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CHUCK Season Premiere: “Chuck vs. the Pink Slip” & “Chuck vs. the Three Words”

January 11, 2010 by  

Chuck: “You guys going on a mission? Do you need back-up? I can still flash.
Casey: “Not what I heard.”

You’ve heard it a million times. It’s the old battle of the head vs. the heart. Do the right and logical thing or follow your gut emotions and do what every fiber of your being tells you to do. Such is the crux of Chuck Bartowski’s life.

Following his head means a life as a world class spy. Perhaps one of the best. The government secrets and unique skills embedded deep within Chuck’s brain means he’s perhaps the government’s single most important asset. He’d be virtually unstoppable. But he wouldn’t be Chuck Bartowski. Of course things aren’t any easier if he were to just follow his heart. In doing so he’d be giving up the piece of himself that is a man of honor and character. A man who knows that the information he has – no matter how he came to have it – could save lives. It seems like a no win situation. But somehow Chuck Bartowski has figured out a path that allows him to do both. And it’s why one of television’s greatest heroes is also just the guy that works at the Buy More.

Last night’s 2-episode season premiere showed us in rich context just how the conflict between Chuck’s heart and head plays into his every day world. The Intersect 2.0 within Chuck’s head is the one computer that this Nerd Herder can’t so easily fix. Meant for a focused and detached spy, Chuck’s natural fears, insecurities and emotions have a direct effect on how the Intersect performs. And in turn how he performs as the human embodiment of the Intersect.

In “Chuck vs. the Pink Slip”, we saw the highlights of Chuck’s life over the past six months. After downloading the new Intersect and showing the CIA what he was now capable of, they immediately started training him to be a full fledged spy. They flew him to Prague for intensive skills and combat training. Chuck was put into situations in which flashing was his only means of survival. Lucky for Chuck, these were all just staged situations as our hero wasn’t always able to live up to the task. The bad guys got him almost every time. After months of training, General Beckman declared that Chuck couldn’t be relied upon to consistently access the Intersect, hence being more of a liability than an asset. As such he was dismissed from the CIA. Chucks’ inability to control his feelings had failed him…again.

Again the show takes us back in time, to the moments just after Chuck was told he was going to Prague for training. An excited Chuck was eager to share the news with Sarah. Figuring that if he were a real spy, and not just some guy she had to protect, than the final wall keeping them apart could finally be brought down. But Sarah had other plans. Putting her emotions on the line, like she never had before, Sarah told Chuck “We could run. Together. You and me. We could run and never look back.” Finally hearing what he always wanted, Chuck agreed to meet Sarah three weeks later in Prague where the two would start a new adventure and their new life together.

But that never happened.

While training in Prague, Chuck realized that giving up being a spy meant walking away from a world where he could finally be of use to those he loved. He had lived a passive life thus far and he thought it selfish to walk away from a new life, one where he had purpose. Even if it meant also walking away from the one woman he loved above all. But he did. He walked away from a devastated and stunned Sarah. And in that moment, Chuck’s head and heart were in full congruence, even if his heart was a little worse for wear.

Going back to the future – post Prague. The world’s best could’ve, should’ve spy is living a life of nothingness on his sister’s couch. I must admit that at this point in the episode I was screaming at Chuck to do something…anything. If for no other reason than to stop the nails on a chalkboard whine of Ellie Bartowski-Woodcomb. Oh yes, the over-protective and overbearing Ellie was back, and that’s not a good thing. I’m glad Ellie has something to do, over the next few episodes, because I’m not sure how much of her I could take otherwise. Luckily for all us of, a cheese ball shortage led to a series of events that led to Chuck Bartowski throwing himself back into the ring (not to be confused with The Ring – they are quite dangerous…and the enemy).

After a chance encounter with Casey, Chuck is convinced that the only way to get Sarah back is to get the old team back together. But in order to do that, he must first convince General Beckman (and Casey and Sarah) that he’s not a “lemon”. As such, Chuck and his new found resolve are ready to reclaim his life. Like Superman emerging from a phone booth, Chuck shaves off his loser beard and with the music swelling behind him, he dons his Nerd Herd uniform (which these days seems to be just another one of his spy costumes) – ready for action.

He’s back.

