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Missed last night’s episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ? Don’t fret, Amy is here with a quick recap!

I desperately want to call it and say Danielle is going to take the crazy title this season, but that table-flipping scene with Teresa shown in the season preview is holding me back. For now.

This week in Franklin Lakes, Jacqueline throws a birthday party for her son CJ with all the housewives in attendance. Danielle takes this opportunity to reconcile with Dina but instead being sincere, she comes across as fake and a tad obsessive. She goes as far to ask Dina if she can “borrow the boobs” since they are “friends now.” Danielle’s true motive in reaching out to Dina is to strengthen her alliance with Jacqueline (Dina’s sister-in-law) since it doesn’t appear she has too many other friends. Unless you count Steve, the date she tries to get with in a restaurant bathroom.

Teresa’s eldest daughter Gia gets a call to audition in a movie with The Rock. In preparation, she meets with an acting coach. Gia seemed to put in an honest effort when rehearsing and may even have a hint of talent. She wasn’t phased at all the camera crew was filming her during practice. We also get to see the progress on Teresa’s dream home set to be finished in 3 weeks. Judging from the construction, it looks to be more like 3 months.

Jacqueline makes a visit to her fertility doctor. She has suffered four miscarriages in a row. She gets teary eyed and choked up at several points when discussing her inability to conceive.  [SPOILER ALERT!: I did read that she is pregnant now and due this summer]

Dina hires an assistant to help her with her charity and personal work. She created the Ladybug Foundation, which raises money for terminally ill children. The episode ends with her coordinating a fund raising event at the Brownstone (the family event hosting facility). She goes into psycho event planner mode and in her rage of bossiness, she sets a few of the ladies off, including Jacqueline and Teresa the two woman who don’t hold down jobs and can’t take direction.

So no table flipping this week but at least we’re one episode closer!

Are you loving the housewives yet? Any early favorites in the crazy department?


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  2. sheila kaczor on May 20th, 2009 4:25 pm

    These housewives are my absolute favorite out of all the episodes, they are real family oriented people with kind hearts expecially Dina that puts on the ladybug organization for terminally ill children God bless her!

  3. maggie on May 20th, 2009 10:23 pm

    Danielle is DEFINITELY the crazy — although I can’t wait to see the scene with Teresa screaming and flipping the table. My guess is Danielle provokes insane responses.