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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, March 22, 2010

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Happy Monday! Is it just me or does Monday night TV seem to get bigger and bigger each week?  The already jam-packed Monday night schedule welcomes DANCING WITH THE STARS tonight.  I’m not a fan of the show and won’t be watching, although I will admit that I’m more intrigued by this particular group of “stars” than I’ve ever been before.  What I’d really like to watch is Kate Gosselin and Shannen Doherty diva each other out back stage. Now that I would tune into.

Showtime is back in a big way tonight with UNITED STATES OF TARA, and one of my new favorite shows of last season, NURSE JACKIE. If you haven’t seen either then you should definitely check them out tonight. Toni Colette and Edie Falco are powerhouses actresses who demand your attention.

As for two more powerhouse women, check out Kelly Cutrone from KELL ON EARTH on CHELSEA LATELY tonight. That’s going to be good!

Thanks to all of you who sent along birthday wishes via email and Twitter yesterday. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to each of you individually yet, but it was so nice of you to reach out.  I had a great birthday weekend – a party with friends on Saturday, my whole family was together for a bit on Sunday, and then I spent a lazy afternoon with just me and Digby yesterday.  Can’t ask for much more (that doesn’t involve John Krasinski, Neil Patrick Harris or Zac Levi). Thanks again!

Check out the highlights from tonight’s TV lineup.

How I Met Your Mother | 8pm on CBS
“Say Cheese”
Ted wrecks Lily’s birthday by bringing a date to her celebration dinner, and Lily does her best to keep the woman out of the annual group photo. Karen: Laura Prepon. Natalie: Anne Dudek. [GMMR: Nice to see Laura Prepon is back as the snobby, Karen, but you had me at Anne Dudek. Love her!]

Chuck | 8pm on NBC
“Chuck vs. the Final Exam”

Chuck’s future in the espionage business rests squarely on a final test mission that will determine his worth as a spy. With Sarah and Shaw (Brandon Routh) appraising his every maneuver, Chuck must tap into all he has learned in order to make the operation a success. [GMMR: Brace yourself fandom. This is a BIG episode.  I’m not going to say it ends on a cliff-hangar, but I will say that I was devastated that I didn’t have the next episode to watch immediately after.]

Dancing with the Stars | 8pm on ABC | Season Premiere
“Performance Show”
In the tenth-season opener, 11 couples perform either the Viennese waltz or the cha-cha. Competitors this season are Pamela Anderson, Buzz Aldrin, Erin Andrews, Shannen Doherty, Kate Gosselin, Aiden Turner, Evan Lysacek,, Jake Pavelka, Nicole Scherzinger, Nicey Nash, and Chad Ochocinco.

24 | 8pm on Fox
“Day 8: 4am-5am”
The NSA intervenes in CTU’s operation; Chloe and Dana make dramatic contributions; and Jack leads field agents on a dangerous mission.[GMMR: 4am? Has he taken a nap yet? Jack must be exhausted.]

Life Unexpected | 8pm on The CW
“Family Therapized”
Lux’s social worker meets with Cate and Baze after Bug and Lux are picked up by the police. Meanwhile, Cate tries to find Bug a job at the radio station.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager | 8pm on ABC Family | Season Finale
“Been There, Done That”
In the second-season finale, John celebrates his first birthday. Meanwhile, Adrian has a big secret.

(the rest of tonight’s TV spotlight is after the jump)

Rules of Engagment | 8:30pm on CBS
“Ghost Story”
Jeff does not believe Audrey’s claim that she saw her grandmother’s ghost; Russell tries to persuade Timmy not to go through with his arranged marriage.

Gossip Girl | 9pm on The CW
“The 16 Year Old Virgin”
Damien pressures Jenny; Lily shares her secret with Rufus; Chuck makes a difficult decision about his hotel.

Trauma| 9pm on NBC
A traumatic event from Rabbit’s past is revealed in therapy; a patient is put at risk when Diana and Nancy have different opinions; Glenn reaches a milestone.

Two and a Half Men | 9pm on CBS
“Ixnay on the Oggie Day”
Charlie has a return engagement with Gail (Tricia Helfer), Chelsea’s best friend; Alan has a surprising effect on a female patient.

The Big Bang Theory | 9:30pm on CBS
“The Pants Alternative”
Sheldon’s stage fright stands between him and a coveted award. His friends try to help him overcome his fear of speaking in public. [GMMR: Hmm. We’ve seen Sheldon give presentations and speak in front of a crowd before with no signs of stage fright. Again, hmm.]

