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Why Ryan Lafferty isn’t running and screaming in another direction is beyond me?  Forget about trips to Baja and jaunts to visit Mommy – the Walker children (and their mother) need to get themselves into a group therapy session. STAT!

Like mother, like children – the Walker offspring know nothing about personal boundaries. Tommy and Justin have overstayed their welcome at Sarah’s house and now they’re just becoming annoying.  Justin is still reeling from his break up with Rebecca,  or so where led to believe.  Really he’s just concerned with getting into Med School.  I know he has military training, but why is he concentrating on Med School so much when he hasn’t yet graduated from college? Seems like the show is just going to skip over the process of actually getting his undergraduate degree. Bizarre.

Meanwhile, Tommy is dealing with the fallout from his fraudulent Ojai activities. Tommy’s lawyer has suggested he take a plea. Although the plea comes with a jail sentence, Kevin thinks it would be better in the long run as a trial would financially crush Tommy and the outcome would probably not be favorable.

Under the guise of helping Justin get over Rebecca, Kevin & Justin lure Tommy away to Baja for the weekend so they can convince him to take the plea. When they arrive and find themselves smack in the middle of a Spring Break party, their weekend of brotherly male bonding goes off track.

Call me crazy, but haven’t we already seen this Walker brother road trip gone awry a few times over now? And isn’t it always about two of the brothers coming together in order to confront the third under a veil of deception.  I had a certain sense of de ja vu while watching last night’s episode.  Has this happened all before or have I just had a few too many glasses of Walker Landing?

And I must ask…can someone please tell me WHY the Walker family insists on constantly putting Justin in situations where he is surrounded by booze? I maybe understand that wine might be served at family dinners, but Tommy getting umbrella drinks and Kevin getting shots while Justin watches it all with water in hand?  Sorry, it seemed all a bit heartless and selfish to me. Justin hasn’t had the easiest road to recovery and we’re just supposed to think that he’s fine being in the middle of a boozfest? Disagree.

After lots of partying, Justin ends up smooching a co-ed and being chased by her boyfriend.  Tommy steps in and takes the hit (literally) for Justin.  Tommy agrees to take the plea, but the next morning Justin & Kevin discover that Tommy has taken off – he’s going to run from the law.  Dumbass.

The Walker women are also dealing with some drama of their own.  Kitty is on the edge of exhaustion trying to take care of Evan and Robert.  Robert seems to only be focused on getting better in order to run for Governor.  Seems he isn’t all that concerned with healing in order to be a better father and husband.  Having had enough, Kitty goes to Nora for some much needed rest.  Grandma Walker to the rescue.

Meanwhile, Sarah, noticing her sister’s detachment, visits Robert to warn him that Kitty is pulling away.  Robert is defiant but then realizes there are issues.  And there will continue to be. Things are not looking good for the Senator and his wife.

Ryan Lafferty seems to have taken up permanent residence with Nora.  Doesn’t this kid have a job? Or school? Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of digging Ryan, but his extended visit needs a little context.

Tonight Kitty met Ryan for the first time and the two political junkies kind of hit it off. But when talk of family values leads to a discussion about the role of the mother in the family, Ryan gets upset and storms off.  Later he tells Rebecca that he fears that his mother committed suicide as a result of her affair with William Walker. He’s not sticking around just to get to know his big bros & sis’ as much as it is to find out if his theories are true.

Ryan and Rebecca have become fast chums.  I hate the underlying sexual current that the writers are leading with. I’d like this twosome a lot more if they just made it clear that the relationship wasn’t going to be misconstrued down the road.  I don’t think Rebecca will be falling for another Walker brother but it’s obvious Ryan is falling for her.  It’s just going to lead to some cookie cutter drama that will be cliched and boring.

Let’s talk Walker. How soon until Tommy gets caught?  Any chance he could be on the run forever and never return to the show?  Please?  How are we feeling about Ryan Lafferty these days?  What about him and Rebecca? And while we’re at it, how about the future of Justin & Rebecca.  And is anyone else sad about the demise of Kitty & Robert’s relationship? Lots to discuss. And go…


3 Responses to “BROTHERS & SISTERS: Spring Broken”

  1. Nicole on March 16th, 2009 2:08 pm

    I haven’t read the whole thing yet b/c I’ll be watching it later, but I get the bad feeling that there’s very little Scotty AGAIN. Do the spouses of Walkers have some kind of support group since they don’t actually do anything on the show? It could be called “Walker Spouses Who Aren’t Robert – We’re Always Working Late”. Lol, sorry had to vent b/c Scotty is one of my favourite characters and I feel terribly for Julia (and the actress who plays her).

  2. Simon on March 16th, 2009 10:22 pm

    I like Ryan a lot more than almost half of the Walkers.

    The actor can surprisingly semi-act and is more interesting and sencere than Tommy, Justin, Kevin and Kitty.

    I also like his interactions with Nora and how he actually respects and listens to her!

  3. Nicole on March 17th, 2009 12:16 pm

    Ya know, Ryan is definitely growing on me. At first when I looked at him all I saw was someone who looked like the actor from Twilight. However, he’s pretty likeable and I’m starting to dig his character. Now that there’s the whole suicide/mystery factor, I’m even more intrigued. But please, no sexytimes with Rebecca. I wasn’t totally against it with Justin, but this would seem pretty over the top.

    Scotty may not have been a part of the trip to Baja, but he was in the ep a lot, so I’m much happier. Tommy’s an idiot – I just want him gone. Justin was great and they did mention at the beginning of the episode that he is applying to college to complete a program that will give him his BA, so that he can then apply to med school. However, for the rest of the ep it was all “med school, med school med school” so it was a bit confusing.

    Robert and Kitty – so sad and so realistic. I thought Sarah was great in her talk with Robert too. I’m not optimistic though.