Over the course of the remainder of the episode, Chuck is once again thrust into the world of spydom where accessing the Intersect proves to be the only way to get him and his team out of a sticky situation. Sometimes it proves to be quite helpful, like when he discovers he can flash on more that just fancy Kung Fu moves when he has to take the stage as a world class mariachi guitar player.(“Bueno. Bueno.”) But at other times, like when he’s held captive by the Ring, Chuck’s natural fears and lack of self confidence, prohibit him from flashing on the skills necessary to get him out of a dangerous situation.

But it’s while Chuck is being held in the rock-walled cell by the dangerous (and ripped) Javier Cruz that we learn something about Chuck and the Intersect that I’m not sure he even realizes himself. The idea that Chuck’s inability to control his emotions and thus be able to access the Intersect is proven (somewhat) false. Faced with his own fear of being killed by Javier, Chuck couldn’t access those nifty Kung Fu moves no matter how hard he tried to flash. But when Javier threatened the life of Sarah, well then Chuck pulled out some sick Van Damme moves that were nothing short of…awesome. And later when faced with a zip line – the very task that got him booted from the spy program in Prague – Chuck flashed with ease and used the line to get him and Sarah to safety. In Prague the situation wasn’t real. No one’s life was on the line. It was Chuck’s love for Sarah that allowed him to dig deep and get the necessary information he needed from the Intersect.

It was also while the two were locked in adjoining cells that Sarah learned more about why Chuck didn’t run away with her. All along she had felt rejected. She finally put her heart out there only for it to be crushed by the one man she thought would never hurt her. But when Chuck confessed, “I chose to be a spy for my friends, and my family…and for you.” Sarah finally started to see why Chuck made the choice he did. Things became a lot more clear in “Chuck vs. Three Words” when Sarah was finally was able to see the full weight of Chuck’s decision and realized that he doesn’t love her any less. In fact, he chose too become a spy because he loves her so much. And in what I think was perhaps Yvonne’s best scene to date, Sarah broke down and cried. She cried for Chuck and for all she had given up in her life for her country. She shed tears not only for herself, but also for all that Chuck had given up the minute he chose this life. It was a beautiful scene.

With the mission accomplished and an important piece of The Ring intel in hand, General Beckman puts Team Bartowski back together. So back undercover they go. Chuck and Casey are back at the Buy More, along with Morgan, whose life with Anna as a hibachi chef in Hawaii didn’t exactly go according to plan. Jeff and Lester are still there being, well, odd I suppose. And Big Mike is back in charge after a Emmett had an unfortunate encounter with Jaiver Cruz, a bullet and a Wilson Phillips song. I must say that I was shocked by Emmett’s murder. Tony Hale was fantastic in the role, even if he was a tad bit underutilized. We’ve seen Chuck’s spy world cross over with his personal life many times over, but seeing a fellow Buy Morian murdered at the hands of a Ring operative was quite disturbing. Rest in Peace, Emmett Milbarge.

So Team Bartowski is back together. Chuck is a spy again. He’s back at the Buy More. Ellie and Awesome moved into the conveniently empty apartment across the courtyard. And Morgan and Chuck became roomies. Things are almost (almost) back to normal in the life of Chuck Bartowski.

If you were looking for a little more action in your Chuck then hopefully last night’s second episode, “Chuck vs. the Three Words” satisfied you. Super (sexy) spy Carina was back and as always she made things just a bit more interesting. Undercover as a doting fiance to the unsuspecting and notorious Karl Stromberg (played by Vinnie Jones), Carina enlisted the help of Sarah (her friend), Chuck (Sarah’s boyfriend) and Casey (her father’s much younger brother) to steal an important briefcase from Stromberg.

With tension still filling the space between Chuck and Sarah, Chuck was eager to talk about his feelings and why he didn’t run away with her when she asked him too. Chuck was a little too eager. In fact, I found it borderline annoying that Chuck would compromise a dangerous and important mission just so he could make things right between him and Sarah. It was one of the only missteps in an otherwise fantastic episode.

