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BACHELOR PAD 2: Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever?

August 23, 2011 by  

While watching BACHELOR PAD 2 Monday night, it dawned on me how few of these contestants I actually like.

Don’t get me wrong, Michael and Holly are absolutely adorable and I do wish those two crazy kids would work their problems out. But aside from them and Michelle (trust me, I’m alarmed she’s so sane, too), there is no one else that I really hope wins the $250,000. Several of them, I’m rather hoping are banished from my television screens forever.

So who annoyed me the most?

  • Congratulations, Erica, you are officially my least favorite contestant this season. Goodness, she is spoiled. Didn’t she claim just last week that she wasn’t fake physically like the other girls? Now she says she takes care of her lips with injections every six months. (Well, duh, that’s not news. We’re not idiots.) Her spying on Melissa and Jake was equal parts creepy and hilarious because she looked so utterly pathetic. And her plastic gavel? REALLY? She’s practically a caricature.
  • Kasey was appalling this week. He and Vienna have reiterated multiple times — both on the show and off — that Jake physically and emotionally abused her, and yet Kasey was so dismissive about it in tonight’s episode. If someone is abused, you don’t just “get over it,” especially if you’re living in the same house as your abuser. And nothing we saw on our screen seemed to indicate Vienna was paying Jake ANY attention. Simmer down, Kasey. She’s yours. If her ex-fiance actually did those things to her, put your pride aside and deal with the fact that she may not be handling things too well.
  • And Blake? Ew. I don’t understand why he admitted on camera the extent he was willing to manipulate Melissa. First of all, now everyone will see how much he lied, so that’s not smart. But his continued extensive manipulation was just stupid. You don’t like her? Fine. Be honest, stop the whole “let’s just be friends” thing. Now that the Kasey versus Jake thing seems to be at an end, Blake will probably be the most vulnerable.

But with only one guy going home in Monday’s episode, Erica wasn’t even eligible to go home. The other contestants realized now might be the most ideal time to break up the Vienna-Kasey partnership and there was a last minute alliance to try and vote him off. In the most dramatic rose ceremony ever (my words, not Chris Harrison’s), it came down to Jake and Kasey waiting for the final safety rose. Would Vienna be overjoyed or heartbroken? Both men revealed in their “confessional” interviews that if they were going out, they were going down fighting.

After what felt like five minutes of a dramatic pause, music and nervous looks, Chris told Kasey he was safe — and the show cut straight to credits. No shots of Jake leaving or the fallout and no previews for the upcoming episodes. Perhaps we’ll see the fallout next Monday? Or maybe they want us to think we’ll see more of Jake next week to guarantee we tune in? Who know.

As for the post-episode tag, are we going to get Jeff the masked man every single week? Unless one of the contestants interacts with him, it’s weird and overplayed. It was funny the first week and now it’s just odd.

What did you think of Monday’s episode of BACHELOR PAD?

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One Response to “BACHELOR PAD 2: Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever?”

  1. Jennifer (@jendfaz) on August 23rd, 2011 11:26 am

    I think Kasey & Vienna are vying to be the next Spencer & Heidi. Their behavior is obnoxious and contrived. I even saw a picture of them on the beach…exactly like the photos Speidi used to manufacture on a weekly basis through TMZ. They are a total train wreck. This show is a total train wreck. And I continue to watch it. There is no hope for America.