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About Last Night…GLEE, RINGER, RAISING HOPE and More

February 22, 2012 by  

Delayed thoughts on Tuesday’s TV, but late is better than nothing, right?

GLEE is a very tough show to talk about after last night’s episode. The “Cough Syrup”/Karofsky attempted suicide was probably the most difficult/uncomfortable scene the series has ever produced. It wasn’t a surprise (they were basically sledgehammering us over the head with foreshadowing), but man, I wanted to turn away from the screen in case he actually went through with it. However, I was frustrated with Sue’s remorse after the teachers found out what Dave did, because yes, she was principal when things went down, but that’s not why she should be upset with herself. She is arguably the show’s biggest bully, so maybe she should feel regret about that. You want me to believe this tragedy (and make no mistake, Karofsky even attempting suicide is a tragedy, even though he thankfully didn’t succeed) has meaning? Tone down Sue. And in case we needed to learn another lesson in last night’s GLEE episode, texting+driving=bad.

RINGER gave us a whole lot of answers, but a) it felt like it was nothing of real importance, b) it was nothing that I hadn’t already guessed (not claiming to be super smart, I just felt the reveal that Sean was dead thanks to Bridget — inadvertently, it turns out, because it was due to a car accident where she wasn’t driving — and that’s why Siobhan hated her twin) and c) I don’t know if I trust the show not to change its mind on what they just showed us. Yes, Juliet’s mother plotted the whole revenge scheme, so I suppose that was new, but again, I don’t find myself caring. And what the heck was Siobhan doing this entire episode where they couldn’t even show her?

Um, I didn’t spend the night covering my ears to prevent spiders from laying their eggs in there, but I’d bet some RAISING HOPE viewers did.  Anyone want to fess up? I did adore one of the opening scenes where the family was worried Sabrina and Jimmy had gotten too boring now that they were together…Burt even lamented that maybe they shouldn’t have gotten together. A nice tongue-in-cheek nod to all those who say couples should be kept apart on shows until the last possible moment.

COUGAR TOWN was so, so, so charming. Fake murdering the people you love when you get so mad you want to kill them? Excellent. I want to make use of this in my real life. And of course Jules wants everything to be deemed a spoiler. (That rule, I have a little less tolerance for.)

I was really intrigued by the first few episodes of THE RIVER, but I’ve had no desire to watch the last two weeks. (I have timeslot conflicts with RAISING HOPE and RINGER, so I need to watch it On Demand.) Is anyone keeping up?

UNFORGETTABLE is still on my DVR, but I’ll be watching that tonight.

What did you guys watch last night?

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2 Responses to “About Last Night…GLEE, RINGER, RAISING HOPE and More”

  1. Jane on February 22nd, 2012 8:56 pm

    I am still in a state about the Glee episode. Really, did we need two such intensely serious messages in one episode, especially in the last one for awhile? I was so anxious during the lead-up to the suicide attempt, and then again during the lead-up to the finale. My teenager’s first comment after it was over was that it was a rather grim episode.

  2. Kristen on February 23rd, 2012 4:30 pm

    That Glee episode was absolutely depressing. WAY too serious. I’m sorry, but I sometimes like to escape the world and go to my TV. Glee is finding that hard to do. I’m real close to turning Glee off for good (and I’ve been watching since it started). It makes me feel terrible. I find that I’m only sticking around for the music and performances. I like some intense drama on TV sometimes, but Glee is constantly doing it. I find myself feeling downright awful after Glee eps. The creators seem to think they have an obligation to take on EVERY social issue in the world, it’s kind of driving me nuts. I miss season one. A lot. There’s nothing wrong with some happiness, Glee. Bring it back please. I don’t need Glee to tell me what’s going on with the world. I don’t have my head in the sand. So spare me. It’s getting ridiculous.