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Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Bad, The What the Heck?!

July 19, 2012 by  

As you may have seen, the 64th annual Emmy nominations were announced this morning and, well, there were some interesting nominees.

While I’m sure much has (and will) be said about the shows that got nominated and those that were snubbed, I wanted to share a couple of my quick thoughts about the good (HOMELAND!), the bad (so many snubs), and the baffling from this morning’s Emmy nominations…

The Good:

  • HOMELAND!!! Not surprised that Claire Danes was nominated for her portrayal of Carrie, but I’m so thrilled the series and Damian Lewis (Brody) were also honored. (And for all their nine nominations.)
  • Outstanding animated program gave love to AMERICAN DAD!, BOB’S BURGERS, and THE SIMPSONS, so I can’t complain too much about that category.
  • Loved that RAISING HOPE’s song, “Welcome Back To Hope,” is now Emmy-nominated.
  • So happy PARKS & REC’s “The Debate” and “Win, Lose, Or Draw” got writing nominations. Personally, I’m hoping “Win, Lose, Or Draw” takes it all.
  • Not surprising, but I’m glad VEEP got some love for its very funny first season.
  • The men are the best part of NEW GIRL, so it was very good to see Max Greenfield nominated for playing Schmidt.
  • Nothing against Jeff Probst, but with him out of the running for Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program, a newbie has the chance to win. (Go Cat Deeley!)

The Bad:

  • Hey Emmy voters, one day you’ll realize how talented FRINGE’s John Noble is. That day clearly wasn’t today.
  • PARKS & RECREATION is one of the best shows on television. A shame that the Emmys couldn’t even get it a comedy series nomination.
  • The complete lack of SUBURGATORY love stinks. Ditto for COUGAR TOWN, HAPPY ENDINGS, DON’T TRUST THE B—- IN APARTMENT 23. And RAISING HOPE deserved more.
  • No writing love for MODERN FAMILY?
  • I knew the odds were slim-to-none, but I would have loved to see AWAKE get any sort of recognition.

What the Heck?

  • Love the repetition or hate it, it’s bizarre to see LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT’s Mariska Hargitay not get nominated in the lead actress category. (She had been nominated every year since 2004.)
  • Speaking of repetition, no love for HOUSE (or Hugh Laurie) in the final season. While the series had its ups and downs, the lack of Laurie at least being nominated is a bit shocking.
  • So, Kathy Bates got two Emmy nods, huh?
  • The Emmys REALLY love them some DOWNTON ABBEY.
  • Uma Thurman on SMASH? Really?
  • PAN AM has three (technical) Emmy nominations. Did not see that one coming.
  • HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER got a bunch of technical nominations, but Neil Patrick Harris was once again snubbed for supporting actor.
  • How happy is FX to be able to squeeze AMERICAN HORROR STORY in the miniseries category?
  • MISSING’s Ashley Judd is now an Emmy nominee.

What are you loving about the Emmy nominations? Hating?

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4 Responses to “Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Bad, The What the Heck?!”

  1. Maureen Majma on July 19th, 2012 11:28 am

    The Television Academy showed once again that it’s nominating body of voters is biased in favor of programming for Cable TV. It appears that 80% of nominations were from the Cable Industry. Does campaigning by HBO, et al really skew the votes so much?

    Network TV was blatantly overlooked; particularly in the Drama and Acting Categories. Not one Network actor or drama show even got a nomination. Does this seem fair?

    Time for the Television Academy to reinstate the categories to honor shows made for both Network and Cable. They Emmys were originally for network TV. With the advent of Cable they needed to add a cable category. Somewhere along the line they merged the categories.

    Excellent work is excellent work. The women and men working on the network side of the industry in acting, writing, producing, and the creative end should be recognized for their work, too.

  2. Kath (canakatydid) on July 19th, 2012 12:48 pm

    Marisa, thank you for pointing out the glaring about of neglect for really good comedies! No Happy Endings love? Come on!

    I agree with you about Awake…tv didn’t deserve its brilliance!

    I’m sad that there was no love for Chuck in it’s farewell season…and that probably means the excellent people at Fringe will be once again neglected next year!

    Go Cat Deeley go!!

    How are Academy members watching Smash and Missing (“mini-series”?! Really?!) but not recognizing the amazingness that is Revenge? And no Robert Carlyle nomination/just technical Emmy noms for OUAT?!

    And don’t even get me started on SNL…the show is a “Variety” but the nominations that its actors get are in “Comedy Series”?! WTFudge?! And then you let SNL hosts steal spots for “Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy SERIES” from amazing people like Kiernan Shipka on “B in Apt 23”?! (That kid deserves an Emmy for Mad Men but she should have won it for that guest spot at the very least!)

    I was happiest about the nominations for Jasson Segal and The Muppets for their SNL song and the Volkswagon commercials!

  3. Zepp on July 20th, 2012 1:14 pm

    I honestly do not live in USA, so I have no more subsidies to make a comment or an authoritative critique on the Emmy Award, as I wanted. But over four years I’ve been watching Fringe, in its entirety, from the technical aspects of filming, lighting, special effects … even your part of the performances of actors, scripts and so on. I can say (or almost) Fringe, as a current excellence in science fiction, currently has no similar comparative, both in the quality of its complex and multifaceted script, and the quality of the cast of actors, directors, writers and producers. For those four years did not see any mention of Emmy voters, towards Fringe, in any item. The most that Fringe was contact with the Emmy awards, was – I remember – the role of Anna Torv as an award presenter, and only that. I do not think they are snubbing Fringe, which I think is that this show is not even considered for a nomination, much less for an award. So it seems.

    Looking from afar, I see that these voters have an appreciation trend, a line of appreciation defined and specific, there are a group of wide scope, but to a specific area of ​​drama for TV, putting the work in science fiction, a well below their level in these assessments. I see and I predict that, if indeed Fringe, achieving some of the Emmy Award nomination, or will be in the form of something special, or any point, only.

  4. marsha on July 26th, 2012 11:51 am

    They sure shook things around with this list of nominations! I’m happy to see some new faces added to the roster, like Luna Dunham, but that does not justify snuffing out Parks and Rec! The whole cast deserved way more recognition than they got. Nick Offerman should have been a shoo-in to win the Comedy Actor Award! His character reminds me so much of my boss at Dish that it’s not even funny; alright, it’s pretty funny! The show, as a whole, is way too underrated. In fact, I only recently started watching it, since I never hear about it and didn’t really know what it was all about. The stars just aligned one day when, out of sheer boredom, I decided to peruse my DVR and happened to land on Parks and Rec. I have the Hopper DVR equipped with the PrimeTime Any Time feature, which auto-records everything on the major networks during primetime hours, so I had a lot of episodes of it stacked up and ready to watch. I’ve been hooked on it ever since that fateful day! It’s, dare I say, the most hilarious show on TV and should be recognized for it!