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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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It’s here, it’s here….it’s finally here – a new episode of GARY UNMARRIED!!  Can you stand it? Woo hoo!  Ah, I’m just playing with you.  Of course today’s excitement is all about the season premiere of LOST.  It’s a big TV event and I hope you’ll be tuning in.  I’ve seen the first three episodes of the new season and they are simply excellent.  You have reason to be excited! If you want a spoiler-lite look at the first two episodes, then read on here: I Got a Sneak Peek of Season 5 of LOST and…It’s Awesome!

Also premiering tonight is LIE TO ME on Fox.  Check back to GMMR a bit later for a broader look at this new show starring Tim Roth.

I think I may know, but I’ll still ask…what will YOU be watching tonight?

Lost – Destiny Calls| 8pm on ABC
Exploring the mysteries of the island and its inhabitants; Oceanic 6; Charles Widmore; questions that have been answered, and those that remain. [GMMR: It’s been a loooong time since the last episode of LOST so no one will judge you if you need a little recap.]

Lost | 9pm on ABC | 2-hour Season Premiere
“Because You Left”; “The Lie”
Despite the discord among them, Jack and Ben urge the rest of the Oceanic 6 to return to the island to save those left behind; the survivors left behind on the island come under attack by unknown forces; an old friend has shocking advice for Kate.

Lie to Me | 9pm on Fox | Season Premiere

The son of devout Jehovah’s Witnesses is accused of killing his teacher after being caught fleeing the scene of her murder; the Democratic National Committee hires the team to investigate a second case.

The New Adventures of Old Christine | 8pm on CBS

“What Happens in Vegas Is Disgusting in Vegas”

New Christine loses all her inhibitions at an impromptu bachelorette party Christine and Barb throw for her in Las Vegas.

Damages | 10pm on FX
I Knew Your Pig”
Patty begins to suspect Purcell of withholding vital information; Ellen uncovers a decades-old secret from Patty and Purcell’s past. [GMMR: So excited for a new episode of DAMAGES.  That is all.]

Also playing…

  • American Idol | 8pm on Fox: Auditions continue.
  • Gary Unmarried | 8:30pm on CBS: Gary must temporarily bunk with Allison after she inadvertently floods his house.
  • Criminal Minds | 9pm on CBS: The BAU team tracks a family of suspects working together to abduct young women.
  • Law & Order | 10pm on NBC: When the son and housekeeper of a pair of prominent biologists are murdered, detectives suspect the couple’s work on a controversial pharmaceutical study may have made them targets for the killer.
  • Top Chef | 10pm on Bravo: Contestants create every aspect of a restaurant.
  • CSI: NY | 10pm on CBS: The CSI team must piece together a human jigsaw puzzle when a beloved wrestling coach’s body parts are found buried throughout the city; a teenage suspect dies while in Detective Flack’s custody.

GMMR’s Useless Tidbit of the Day…

“Approximately 60 circus performers have been shot from cannons.  At last report, 31 of them have been killed.”

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