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September 21, 2010 by  

Berkeley, California is a progressive town. With residents who embrace big ideas and even bigger housing prices, the liberal landmark is no stranger to rapid change. This week’s PARENTHOOD was a demonstration of the consequences of change for nuclear families, budding relationships, and small businesses alike. Each branch of the Braverman family tree had its strength tested, with mixed results.

I’ll have a full breakdown of the episode up Wednesday evening, including my thoughts on Adam & Sarah’s workplace dynamic, Crosby & Jasmine’s struggle to trust one another, and Julia’s breakdown of the social politics among five year olds. In the meantime, chime in with your thoughts on Episode 2 of the sophomore season from Berkeley’s most fascinating family.

Where do you stand on the Adam/Sarah disagreement? Whose point of view would you relate to most? How did you feel about the latest events in Crosby & Jasmine’s romance? Will they make it through? For our readers who have children of their own, what would you do if Noel Lessing was left on your doorstep?


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  1. Mi Casa on September 24th, 2010 12:14 am

    Totally love the Crosby/ Jas romance. They are a hot , fun, sexy, loving couple who have a wonderful boy. Yes they have to work on their trust issues. Crosby does not trust Jas love for him and she does not trust his judgement, but they sure love each other and want to be together. They are a great couple.