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BONES: The Devil in the Details

February 4, 2010 by  

Hey, BONES fans! Did you like this episode? It’s our last one till APRIL, so we’ve got to make this one count. I liked it. I wasn’t smiling the whole time like with other episodes, but I was very fascinated by this case and the people involved. Let’s discuss it!


Booth and Brennan are called to a church where human remains are found. They are badly burned in a way that suggests sacrifice, and the head of the victim sports bone-like devil horns and a tail. This of course sets Booth and Brennan at odds, as religion is one of their few points of disagreement. Brennan is fascinated by the remains, as she has never seen anything like it. Booth on the other hand is anxious to get it out of the church and back to the lab.

Once there, the team determines that the body was burned by standard, run of the mill motor oil. The horns were cosmetically attached, but Brennan identifies that the tail is natural. The victim is Neal Lowry, a schizophrenic patient of Havenhurst sanitarium.

Booth questions Neal’s mother and brother. They reveal that at age 14, Neal was suffering emotionally after the death of his father. He often set things on fire, and it was recommended that his tail be removed, but at that point, he wanted to keep it.

Joshua Malina! Excellent guest star of the week! I will never give up hope that SPORTS NIGHT will somehow come back on the air. In this episode, he is portraying the doctor at the sanitarium, Dr. Copeland. Dr. Copeland introduces Booth, Brennan and Sweets to Neviah, a pretty woman who believes she is the living incarnation of an angel whose body is taken over by God for his will. She has created a painting which depicts a crucifixion, specifically, her killing Neal. The wound on the painting matches the wound on his body.

But when Angela uses her tricks on the painting, she sees that there is another painting underneath on the canvas, and it conveys Neal being carried by a nurse named Lloyd (also portrayed with devil horns) and the interpretation is that he killed Neal.

B&B stop Lloyd in his truck and find weapons and heroin in the trunk, and when Dr. Womack has an episode and wants Lloyd’s special medicine, they have no choice but to search the entire hospital.

Later in the lab, Vasiri figures out that Neal died from being electrocuted. B&B and Sweets find a hideout that Neal labeled Hell, and then later, Angela, Sweets and Brennan figure out that Neal’s boots were placed on him by someone left-handed, after he was dead.

That person was his brother. He went to see Neal and pushed him back, causing the electrocution. And BONES breaks our hearts again with a case where wrong seems right, or at least done for the right reasons, and bad things happen to good people.


In this week’s episode, the squint squad is fairly science-centered. There is not much about their personal lives, which is fine by me. Our squintern is Vasiri, and I guess his storyline is the most personal. He tells us he was a translator, which I didn’t know, and that one day, in Iraq, his group was attacked, and he killed the insurgent. His description of the fact that necessary evils still feel evil is very touching.

I liked that Angela used her art knowledge, and I liked her dynamic with Sweets.

Apparently, Sweets is an excellent LoonyBin CrazyAss sifter. Like Booth, I laughed when Dr. Copeland said he sounded more experienced on the phone and Brennan ‘interpreted’ that to mean Sweets sounded older. I did also like that he and Booth didn’t defer and allow Brennan to join the interrogation of Neviah.

We haven’t talked much about it over here, but I know there are some BONES fans who are Cam and Hodgins shippers. Are you one of those people? I can’t say I am (not enough evidence), but I do like their friendship, so I enjoyed their scenes in this episode.


The ‘foot activated vs. voice activated’ accelerator stuff was cute, and I smiled when Brennan realized that Booth was joking. Although, was it ever really explained why Brennan was driving in this episode? I guess it was just the annual Toyata promotional episode (like last year’s Dearly Departed). Also good to see that BONES isn’t afraid to deal with scary topics by having a dark and stormy night. Fun times. What I did NOT like that much was Booth’s attitude toward the inhabitants of the sanitarium. Come on, BONES writers, Booth is better than that, and we all know it.

Did you all notice the way Brennan kind of latched on to Booth’s arm when she was a bit creeped out by Neviah? Interesting. I really liked her rapport with Dr. Womack, and the irony that he was a patient but she still felt as if they’d had a lot in common was a fun moment. Even more meaningful was her conversation and apology to Dr. Copeland regarding their respective work.

