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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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I can’t believe we are down to six dancers and only two weeks away from the SYTYCD finale! The plus side of that, though, is there’s a whole new crop of All-Stars joining this season’s contestants tonight.

What else? How about BIG BROTHER, two episodes of MELISSA AND JOEY or the recently renewed FRANKLIN AND BASH?

Lots more so keep reading reading for the selection!

So You Think You Can Dance | 8pm on Fox
“Top 6 Perform”
The Top 6 and the All-Stars take the stage to compete for America’s votes! Dancers must impress the judges with their moves and rigorous routines in order to remain in the competition. Tune in to see who’s quick on their feet and who trips up.

Melissa and Joey | 8 and 8:30pm on ABC Family
“The Mel Word”
Mel throws a wedding at her house. Meanwhile, Lennox and Ryder decide to make a documentary.

“Auction Hero”
Mel ropes Joe into doing a charity auction, but she may regret it when the winner’s questionable motives surface.

America’s Got Talent | 9pm on NBC
“Episode 616”
The votes are in and four acts from the previous night’s performance show move on to the top 24 to continue their pursuit of the $1 million prize — and be one step closer to becoming the most talented act in America. Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne star as the celebrity panel of judges and Nick Cannon hosts.

Franklin and Bash | 9pm on TNT | Season Finale
“Go Tell it on the Mountain”
In the Season 1 finale, Franklin and Bash team up with a hotshot attorney (Tricia Helfer) to defend one Stanton Infeld, who is charged with murder. Tensions soon run high when it appears the trial could be sabotaged. Meanwhile, a wrestler (Danny Trejo) fights for justice after he’s fired for being too old.

Royal Pains | 9pm on USA
“An Apple a Day”
One of Libby’s moms needs Hank’s assistance treating a wound that won’t heal. Elsewhere, Paige accepts Evan’s proposal but wants him to get the General’s blessing.

State of Georgia | 9:00 and 9:30pm on ABC Family
“Mo’ Honey, Mo’ Problems”
Aunt Honey moves in with Georgia and Jo, prompting their concern about her economic situation. They then try to remedy things by assisting her with an annual fund-raiser she hosts.

Georgia and Aunt Honey run a talent show. Elsewhere, Jo tries a new look with her hair.

Love in the Wild | 10pm on NBC
“Episode 106”
The couples hunt for an indigenous artifact in the jungle. The journey entails horseback riding to a waterfall, scaling a rope ladder and traveling down a mudslide.

Necessary Roughness | 10pm on USA
“Dream On”
An extreme-sports star has nightmares that begin to affect his performance. Elsewhere, Dani prepares for her high-school reunion even though her ex will also be there; T.K. receives too much attention.

Damages | 10pm on DirecTV
“Next One’s on Me, Blondie”
Ellen meets Nasim Marwat (Usman Ally), the son of Chris’ Afghan contact. Boorman wants badly to meet him, too, so he pressures Erickson to pressure Chris for information. And Patty recruits her mentor (Judd Hirsch) to investigate Hugh Star after getting an important lead about the company’s ties to the CIA. Meanwhile, Erickson has been invited to deliver a Christmas Eve homily at his church.

Rescue Me | 10pm on FX
Tommy’s 9/11 interview airs, with predictably combustible results; Sean goes out with Emily (Cody Horn), the bridal-shop clerk; Kelly gets the results of her blood test; and preparations for Black Shawn and Colleen’s wedding hit a snag. Meanwhile, Lou’s reading list includes “The Celery Bible.”

Hot in Cleveland | 10pm on TV Land
“Arch Enemies”
Victoria and Joy try to give Victoria’s practical-joke-playing coanchor at the TV station a taste of his own medicine. Meanwhile, Melanie’s new boyfriend has a foot fetish; and Elka has surprising news when she returns from a trip to Europe.

Also playing…

  • Minute to Win It | 8pm on NBC: “Go For Broke”
  • Big Brother | 8pm on CBS: “Episode 1307”
  • The Franchise: A Season with the San Francisco Giants | 10pm on Showtime: “Episode 3”
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation | 9pm on TeenNick: “Should’ve Said No, Part 1”
  • Toddlers and Tiaras | 10pm on TLC: “Glamorous Beauties”
  • Happily Divorced | 10:30pm on TV Land: “A Kiss is Just a Kiss”

What will you be watching?

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