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THE GLEE PROJECT: ‘Believability’

August 8, 2011 by  

Sunday’s episode of THE GLEE PROJECT packed a pretty emotional punch, huh? The theme was believability, and while all of the kids did a great job with the challenge, we sadly had to see one more contestant go home. Let’s discuss, shall we?


  • The homework assignment this week was to sing “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. I thought it was one of the best performances yet. With fewer and fewer people left, the contenders are getting the chance to shine individually now. Guest mentor Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) chose Hannah as the winner. She then announced they would be singing “The Only Exception” by Paramore for their music video, with the concept being that they each had a crush on another contestant who didn’t feel the same.


  • In the recording studio, Alex had a breakdown. He was trying to get to a raw place with the song by thinking of his father who had passed away when Alex was young. I think Alex has really grown throughout this competition. He doesn’t annoy me as much as he had been and I think him being comfortable enough to be vulnerable has been a big part of that. Because of that vulnerability, it brought out a sincere, emotional side to his vocals. It proves he can be sassy, dressing up in drag one week, and expose himself emotionally the next.  Great job, Alex!
  • When Alex went back to the lounge where everybody was hanging out waiting to go into the studio, he mentioned his breakdown to everyone. Lindsay was up next and you could clearly see a plan hatching in her head. When she got into the studio, she broke into tears, too, which looked pretty fake to me. She said it was because she was lonely and missing home and wanted to talk to her mother. Um, couldn’t she just call her like Cameron did with his mom a few weeks ago? After she left, Nikki mentioned to her assistant how fake it all felt and I completely agree. Lindsay just doesn’t seem like a genuine person and she likes to create drama for the sake of creating drama. I’m not a fan of her stealing ideas from the other contestants for her own gain (kissing Cameron a few weeks ago in their video shoot after the Samuel/Marissa kiss in theirs, crying after Alex in the studio, etc.) and I’m just not a fan of her.


  • This music video was supposed to be the biggest acting challenge yet; they didn’t even have choreography. It posed an interesting challenge to the contestants in the fact that it was just them acting alone in a close-up shot. Here’s the music video if you want to see what I’m talking about: [youtube][/youtube]
  • Again, they had Alex longing after a guy during the shoot. Like I said last week, wouldn’t it be more of an acting challenge to have him wanting a girl? If he could have portrayed that believably, he would have won the challenge hands down. It turned out, though, he did a pretty good job of acting like he wanted Damian – he even gave Zach chills!
  • Damian, on the other hand, seemed to have come from the Emma Watson School of Eyebrow Acting and just waggled them a lot to get his point across. Thankfully he toned it down in the final product, like you can see above.


  • Since there was no choreography this week, Nikki helped Robert pick the bottom three — Hannah, Lindsay, and Samuel.
  • For Lindsay’s last chance performance, she sang “Maybe This Time” from CABARET, which she said she had never heard. That’s just crazy to me! Even if she had never seen the musical, Kristin Chenoweth and Lea Michele sang it on GLEE! She seemed distant and like she was trying to manufacture the emotion of the song. She needed to be vulnerable in the song and she wasn’t. When Ryan called her out on it, she said she felt she needed to be strong for her family to prove her worth since she was adopted. Zach said under his breath that he felt like it was overcompensation. Ryan kept harping on the fact that he needs her to be the next Lea Michele/Rachel Berry. Again, that’s the problem with Ryan. These kids’ personalities and struggles shouldn’t dictate what he writes for the story. She shouldn’t have to be the next Lea Michele. If he wants her for the show, she should be her own character. And I don’t think there needs to be another Rachel, even after she graduates – one is enough and Lindsay would never be able to live up to Lea’s performance.
  • Samuel sang “Animal”  by Neon Trees. No lie, the GLEE version of this song is the top played song on my iTunes so he had a lot to live up to for me personally. I thought he did a great job. He has the quirkiness, the moves, and the voice to pull it off. Ryan said he wished he would have come out and sung it vulnerably and emotionally, which had me yelling at my TV, “But that’s not the type of song that is, Ryan!” Yes, it would have been cool for him to turn it into a ballad and get introspective with it, but he only had an hour to prepare it! And all of that “get vulnerable with it” crap is coming from the man who put that song in an episode called “Sexy” for goodness sake!
  • Hannah’s last chance performance was to “Back to December” by Taylor Swift. I thought she sang it a little flat, but her performance came across as sweet. Ryan, Zach, and Robert seemed to love it, which is why it shocked me they chose her to go home. Did that surprise anyone else?

Also, I could have sworn they said last week in the promos for this week that they were sending two people home tonight. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Anyway, what did everyone think of tonight’s episode? Did Hannah deserve to go home? And can you believe are only two episodes left? Who do you hope wins it all?

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6 Responses to “THE GLEE PROJECT: ‘Believability’”

  1. Randi on August 8th, 2011 11:21 am

    I’m sad that Hannah is gone. I would have thought that they would have probed her more about why she was distracted. Perhaps if they knew that she was distracted because she really felt that way about Damian, her and Alex could have traded places.

  2. Emma on August 8th, 2011 12:44 pm

    I find it really sad that Ryan is trying to stereotype them. For me Glee was always about not being the stereotype, and yet he wants Lindsay to be like Lea or Dianna. But as we get closer to the finals, the person leaving will probably always be shocking, sad but true.

  3. Randi on August 8th, 2011 1:32 pm

    I really dislike Lindsay. I think she’s way over the top and I don’t like it. I am also not an Alex fan. I can’t see Samuel on the show, he’s too grungy. And then there is Damian who I don’t think will ever get picked. Oy. All the likeable people are gone.

  4. Nate on August 8th, 2011 2:10 pm

    Maybe when Ryan says he wants the next Finn or Rachel, he actually means he wants someone that can take the main roles in Glee after they leave?

  5. Haylee Fisher on August 8th, 2011 4:06 pm

    I just wanted to clarify a few things. While I did praise Alex, it was toward his improved attitude. That doesn’t mean I want him to win, though. If he did win, I feel like Ryan Murphy would right his character as a cross between Kurt and Mercedes, which is how Alex has portrayed himself over the season. We don’t need another Kurt and Mercedes; those characters already exist. The whole point of the show is to create a new character, not a pale comparison of an already existing one (or two). That’s how I feel about Lindsay, too. She would obviously not be replacing Lea as Rachel, but I have no doubt that when Rachel graduates, another overachieving, wants-to-be-a-superstar-like character will be written to keep the fans interested. That’s what Ryan means when he says he sees Lindsay as the next Lea/Rachel.

    Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

  6. Haylee Fisher on August 8th, 2011 5:12 pm

    Wow, I just realized I said “right” when I meant “write.” I promise I am smart!