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Hey GMMR! Its Sarah back with a Smallville recap, and there’s a lot to go over! The episode, titled Eternal, was full of twists and turns and a visit back to the day Clark came to Earth. The flashbacks of the first episode of Smallville were great. Oh how I miss Jonathan and Martha. What I didn’t suspect was that there was another boy on that very same day, Davis Bloom, who is immortal and wreaks the benefits of the meteor rocks by growing stronger. And the only thing that seems to control his killer instincts is Chloe. Another nail in her coffin?! Not that I want to see her go by any means but it is after all part of the big picture, including our missing Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane Why is she always missing? So before I start complaining lets get down to business. By the way my TV went into freeze mode and I missed the first 5-10 minutes so if someone could fill me in that would be great!

With Jimmy gone Chloe seems to be reaching for a little human contact and that appears to be with Davis and Clark isn’t digging that! Chloe’s heart is causing her to ignore all the urgent signs that she’s spending time with a serial killer, not the Brainiac that where used to. Since Jimmy has pushed her away she’s not really herself. But sure enough during dinner together the slip of a knife that should have cut Davis resurrects the old Chloe. Along with Clark’s presence. After Davis takes off Clark enlightens Chloe on Davis’ missing childhood records and the fact that he’s always s the first on the gruesome murder scene. Their talk is interrupted by Chloe’s discovery that Davis’ car has been burnt to a crisp in the same field that Clark appeared in episode 1.

Apparently Davis has been burying the bodies of his prey in the cornfield while Tees has been researching his history. She shows up right as he’s about to leave. After blowing up his car she brings his injured body back to the Luthor mansion, where we find out he has stayed once before. A book that Tess has managed to retrieve from the Luthor’s gives us his entire story.

The flashbacks bring us to the days of the meteor shower once again and it is revealed that Davis, along with Clark, was dropped in the cornfield with Lionel Luthor waiting in the wings. Lionel thought that Davis was the traveler and after discovering his true destiny Lionel dumps the kid on the side of the road. He also makes it possible for the Kent’s to adopt Clark after he suspects that Clark is the Traveler

Tess fills Davis in on why he abandoned he asks her what she plans to do with him. Talk about a major hole in her plan. He flings her clear across the room and leaves the Luthor mansion. Meanwhile Clark and Chloe are working as a team to find Davis. Chloe admits to her huge mistake of ignoring the obvious signs and Jimmy’s warnings of who Davis really is. Clark also gets a dose of reality after his visit with Tess at the hospital; he is left feeling responsible for Davis’ horrible childhood.

After his escape Davis tracks down Chloe and asks that she help him die. Chloe and Davis end up in a lab and he wants her to pull the lever while he stands inside a room that will flood him with kryptonite. Clark shows up to stop her, apologizing and pleading with Davis. He wants to make everything right but after Davis gets upset Chloe’s only resolve is to pull the lever and save Clark. The scene implodes with emotion after she sits up against the glass and watches Davis die.

In the shows close Clark decides that his destiny isn’t something he should take for granted. He was brought there to save lives not kill them like Davis. Chloe on the other hand can’t seem to find the good in the situation and is left empty once again. The loss of Davis has driven her to the couch until he shows up at the Talon alive and stronger than before. She’s hesitant but after he confesses his love and asks for her help she stays by his side locking herself in the cellar of the Talon.

Alright Smallville fans tell us what you think? Is Chloe going to die in order to save Clark? How will Clark take out Davis? See you next week!

Sarah is from Massachusetts and currently writes for several TV and music websites. She loves Smallville, Heroes, Everwood, and of course Californication.


2 Responses to “SMALLVILLE: Eternal”

  1. Sammi's my heroe on April 3rd, 2009 2:50 pm

    well I’ve got to say the twists and turns were alright but it was satisfying seeing bloome alive at the end because that would be such a waste of action letting him die like a helpless lab rat! and it has always seemed as if the directors are trying to keep away from big costy action scenes that we love. so this leaves them a challenge… or a stage for a lame soap opera where everybody dies at least twice… i’m hoping they take the higher road. to the story… the inevitability of chloes absence in the later story of superman, which is the bulck of what we know about superman, is becoming more obvious now. but Smallville has sucessfully convinsed us, or at least me, that it more about the life of clark kent. so we will see a whole lot more of chloe, until the series degenerates to what Heroes has become and she opts out in an episode of her sad tragic and wtf death.

  2. Murphious on April 23rd, 2009 6:48 pm

    Yep, seems to be rapping up nicely and I do hope the finale lives up to it all.
    Following the major lines of Superman/Justice League lore helps it maintain my interest, unlike Heroes silly “lets follow one character” story arcs.