Speaking of missteps, Chuck made only one while darting his way through the maze of lasers separating him from the briefcase. How cool was Zach Levi (and more importantly his stunt double) in that scene? I like Kung Fu moves just as much as the next girl, but I can’t wait to see what more badass tricks Chuck has waiting for him in the Intersect. But back to that one misstep. Having retrieved the case with ease, it was only when Chuck let his guard down, for just one second, to talk to Sarah about his feelings, did he hit a laser and get himself locked inside the safe. With gaseous fumes pouring in, Chuck decided that there was no better time to confess his true feelings for Sarah. He told her why he left her and laid it all out on the line, ending with those three little words…”I love you.” The only three words of his confession that Sarah actually heard. She was too busy climbing through the air vents in an attempt to save his ass.

After being made by Stromberg, Carina is forced to leave the stolen briefcase for Chuck at the Buy More. She leaves it with Morgan who is once again love struck by the beautiful Carina. After talking up a big game about her to Jeffster, Morgan invites Carina to a housewarming party that he’s throwing at his new digs. But when she shows up not only flanked by Karl but also his goons, Morgan decides he’s sick of being walked all over. If Carina doesn’t want him, fine, but she didn’t need to show up with other guys and throw it in his face.

In a hilarious scene, which was perfect Chuck in so many ways, Jeff and Lester try to show off for Carina by trying to enlist the goons in a drinking game with Jeff’s secret (and highly potent) juice. Hoping they’ll take the bait, Carina puts a little somethin’ somethin’ in all the cups. But when only Jeff and Lester take a sip, she’s right back where she started. As for Jeff and Lester – well they hit the ground, literally. Morgan decided he’s had enough and tries to kick out Carina and the guys. In a fury filled speech he returns the briefcase back to Carina and told her to hit the road. He caps off his tirade with a celebratory drink…which lands him in a pile with Jeff and Lester.

Now knowing where Stromberg took Carina, Chuck was anxious to get his friends away from his house and the evil people that had stopped by for a visit. In walks cranky old neighbor Casey. The brilliance of Casey attacking the party with a lawn hose was genius. Maybe it was just seeing John Casey in a robe that had me rolling, but it was a scene worth watching a few times.

With his friends safe it was time to take on Stromberg who had a knife to Carina’s throat. In what’s coming quite the pattern, Chuck once again saved the day. But he didn’t need the intersect to do it. Again, my friends – heart and head. Chuck saved his life and those of Carina, Casey and Sarah, not by busting out some martial arts moves, but by appealing to Stromberg’s heart. Here was a man that was convinced that he had found the love of his life in Carina. He didn’t know he was being played. He thought he was going to marry her. Chuck’s heartfelt speech about how he understands that in this crazy life they live that it’s hard to find true love really hit home with Stromberg, who in turn let his guard down enough for Carina to take him out. Because as Carina reminded us all, the cardinal rule of spying is that “spies don’t fall in love.” Hear that, Sarah. But maybe Carina doesn’t buy that as much as she wants us to believe. After all she was the one that brought Sarah the tape of Chuck’s full confession from when he was locked in the safe. The same confession that I mentioned brought Sarah to full on tears. I never said Chuck was the only one dealing with the struggles between the head and heart.

Because of Chuck, the briefcase was retrieved and brought back to Castle. Unfortunately, the General wouldn’t allow anyone to open it.  Off camera she told a man named “Shaw” that the “have to tell them; they have to know.” Want to know more about this mysterious Shaw? Tune in tonight.

…and more important than anything in this episode? Morgan got the girl. He got the girl, good. And on his Star Wars sheets none the less. A first for Carina, I’m sure. Go Morgan!

Two plot-filled, action driven episodes in one night is a lot to talk about in one post. Bottom line, Chuck is back. There was a lot that needed to happen in these first two episodes, but I think Schwartz, Fedak and team did the show and its fans proud. Not everyone will be happy with some of the creative changes enlisted in this third season, but I thought they did a fantastic job at figure out how to balance the natural evolution of Chuck Bartowski without compromising the man that made him so endearing to fans.

Of course I wasn’t able to capture all the spectacular moments of last night’s episodes. But here are a few more moments that I loved. I’m hoping you’ll add your favorite moments in the comments below.

And don’t forget, we get another brand new episode of Chuck tonight. And we’ll be watching TOGETHER! Join us for our live Chuck chat right here at at 8/7c EST. Watch tonight’s episode with other Chuck fans. Click here to set a reminder.

