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Hey everyone, I hope you had a great week! Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives built on the resolutions of the plane crash and paved the way for what’s to come during the second half of the season.

After talking to her priest, Bree decides that the only way she can atone for her affair with the now deceased Karl is to talk care of Orson now that Orson is paralyzed. Orson, however, has other ideas and becomes a border in Karen’s house until Bree basically kidnaps him and forces him to live with her. By the end of the episode, Orson has decided that the best way to punish Bree is to make her his servant; this obviously won’t end well. I have a feeling that Orson and Bree are still headed for divorce.

Susan was unexpectedly left a half share in the business Karl owned; it turned out that business was a strip club. When she went down to check the club out Susan was surprised to learn that Mike was a frequent visitor. When she confronted him about it he passed it off as “just looking”. Susan decided to see how he would feel if the situation was reversed which ended with her on the stage herself. Mike, of course, didn’t like this and admitted to Susan that she was right. How funny was Karl’s will when the lawyer was reading it? It’s obvious that leaving Susan the business was one big joke to him, in typical Karl fashion.

Gabby and Carlos have finally gotten Juanita into a private school; it turns out because of their Mexican heritage. Gabby and Carlos are shocked when Juanita denies being Mexican; it turns out that they have unknowingly raised Juanita with her thinking she was White. This got both Gabby and Carlos thinking about their heritage. Both were shocked that their children were so ignorant of their heritage. I thought this storyline was touching; I enjoyed seeing the softer side of Gabby.

After saving Celia, Lynette is given her job back; she will return to work six weeks after her daughter is born. In the meantime, Tom offers to step up and fill in for her and Carlos agrees. Lynette of course is not happy with this arrangement because she thinks that Tom will want to keep the job after the baby is born. It turns out that Tom thinks exactly that; he even tells Carlos that Lynette will not be returning. Lynette is understandably furious even when Tom tells her that he thought she wouldn’t want to after losing one baby. I can kind of see where Tom is coming from here, but I think that he needs to stop forcing his ideas on Lynette and let her grieve the way she wants to.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode?


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  1. strunkette on January 12th, 2010 12:36 pm

    I didn’t see the Tom/Lynette situation like that at all. Yes, Tom was wrong to assume that Lynette would want to stay home and cherish the remaining baby because one was lost. On the other hand I don’t think Lynette is handling the death well and is avoiding having to deal with it. I worry that she is wanting to go back to work to escape the new baby and will avoid it to spare herself the pain of remembering the son that was lost. This is leading down a dangerous road for their marriage. The death of a child puts a huge strain on a relationship and it looks like it will really affected their marriage.