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December 9, 2011 by  

We may be solidly in December, but that doesn’t mean Thursday night television was taking a break. (And hey, I actually watched more than one show!)

Let’s talk about what went down last night!

Penny was a bully! It makes sense in hindsight, but THE BIG BANG THEORY dove into it fully last night, as Bernadette and Amy convinced Penny to apologize to her victims and Leonard faced a bully who helped make his high school life Hell. I loved that Leonard finally stood up to him, and when he and Sheldon ran from their apartment terrified.

THE X FACTOR…I mean, what do you say to that? I understand the logic of opening up the competition to kids, but look at what happened with Drew and Rachel. From what we saw, they were both seemingly able to handle the week-to-week singing, but when it came time for the bottom 3, both girls were a wreck. While I think it might have been kindest for Rachel to go home tonight versus going through the bottom 2 for several weeks, there was nothing entertaining about watching her have an on-stage meltdown. That child was in agony, and to witness it felt just insanely cruel. Hopefully when the show returns next season, they take a second look at the age limit and reconsider whether it’s really best to have children that young compete.

If you follow these About Last Night posts, you’ve probably guessed I’m not a regular PARKS & RECREATION viewer. I really tried in the beginning, but it didn’t grab me after the first year and a handful of season 2 episodes. Even still, people I adore have constantly told me the show has gotten better and I’d enjoy it if I gave it another chance, so I tuned in to last night’s episode. And yes, I liked it. I’m still debating if I have the bandwidth to take it on, but I might try catching up over the winter break.

Considering how epic last night’s BONES could have been in regards to the case (there was a freaking tornado!), it’s a bit disappointing it was fairly unmemorable and a filler hour. There was nothing particularly terrible about the case or the hour (though why Booth is suddenly being over-the-top overprotective of Brennan after 4 episodes of this not being an issue is a bit weird), but it just…existed.

Hey, THE OFFICE made me laugh last night! While the scene from yesterday’s SNAP JUDGMENT was MIA, Jim versus Dwight and Drunk!Erin were amusing. It was definitely my favorite episode of the season so far.

So, what did you enjoy last night?

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2 Responses to “About Last Night…THE X FACTOR, THE BIG BANG THEORY, BONES and More”

  1. Rachel on December 9th, 2011 6:25 pm

    Catch up with Parks! It is my favorite comedy on TV (Community is a close second).

  2. El on December 9th, 2011 7:46 pm

    I love Parks and Rec. You really have to watch it a bit and it grows on you. Plus Leslie and Ben are fun.

    I swear that HH should take lessons in romance writing from them. They are so cute and funny. Actually The Office did some great writing for Holly and Michael last year in the romance area. Both of these shows are comedies but I just love their relationships as we..