Chuck-full of moments…

  • While we can agree Emmett went out with a ‘bang’, I must say that I loved the entirely of that scene. From his misguided singing in the car, to his brandishing of the pepper spray. Brilliant.  But I must ask, because I forgot to pay attention last night, by any chance did Emmett call Javier a certain name – another word of a cat – right before he was shot? He did in the screeners, but I wasn’t sure if it made it on air.
  • Despite how hard he tries, Casey can’t help but care about Chuck. Case in point, telling Sarah to put the guy out of his misery and commenting on just how harshly she had treated Chuck.
  • In “Chuck vs. the Pink Slip” I loved Casey swooping in, guns blasting, on the helicopter to save the day. There were budget cuts on Chuck? I didn’t see it.  I’ll be forever reminded of that scene every time I sit at my desk. While on set, Adam Baldwin gave Dan and I an 8×10 glossy of him that was shot while they were filming that scene. Hilarious…and treasured.
  • Although it was usually the heavy moments where Chuck couldn’t control the Intersect, I loved the more lighted hearted moments where the Intersect worked when it wasn’t supposed to, like with Emmett at the Buy More (“Goodness, you’re a hot mess.”)
  • I’m sad that Anna Wu and he pig tails won’t be kicking it at the Buy More this year. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited when Casey called in about her background last season after seeing her kick a little ass. Anna would be a fantastic spy.
  • The final scene in “Chuck vs. the Pink Slip” with Chuck and Casey sparring and finally throwing the first punch a la “Rocky” complete with the “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background, is just one of the many reasons that Chuck is one of my favorite shows on TV.
  • Us girls like our men adorkable, and the boys like their girls half naked. As such I liked the mariachi playing Chuck, and I’m sure the guys liked Sarah’s slow-mo emergence from the pool in bikini as well as the gratutious scene of her and Carina getting dressed for the party.  Carina had a few wind-machine entrances of her own tonight.  I really hope they bought that wind-machine rather than renting it, because it gets a lot of use.
  • The Chuck/Honda/Olympics commercials had me thrown for a minute. While watching I was wondering why these scenes weren’t in the screeners I received.  Didn’t realize they were a commercial for a good few seconds. Bravo to the creators – I didn’t TiVo through it. And in case you were wondering, I would go with Captain Awesome to Vancouver…in a half a heartbeat.
  • Let me know if you or anyone you know attended the El Segundo School of Finance with Big Mike. Ha!
  • I was a bit disappointed that the “previously on Chuck” or rather “my name is Chuck and here’s a few things you might need to know” wasn’t better. I think (hope) there were a lot of newbies watching last night, and that intro was lackluster to say the least. We got those intros before so many episodes last season that I think at least a little voice over over the intro scenes could have been helpful. That was a big bummer.
  • Loved how Awesome thought Chuck sitting on the couch, eating cheese balls in his robe was all a rouse as part of his spy life. Nope Awesome, that my friend is heartache.
  • I considered taking a shot every time someone said “flash” or “real spy” last night, but then I figured I wouldn’t be able to write up a review because I would be dead.

If you’re still reading this then I can only assume you are true Chuck fan. And if that’s the case I want to hear what YOU thought of last night’s season premiere. What worked. What didn’t. Favorite moments. And if you are a newbies that watched Chuck for the very first time last night, I most definitely want to hear your take on last night’s premiere.  And will you be tuning in again tonight? Perhaps joining us for our live chat?


30 Responses to “CHUCK Season Premiere: “Chuck vs. the Pink Slip” & “Chuck vs. the Three Words””

  1. Lelolai on January 11th, 2010 10:54 am

    I think I’m in the minority (I hope) but I was not wild about the first episode of Season 3. And I fell asleep during the second, so I will be watching that again. I’m not crazy about the way they seem to be retooling the show. Chuck is still kind of Chuck. The Chuck we’ve gotten to know in Seasons 1 & 2 would have jumped at the chance to be with Sarah and get out of the spy biz to live a “normal” life. The only thing that might have held him back was having to leave his sister and best friend Morgan behind. The idea that he suddenly wants to be a spy for the good of mankind is not like Chuck. He is a good guy, but he never wanted to save the world. I found the first episode to be very confusing (the jumping around on the timeline and the Prague scene that looked like something out of Alias but turns out to be a training exercise, etc). Add to that the Honda commercial, which I thought possibly was blatant product placement inside the episode. I’m hoping that the next few episodes will get better once they’ve finished trying to explain the new direction for the show. And as for tonight, I’ll be watching HIMYM at 8 and then watching Chuck later probably on Hulu.

