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WAREHOUSE 13 Season Finale Recap: Reset

September 22, 2010 by  

Syfy best be getting around to announcing a season three of WAREHOUSE 13, and I mean soon.

This show has just gotten better and better as season with each episode and last night’s finale was the culmination of a fantastic season. It incorporated the three things the show needs to remain strong: heart, guts, intuition.

When we left off last week, Pete and Myka were in Egypt and had solved the three challenges posed by the rising Warehouse 2. The two were betrayed by HG who stunned them and escaped.

As “Reset” began, it wasn’t too surprising to see that Myka was the most upset about Helena’s actions.  But as Pete says, being mad and all is fine, but it doesn’t exactly get them out of the currently collapsing Warehouse 2, does it?

The agents search around the old warehouse and found a pair of mystical wings. Those were kind of a stretch, but still kind of cool, I guess. As they flew to the ceiling, they were rescued by Artie, or as Pete called him, “Jerusalem Jones.” There’s no more time for jokes (okay, yes there was. This episode was FUNNY!) as the teams rushes back to the warehouse to plot out HG’s plan.

How cool was it that Mrs. F had the old warehouse inventory downloaded into her brain, intersect style?! With her help, Artie identifies HG’s weapon as a trident, the first WMD. Claudia tracks HG down in France, so Pete and Myka load up. While they are on her trail, Helena has managed to incorporate Kelly by sending her Lizzie Borden’s compact (which WE saw Helena using at the end of the season premiere), forcing her to try to kill the one she loves.
Just when Pete and Myka think they are close to HG, Claudia realizes she is headed back to the US, specifically to Yellowstone National Park, where she plans to use a trident (from the original Warehouse 1, placed there by Alexander the Great) to cause a volcanic eruption destined to create another Ice Age.

I was caught off guard when Pete disregarded the case to help Kelly. To me, that was a warning sign that his heart isn’t 100% into his job.

This episode had a lot of heart and showed exactly why Warehouse 13 should still be on the air for a long time. Both Pete and Myka struggled with their loyalty to the Warehouse and to themselves. I honestly thought Pete might leave the warehouse for Kelly.

Were any of you as curious as I was when Myka seemed almost near tears when Pete was talking with her? I wasn’t sure how to read that, and I was made even more confused by the way she talked to him at the end of the episode, when she convinced him he belonged at the warehouse. Maybe she loves him? Or maybe she was just feeling sad that she was going to be leaving him. Discuss.

The show has been kind of adamant about NOT going down the ‘more than partners’ road for them, so I would be surprised to see an unrequited love scenario. Then again, I had that vibe!

Speaking of vibes, Myka wanted to know if Pete had vibes about HG all along. He sort of shrugged it off, but she knew he was lying. For all of her struggle on that point, it was well done by the writers to have Myka be the one who really solved the case, convincing Helena that she wasn’t a killer and that the world wasn’t as bad as she thought.

I laughed when Kelly came after Pete with Lorena Bobbitt’s knife (yeow!), but I felt very sad for him when Kelly rejected his offer to spend their lives together in love. She was his ‘one’ and he told her the truth. Do you think he gets another ‘one’ or is he forced to never tell anyone else again?

As for Myka, her ‘black and white’ way of looking at the world seems to be preventing her from allowing herself the mistake of trusting Helena. But I’m not so sure Myka is right about that. Based on the fact that Helena showed regret and also was more of an idealist than evil, do you think Myka should blame herself? Either way, I loved that Pete ran after her.

Those are hard questions. And we can only hope that we get a chance to learn some answers in season three. Like Artie told Claudia, he plans to be around to make her life hell for a long time. Fingers crossed!

Until then, let your voice be heard in the comments. Which of the many artifacts did you like best in the finale? Tell me what you liked about this episode. Tell me what you liked about this season!

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9 Responses to “WAREHOUSE 13 Season Finale Recap: Reset”

  1. Valerie on September 22nd, 2010 1:51 pm

    I think that Kelly stopped Pete in time and he still has the ability to have someone else be his “one.” He didn’t really tell her anymore than they told Myka’s parents when they dealt with the Poe artifacts. I really hope that Myka comes back right away!!!

  2. Aubrey on September 22nd, 2010 3:00 pm

    So, if Pete has used up his one, then I guess that leaves Myka cause she already knows. Also, when Pete ran out the door after Myka, and she got into one of the cars and drove away, there were two perfectly good cars sitting there, why didn’t he get in one and follow her, how many times have we heard Arte tell someone to take his car? Besides, he got into town just fine, right before that.

  3. Michele on September 22nd, 2010 4:35 pm

    The actress that plays Myka isn’t leaving is she? I thought this was a great finale to cap off a great season. I am really looking forward to season 3!!

  4. Jim on September 23rd, 2010 12:55 am

    It was a great show. Certainly hope Myka isn’t gone for long. Don’t think she will be. Was good to see Artie and Claudia show the depth of their relationship and the kind of relationship it is. What is the deal with Lena? Is she like 5000 years old? Has she been around forever? Was good to see Myka draw Helena out but you know she would have take the loss to heart and took the blame for Artie getting shot as well, remember how long it has taken her to moderatly get over her partner getting shot in Denver?

  5. no on September 23rd, 2010 1:49 am

    It’s just so heartbreaking that this is the most popular series to ever be on the Sci-Fi network. They used to have a few really great shows, even though they killed them all off out of short-sitedness. And their top show, ever? Isn’t even a damn science fiction show. It’s just a stupid take on Moonlighting. Ugh. Then in their press release, they talk about “it’s not just for guys! more women than ever are watching the show!”. Yeah, no kidding. Because it isn’t a show for men. Men don’t care about this kind of crap.

  6. samson sand on September 26th, 2010 5:58 pm

    I could nit-pick every TV show and every Movie to find little bits that I didn’t like.
    BUT that does not make them Bad.
    That was a Great 2 Seasons, and no doubt there will be more to come.

  7. edward nappe on October 10th, 2010 2:33 pm

    oh my god if myka leaves and dosn’t come back i will stop watcing the show you cant just breake up the team! on top of that who is going to replace her any way? In my opion NO ONE

  8. john on April 17th, 2011 6:18 pm

    He didn’t tell Kelly, she absolutely stopped him. All he said was that he didn’t work for th IRS, nothing about the warehouse. He still can find the “one”.

    What crap Jim. Everyday items that have extra-ordinary powers isn’t science fiction in the sense of e.t.’s and space, but it sure plays heavy on the fiction part of science fiction. Do a little looking into the genre, there’s all levels of science fiction out there.

    As a guy it’s appeal is episodes that fly by and a great cast that works well together. Plenty of action and good chemistry.

    IF Myka leaves she’ll be tough to replace, but who knows what’s around the corner.

  9. Lys on April 26th, 2011 10:40 pm

    So I just found out that Myka has indeed left the show, which is a huge bummer! Apparently SPOILER ALERT she is to be replaced by some guy named Jinks or something, a ATF agent recruited by Mrs. Fredrick to replace Myka, and straight out of Heroes has the ability to tell when people are lying to him. I think it’s a shame to lose Myka but can only wonder how this new guy will turn out…