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BACHELOR PAD WTF Moment of the Week: Loyalty or Strategy?

September 7, 2010 by  

Man, it feels good to go back to cursing the BACHELOR PAD contestants for their idiotic moves, as opposed to feeling sorry for them.

I mean, those fools are frustratingly short-sighted, no?


Make some good choices!

Ugh, but I digress…

This week, the gender gap decreased as three women were immediately dismissed. As it turns out, being a part of a couple was key to staying, because the remaining men got to pick one woman to remain on the show and be their partner.

Once the competition was down to Elizabeth/Kovacs, Tenley/Kiptyn (who I will NOT be calling KipTen — sorry, Tenley), Jesse B./Peyton and Natalie/David, I knew that Jesse and Peyton would be the odd ones out. The other three couples were more a part of the “popular” crowd. And, honestly, Peyton only seemed to kinda like Jesse B.

I didn’t particularly care for him (or her), myself, and I didn’t have a vested interest in them staying on the show, but even I could see what an idiotic move the other contestants made by voting them off.

Elizabeth and Kovacs have been together for six months. Sure, she might love him and he might be really unclear about how he actually feels about her, but all that time together gives them an advantage the other couples don’t have.

David refusing to vote off Kovacs because they had a pact? Fine. I understand feeling loyal to your BFF.

But Kiptyn? Dude, you were flat out told by everyone that if you didn’t vote Kovacs off that you would be the next to go. David and Kovacs are tight which means you are the next dude out. Kiptyn couldn’t decide whether it was worth it to be loyal to Elizabeth and Kovacs — whom he said had always been loyal to him — or to be strategic and vote out the strongest couple.

In the end, he was loyal, not seeming to care that it could very well end up costing him a quarter of a million dollars.

Wonder how loyal Kovacs and Elizabeth are going to be to Kiptyn if it comes down to getting rid of him or getting rid of David?

Natalie should be in trouble, too, seeing as she lied to everyone. She and Tenley seemed thrilled with their “girl code” to vote off Elizabeth and Kovacs, yet Natalie admitted at the end that she voted for Peyton and Jesse B. because she didn’t want to alienate her partner.

So instead she alienated her friend. Way to live up to that girl code, lady.


Next week is the finale and everyone will be back, so we’re pretty much guaranteed a hot mess. I can’t wait until all of these betrayals are brought to light…

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