  2. LondonChuckFan on January 11th, 2010 11:07 am

    Great review! And you’re right, Chuck is definitely back. I thought last nights second episode was one of the best, it had everything a good Chuck episode needs and is testament to the writers.

    I think one of my favourite parts was definitely when Capt Awesome thought chuck’s lazing about was all a cover!

    By the way was the Boom Boom Pow bit in last nights episode, don’t remember seeing it?

  3. OldDarth on January 11th, 2010 11:09 am

    I will highlight a few items but look for written reviews of each episode later this week over at ChuckTV:

    – fans of the lighter episodes like Seduction could have an adjustment to make, this is a darker more mature show now
    – Casey really cares about Chuck – his taking Chuck into the Castle and allowing him see the restaurant plans was no accident
    – Emmett’s removal was necessary as the show never got a proper handle on him, killing him is the visual shorthand way of saying things are deadlier this year
    – my favourite episodes operate on many levels, The Three Words was a multilayered storytelling confectionary delight
    – the Bo Scene is THE most romantic thing in the show to date
    – Carina giving the flash drive to Sarah, a true mark of friendship

    Intersect 2.0 changed the landscape between Chuck and Sarah’s feet. Now they are walking in each other’s shoes. An undiscovered country for both of them and they are sure to stumble.

    The rollercoaster has started to pull away from the platform.

    Buckle up! 8)

    PS – loved both episodes and the more mature tone of the show.

  4. astronomysnap on January 11th, 2010 11:11 am

    It took me a repeat watching of pink slip to really enjoy it. I thought it was a very serious ep at first, which threw me off. But I have to remember we are dealing with stakes that are unbelievable high this season, so Emmitt getting killed while Wilson Phillips played was still pretty entertaining, although a little disturbing.

    I guess Im the only one who wasnt annoyed by Chuck tryin to talk to Sarah at the party. I think it showed how much he did love her by just wanting to get it all out before he didnt have the chance anymore. That constantly being interrupted and then deciding not to talk about it was something that has been a bit trying about season 2. Im glad they let them both get their feelings out for once.

    Great action, incredible music, superb acting by Yvonne, Zac and Josh Gomez. Im also happy to see Chuck taking punches (but apparently not slaps) and being able to handle himself.

    All in all, I think this is just the tip of awesomeness iceberg we will see in season 3.

  5. Give Me My Remote on January 11th, 2010 11:15 am

    YIKES! I was so worried that I was going to include something in my discussion that wasn’t in last night’s episode…and I did. If you didn’t notice it then GOOD. If you did, I’m sorry for the small spoilers. I did write ups of the first five episodes all at one time and I got a little confused about what happened in which episode.
    Thanks goodness it was somewhat minor stuff.

    Lelolai – I think I mentioned in my earlier review of the 3rd season, or perhaps it was within the CHUCK discussion in the podcast that I too was a bit taken back by all the timeline jumps in the first episode. I thought it was a little too clunky not only for the first episode back, but also for first time viewers.

  6. Kay Lhota on January 11th, 2010 11:16 am

    It was with great anticipation that I saw last night’s “Chuck,” and to my relief, and pleasure, the pieces all fell nicely into place. I think my biggest laugh from the evening was when Emmett was in Chuck’s face, and Zachary Levi’s facial expessions while trying to resist the temptation to kung-fu and strangle the man was priceless.
    Of the spoilers, I was proud of myself for guessing correctly that the guitar flash scene would close the first half hour. That Emmett would not last the episode? I didn’t see his demise until he confronted the baddie. by the way, “Pussy” was spoken, but not close-captioned.
    The love between Chuck and Sarah? Not a problem for me that they are conflicted and cursed. I look forward to seeing them move forward, and if they have to move sideways, I can take it!
    I am looking forward to tonight’s episode. Last night, I was so over-excited to see my favorite series’ return that I couldn’t sit down, and had to stand to watch the two “Chuck” programs. I think I will be much more settled this evening.