I mentioned at the beginning that religion has always been one of the conflicts between Booth and Brennan personally, so I was glad that the writers included a small scene at the end with the two of them hashing out their thoughts. To me, that was less about religion and more about their personal values. Like in season one, when Brennan told Booth she didn’t have to respect what he does but she can still respect him, in this case, they both are presented with a situation and while their points of faith might skew differently, their innate acceptance that life can be good…that is the bridge between their differing opinions. The bridge is made up of honestly and vulnerability and facts and faith.

Life is good, BONES fans; life is very good.

Did you like this episode? Will it be enough to tide you over till April? Be sure to comment below, and let us here at GMMR know what ELSE you’ll be watching on Thursday nights.


8 Responses to “BONES: The Devil in the Details”

  1. Ashley on February 4th, 2010 10:45 pm

    Hmmmm… well, I enjoyed it, but was it enough to tide me over until April? Um, no. Of course, very few episodes would fall into that category… 🙂

    Loved the car scene at the beginning… very cute. I rewatched it and giggled both times haha! I also really enjoyed how she latched on to Booth’s arm. Yep, she was freaked out and immediately went to her security blanket (which is, of course, our boy Booth).

    On a random note, was the girl who played Neviah (cool name…) the girl from Center Stage? Cause I’m pretty sure that was her….

    Okay… Hodgins and the Nunchucks (sp?)???? HILARIOUS!!! I literally laughed out loud until my stomach hurt and tears were streaming down my face. Oh my gosh, I love that man, and that whole thing was hysterical and perfectly played! Oh, and on the subject of a Hodgins/Cam pairing… I am definitely not on board with that haha! I love their friendship, but it would bother me to see them in a relationship.

    Like you, I’m glad that they gave us that end scene with B&B sharing their beliefs with one another. Not only was it a sweet scene, but it served to connect the case back to their personal lives. Also, I have really been enjoying how often they show us that Bones is now open with Booth on a whole new level. They have had some of the most wonderfully honest conversations this season… and I love them all!

    Hmmm…. maybe I liked it more than I thought I did ;-).

  2. John on February 4th, 2010 11:21 pm

    The Toyota product placement was very well timed- just not for Toyota. All I good think about during the B&B joking about going faster was that should be easy in a car with an accelerator that sticks on.

  3. Sarah (seeleybaby) on February 5th, 2010 12:04 am

    Ashley, so true on the convos. Very heartfelt and honest, and the stuff we’ve only dreamed about sometimes! 🙂

    And John, hahahahahahahaha! Well timed, indeed.

  4. Bonnie on February 5th, 2010 1:23 pm

    I miss Sports Night! Great to see Joshua Malina. This did not feel like a new episode to me. It felt like I had seen it before – didn’t really move any storylines forward. Still fun to watch.

  5. Natt on February 5th, 2010 2:19 pm

    Ashley, you’re totally right about Neviah
    Thanks for helping me place her face! It was bugging me.

  6. Jane on February 5th, 2010 3:15 pm

    Regarding Toyota product placement: I think most people missed the key point regarding the comment about the accelerator. If I recall correctly, Bones actually said something like “the computer can’t make the car go faster, silly, my foot on the accelerator does”. This appeared to be a (pathetically overt) attempt by the Toyota marketers to influence the public’s perception about the as-yet-unresolved sudden acceleration issue, which many experts believe to be a problem with the computer system. With this scene, Toyota was saying that if the car accelerates (i.e. ‘goes fast’) it’s because of people hitting the accelerator, not because of a computer problem.

  7. SARAH on February 5th, 2010 3:49 pm

    It wasn’t my favorite but I’ll never miss an episode! Good recap. I can’t believe we have to wait until April!

  8. tessa on February 7th, 2010 7:47 pm

    Josh Malina! Honestly, it could have been the worst episode ever in every other category, and the existence of Joshua Malina would have made it A-OK. Though I have to say that when I saw him, I thought of the Rules of Law and Order and was worried that he would be the killer since he was a recognizable actor. But then, I remembered that I was watching Bones, not L&O. 🙂

    I still miss Sports Night, too. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive its cancellation. Good to see, though, that most of the stars of the show have continued to do well and have been on TV shows pretty consistently. It gives you an idea of well-cast that series was.