about it for GMMR. I’ll have a question for all of you after tomorrow!

Philboy is GMMR’s resident Dexter and 24 analyst. He spends his days studying Communications at Purdue University and his nights failing at keeping up with all of the TV shows he loves. His can’t miss shows are “24”, “Chuck”, and “Life on Mars”. The thoughts running through his head for this week are, “Did I say ‘badass’ too much?” and “I REALLY need to watch Damages from last week!”


5 Responses to “24 Debrief: Day 7 | 8am-10am”

  1. Kat (IU girl) on January 12th, 2009 1:39 pm

    I thought it started a little slow (maybe due to the low body count) and they caught Tony awfully early. I’m relieved to see that the whole season isn’t going to be spent chasing him down, though. I noticed the irregularity in the body count too, but discounted it as someone really insignificant accidentally dying (ie, not worth showing).

    I used to be semi-obsessed with 24, but the recent seasons kinda were awful. Thus, it might take me a few twists to get me fully enjoying 24 again.

    As a happy sidenote, I like the divisions in your writeup!

  2. Michele on January 12th, 2009 5:47 pm

    Great write up! Very much like the ‘ What we learned from Jack Bauer’ segment. :0) So glad 24 is back on my tv! I really hope they give J.G. some good material to work with. I just love her, and I feel like she hasn’t had a good role in a while…

  3. Lisa (aka lmr) on January 12th, 2009 6:29 pm

    I am so mad at myself for forgetting it was on with my distraction with the red carpet… so I am very grateful for your recap!

  4. Sam on January 12th, 2009 8:18 pm

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch 24 this season but after reading your recap I am most definitely going to watch. I thought your recap was great. Off to watch last night’s 24.

  5. Ryan on January 13th, 2009 12:40 am

    I pretty excited that the show is maintaining its streak of absurdity. Those who enjoy the show for its drama please don’t be offended, but i watch it because 24 is my favorite unintentional comedy of all time.

    Let’s start with trying Bauer for torture. To compare with today’s america, widespread torture has been committed with the indifference of most americans and most of the congress. Likely no one is going to prosecuted. In 24’s america, there have been several terrorist attack on the homeland (as opposed to just one) including a nuclear bomb and assassination attempts on presidents. Yet the one person who as done as much as anyone to prevent these attacks from being even worse is on the road to jail. Something tells me at this point americans and the congress would be using any means necessary to keeps it citizens safe and reward public servant heroes not looking to throw them in jail.

    All the lies between control of pretty much everything in this country and a terrorist is one firewall? I mean really? Its also good to see that socket checking and such make a return. Could 24 maybe hire one writer or consultant that knows something about computers?

    That’s just a couple of very many unrealistic and silly things that are the norm in 24. I’ve learned to embrace and love them however. I treat it as my own Mystery Science Theater 3000.