Greek | 10pm on ABC Family
“The  First Last”

A golf tournament will determine the top fraternity on campus; Katherine agrees to bring back the Greek Goddesses Pageant; Calvin and Grant feud over where to spend spring break. Cappie and Evan come face-to-face.

Castle | 10pm on ABC
“Tick, Tick, Tick…”
An accomplished and insightful federal investigator (Dana Delany) helps Castle and Beckett track down a serial killer.

Damages | 10pm on FX
“Drive it Through Hardcore”
Carol Tobin is forced to reveal the truth about Thanksgiving after Patty tracks her down; Ellen’s family life becomes chaotic; Frobisher begins making his movie.

CSI: Miami | 10pm on CBS
Horatio’s son, Kyle, returns from a tour of duty overseas and seeks his dad’s help after a friend becomes a suspect in the murder of a Muslim father. The victim was outraged that his daughter was dating Kyle’s buddy and trying to get out of an upcoming arranged marriage.

Law & Order | 10pm on NBC
“Four Cops Show”
A man shoots four police officers to death, and the investigation reveals a protective mother and evidence that the victims may have known the shooter. When an arrest is made, the ensuing trial pits cops and detectives against the prosecutors.

Nurse Jackie | 10pm on Showtime | Season Premiere
“Comfort Food”
In the Season 2 opener, Jackie is trying to leave her indiscretions behind and make a renewed commitment to Kevin and the girls, but things get complicated when Coop lodges a formal complaint against her and a narcotics shortage is discovered at the hospital. And then there’s Eddie’s overdose, which threatens to send Jackie over the edge.

United States of Tara | 10:30pm on Showtime | Season Premiere
As Season 2 opens, Tara has been dissociation-free for several months and has her alters in check, so she decides it’s time to make some new friends with help from Max. Tragedy mars things when a neighbor commits suicide and, surprisingly, the Gregsons are given responsibility for the deceased’s house and estate. Meanwhile, Marshall is out but having trouble fitting in at school; Kate scores a new part-time job; and Nick floats the possibility of marriage to Charmaine.

Also playing…

  • Kell on Earth | 10pm on Bravo: Kelly decides to rent out office space; Kelly hires more staff to lessen the load.

On the late night couch…

  • The Late Show with David Letterman: Greg Kinnear, “American Idol” castoff Lacey Brown, Michael Buble, a Top Ten List presented by Harry Smith
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, k.d. lang
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: John Cusack, Wolfgang Puck
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Mark Valley, Rogue Wave
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tom Bergeron, Demi Lovato, the All-American Rejects
  • Chelsea Lately: Kelly Cutrone, Jen Kirkman, Jo Koy, Matt Braunger
  • Last Call with Carson Daly: Jeremy Renner, Tomm Moore, Grizzly Bear (R 3/3/10)
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Snoop Dogg (R 3/17/10)
  • The Colbert Report: Nell Irvin Painter (R 3/17/10)
  • Lopez Tonight: Dakota Fanning, Gene Simmons, Boys Like Girls

Talk to me people…what will YOU be watching tonight? And HOW are you watching? What do you DVR and watch live.

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6 Responses to “Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, March 22, 2010”

  1. grumpyoldman on March 22nd, 2010 8:49 am

    The only tv show worth watching tonight is “Life Unexpected”. The rest are total drek.

  2. GMMR on March 22nd, 2010 9:58 am

    Always with the bright and sunny disposition 🙂

  3. Nicole on March 22nd, 2010 10:56 am

    Well, sign me up for the dreck, because holy crap there is a lot on tonight. My typical Monday plan is to watch Chuck live, watch DVR’d Life Unexpected, and maybe HIMYM. I dvr HIMYM, BBT, Castle, Greek and Gossip Girl and usually end up saving Castle and GG for the weekend.

    I caught up on the last 2 GG’s this weekend, and there is a lot I really hate about that show (*cough* Jenny(!!!!), Rufus, Lilly *cough*) but I’m going to give it to the end of the season to see how the current storylines play out. Then I might break up with it.

    I’ll catch Greek tomorrow night, along with Parenthood (LOVE that show!).

    As an aside, I see I’ll also have to dvr Craig Ferguson because he has none other than John Cusack. Definitely recording that.

  4. Nicole on March 22nd, 2010 10:57 am

    PS Kath – Happy belated birthday, and the pics of Digby on your friend’s site are really, really cute. I love the one of her under the baseball hat.

  5. GMMR on March 22nd, 2010 11:06 am

    Thanks! I just posted a few more on GMMR with a link to my friends site with even more pics of Digby. I am officially obsessed.

  6. Stephanie P. on March 22nd, 2010 6:24 pm

    I will be watching Chuck and Castle–so excited!