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WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: Mild Mannered

July 15, 2010 by  

Warehouse 13

Was anyone else smiling from pretty much start to finish? I’m going to go ahead and say it has a lot to do with Pete Lattimer, which I guess means it has a lot to do with Eddie McClintock. The show just has so much heart, and this episode really embodied that. Speaking of embodied things…let’s start talking about that!

Pete and Myka spend most of this episode in Detroit, where “mild mannered” Sheldon has come into possession of an artifact that gives him super-powers. He decides to take it upon himself to rid his neighborhood of evil doings, particularly anything that might cause danger to the woman he loves, Loretta (Jewel Staite, who with Sheldon’s Sean Maher, played in GMMR fave Firefly!). But like all artifacts on the show, the capacity for greatness runs parallel with potential for incredible danger. I liked that Sheldon is a GOOD person, not someone bad who is trying to take advantage of an artifact’s power. I also really thought his relationship with Loretta was very sweet. Sweet probably isn’t the word to describe the way he apprehends robbers and vandals by tossing them out of tall storied buildings, however, and that is where Pete and Myka come in. With the help of Claudia, they determine that it’s Sheldon’s super-suit that is the artifact, belonging to the famed comic book character, Iron Shadow.

Claudia finds some special material that absorbs evil super powers and Pete is super pumped to wear it until Claudia reveals that it can cause impotence. Executive decision: Myka will wear the suit! She looked pretty good, didn’t she, Warehouse 13 fans?! Myka dons the suit and connects with Sheldon in an abandoned warehouse. Her suit and special gauntlet gloves pull the evil from Sheldon as Pete takes off the superhero belt. But when Sheldon reacts again, they have to try one more time. Myka takes another one for the team, while Pete removes Sheldon’s trunks.

Sheldon is released from the artifact and recognizes that for as much as good as he was able to do in ridding his neighborhood of evil, the artifact’s power over him was too dangerous. He is united with Loretta in a special kiss.

I loved the case; I thought it was fun and interesting and imbibed with a childlike innocence. But what I really, really loved about this episode was all of the character work that went on.

Intertwining with the case was an ongoing plot point that Pete’s personal items still have not arrived. Myka’s DID arrive at the beginning of the episode, and she’s happy with her classical music. But Pete is bummed, particularly that he is missing his comics. Myka doesn’t understand his fascination with what she considers immature infatuation, but Pete isn’t fazed by that. I appreciated Pete’s pure affection for Iron Shadow and that entire comic world, and I really thought it was fun how impressed he was with Myka’s gift to him, and it was cute when they sort of curled up on the bed to read comics. And I laughed when Myka said, “With great power comes great responsibility” and everyone else’s eyebrows lifted. But I’d have to say my favorite plot point in this episode was Pete trying to guess Myka’s ‘O’ middle name; “Olivia, Olga…Oprah”. Haha!

I also really liked that Artie was sort of haunted by McPherson. When he bit the dust (or literally incinerated to dust), I was kind of bummed, so I enjoyed seeing him back, even as an apparition. The Claudia and Leena fight didn’t do much for me, but I can sort of see the importance of moving that plot along. Were you as curious as I was about why Leena was having those attacks? Also, was it just me or were there some pretty darn blatant product placements? Twizzlers, Ford, etc. I guess when a show gets more famous, then that happens, and in a show like Warehouse 13, it might be harder to place products, so to speak, but I really hope that doesn’t happen more and more this season.

Having said that, however…I loved this episode. I need to unwrap and watch my season one DVDs to know for sure, but I’m pretty sure I’m ready to declare this my fave ep ever. What do you think? Did you like the sweeter quirkier feel to this episode? What was your favorite part? Let’s discuss!


3 Responses to “WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: Mild Mannered”

  1. Valerie on July 15th, 2010 10:30 am

    If product placements are what this show needs to get a better effects budget, I’ll take it! The poor CGI has always been an irritating part of this show for me, so if I have to hear about Myka’s love of twizzlers to get good Iron Shadow effects, I’m game!

  2. Natalie Zutter on July 15th, 2010 10:33 am

    I thought the artifact was particularly creative this week in that it was the trunks (did they also belong to Jack Kirby?) but that through Sheldon it created the Iron Shadow outfit. Or maybe I misunderstood and Sheldon created his own skintight outfit–either way, the fact that he shares the childhood awe of Iron Shadow like Pete does.

    I would’ve liked to see more in-jokes play into the fact that Eddie McClintock and Sean Maher are separated at birth. Speaking of other in-jokes: Myka should’ve held on to her mysterious “O” middle name for a few episodes!

    Artie! The way he was looking for a scientific explanation for MacPherson’s ghost… I thought it was really cool how the “psychic energies” were manifesting in the Warehouse, and how they were linked by the Phoenix.

    I did a roundup of artifacts and other interesting moments, check it out here: http://ology.com/screen/warehouse-13-recap-and-no-way

  3. Becky on July 15th, 2010 10:47 am

    I really liked this episdoe too! It was fun. Mostly fun. I’m still unclear about McPherson and all that. My little boy was like what is wrong with her so I’m definitely wondering what’s up with Lina.

    As far as the firefly alums, I thought that was awesome. And wow! that she wasn’t creeped out by him and his craziness in the superhero suit. 🙂