  7. Give Me My Remote on January 11th, 2010 11:22 am

    Well I hope you’ll be more settled. Maybe you should watch tonight’s episode with other CHUCK fans…in our LIVE chat?

    Who is in?

  8. Patty on January 11th, 2010 11:36 am

    Yes, that word still came out of Emmit’s mouth and I assume that is what got him shot. I was shocked not only at the use of the word but at the death also. (a little shocked because I know my 6 yr old nephew watches this show with his dad)

    I def liked the 2nd episode better than the first. Chuck’s beard is frightening and I hope I never see it ever, ever again. I still love Casey and Awesome. And I like the pace the show seems to be setting.

    I have 3 n00bs watching. One that has only seen S1. One that saw the syfy S2 eps and one that is starting at S3. I will not see my S1 and S2 DVD’s for awhile I think!

  9. PamelaJaye on January 11th, 2010 12:10 pm

    Star Wars sheets? Really? Did Sheldon finally find a way to get rid of them? (Pasadena isn’t that far from Burbank… unless you’re taking the bus… or a bike)

  10. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect on January 11th, 2010 12:18 pm

    Emmett DID say that word, and I was surprised it made it on the show!

    My favorite part of the whole two hours was when Chuck winked at Sarah. Loved. It!

  11. Nicole on January 11th, 2010 12:20 pm

    I was so happy to finally have the familiar music, show and humour back on my tv last night, and to hear the intro song again (gotta love Short Skirt, Long Jacket), I can’t even tell you. I was personally enamoured by Chuck Lebowski, beard and all, even though I’m glad he got over it. C’mon…who hasn’t been in an emotional place that makes you want to go out and buy cheese balls in your bathrobe? Plus, when they included the Kenny Rogers song “Just Popped In” from the Big Lebowski soundtrack, I was dying. I love this show so much.

    I agree that the second hour was better than the first, but I forgive the first one because really, they had a lot of exposition to get through and they made it pretty damn entertaining. I do agree with those that said it was a little confusing though – some things were hard to place in terms of the timeline, but by the end of the episode I was good. Poor, poor Emmett. That was a kick ass death scene, and I couldn’t believe when Emmett called Javier a “cat” – is that a first for network prime time? Personally, I have no problem with the language, b/c I appreciate when shows use dialogue that sounds like something someone would actually say in real life, and c’mon – that’s totally what someone like Emmett would say in that situation as stupid as it was for him to do it. I’ll miss you Emmett – Tony Hale needs a new show stat (or maybe an Arrested Development movie finally??).

    I’m SO glad that we get another new ep tonight. The only major disappointment I had (aside from what seems to be the universally-annoying Chuck trying to talk feelings in the middle of a mission – SHUT UP CHUCK – TALK LATER!!!!) was annoying Ellie and barely-there Awesome. Can’t wait to see Ellie used for something cool, and to see Awesome get tangled up in a spy mission now that he knows all.

    SO glad the show is back! Oh, and the music was amazing as always. Someone on this show has it bad for Frightened Rabbit and I’m not complaining – they’re amazing. Honestly, I get into so many bands through this show it’s like The O.C. all over again. Love, love, love.

  12. Patty on January 11th, 2010 12:37 pm

    I forgot to mention how much I loved the Honda commercials and hope that Honda continues with what I think is an AWESOME set of commercials. I did not FF through either of them.

    And Kath, didn’t you mention something about Chuck’s weird hair on the podcast? While I didn’t notice the long/short/long in the same scene that you mentioned, I can’t decide if I am more or less annoyed my Zach’s hair this season. It is very distracting but I guess it’s like Nicole said about the language. It’s somewhat comforting that they use everyday language and that Chuck’s hair is so not “done”.

  13. Steve on January 11th, 2010 1:15 pm

    I loved the episodes! It was great to see Chuck back on the air after so long. I do agree the one part that wasn’t great was when Chuck just wanted to stop the mission to talk about feelings. But other than that, everyone was great (Casey is hilarious), and I’m really excited about the direction this season is heading.

    Also I don’t think anyone mentioned it yet but Karl Stromberg is the name of the villain in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Which I thought was a clever shout-out, and very appropriate for the episode.

    Oh and I agree with Nicole, the music selection last night was awesome!

  14. GMMR on January 11th, 2010 1:57 pm

    Major update since last time I chimed in. Just found out that Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak will be joining us TONIGHT for our CHUCK chat. As such, I’ve moved the start time back to 7pm EST.

  15. Janelle on January 11th, 2010 2:12 pm

    So glad they killed off Emmett – especially with that choice of music. I have missed Big Mike so. Can’t wait for tonight.

  16. Allison on January 11th, 2010 2:51 pm

    I have to be honest…I was not crazy about last night. It felt “forced” compared to last season. I felt that the first 7-8 episodes of season 2 were some of the best TV period I have ever seen. I know they need to slow down or derail the Chuck/Sarah train but I will say they they have now opened up the door to them not ever getting togther. Which I say is a shame because is that why most of us watch?

  17. Kendra on January 11th, 2010 5:46 pm

    I thought the first 2 episodes were amazing! For one thing, I was at Chuckfest so I got to watch it on a huge screan and I got to meet Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz last night so that just made it better. Reading all the interviews of the cast and writers, I was surprised about how intense the thing between Chuck and Sarah had gotten. They made it sound like it wasn’t going to change much but It truely did. I loved how after he finally said “I love you”, he passed out. It kept it from having an awkward moment after, and how sarah caught him was the cutest thing.

    I absolutely loved how they killed Emmet. I was laughing hystericly. It was so out of the blue and I was caught off guard but that is what made it so great. I also loved when Chuck had to try so hard not to rip off his head. And a good thing that came out of it was that Big Mike got his job back. I don’t think I could have ever looked at him as equal to people like Jeff and Lester.

    The music on “Chuck” was so great before but just was completely fantastic last night. I was dancing while watching.

    Lastly, I believe the writers know exactly what they’re doing and I trust they will continue to make “Chuck” amazing. Each season they have gotten better and this one is no exception.

  18. Kimber on January 11th, 2010 7:16 pm

    I’ll try and comment here on what I didn’t mention in my other post at your site, SB. Emmett’s death scene was shocking to me … but due to the bloody glasses, and not the word. I did not expect that to go down, so it caught me by surprise.

    The music used in last nights episode(s) was just fantastic! Chuck’s always used brilliant tunes that fit the scene, and it looks like S3 will be no exception!

    I liked all of the little moments between Chuck and Sarah, and I enjoyed the way we got little peaks into what had happened with their relationship. At first I didn’t see how Chuck could turn away from Sarah for the spy life, but it all made sense in the end, and it made me love Chuck Bartowski all the more!

  19. Rachael on January 12th, 2010 1:30 am

    I’m confused as to why other people were confused by the time jumps in ep 1 last night hahah … I didn’t find it confusing at all. But then again, I was a big Alias fan, and that show used the time-jumping device like CRAZY … made ep 1 of Chuck look downright straightforward and easy to follow. So maybe I’m just used to it. But ep 1 did not feel the least bit clunky or confusing to me.

    The tone was certainly darker, that I totally agree with. But I had read a couple reviews of the first five eps before watching, so I knew to expect that. So I guess I was just less surprised by it. I was definitely shocked by the Emmett death, even though I was pretty sure that it was going to happen (from reading those reviews). 😉 I did find that a little disturbing, and yeah I was impressed that they somehow got the “p*ssy” past the censors!! I dunno how they did that.

    Anywho … I had some quibbles with last night’s eps the same way I do with basically every episode of every t.v. show (agree that the Chuck/Sarah stuff was a bit over the top), but overall I thought they were great, and HIGHLY enjoyable. They flew by so fast that I must have been enjoying them immensely.

  20. Greg on April 28th, 2010 11:41 pm

    I realize this is far later than the other posts, but I just found this awesome site.

    I missed this ep because of more important family commitments. Now I’m finally back to watching and am sad to see Three Little Words has expired as an epcast on the NBC site. Hopefully this gets fixed–it’s the only episode I’ve missed now.

    As for the time-jumping in the season premier: For those of us who’ve been devoted LOST fans for the past 6 years, following the timelines in this episode was rather like juggling two balls: Compared to LOST, this was easy-peasy! lol

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