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BONES at Comic-Con 2013: Live-Blog

July 19, 2013 by  

First up today in live-blogging Comic-Con panels is BONES!

Here’s the official description for the panel, which is set to start at 12:30 PM PT: “Creator and executive producer Hart Hanson, executive producer Stephen Nathan, and star David Boreanaz discuss what’s in store for Booth and Brennan and screen a reel of never-before- seen footage from the upcoming season, followed by a Q&A panel discussion.” (Note: BONES star Emily Deschanel and executive producer Ian Toynton have since been added to the panel, while Stephen Nathan won’t be there.)

 12:34: We’re getting a sizzle reel for gross moments, plus getting a sneak peek at next season — there are some shoot outs coming! (And some truly, truly gross things.)

12:38: Why is the whole family getting together onscreen? David goes around the table and asks Emily to join him…and then proceeds as Booth to ask Brennan to marry him. Emily accepts, but Hart teases it would be better scripted on screen,

12:42: Now, the moderator is having David and Emily reenact the wedding proposal scene from the finale…but playing each other’s roles. David is doing some improvising and each is trying to get the right tone for the other’s voice. “Stop, I’m having a moment! You’re just a goddamn narrator!” David says to Hart after Hart tries to stop David-as-Brennan falling apart post broken engagement.

12:47: There will be a new character introduced next season, an ex-priest who Booth used to know. But Hart wants to be clear: “Booth and Brennan will get married next season.”

12:50: “I hear echoes of English accents all day long,” Ian says of his cast lovingly mocking his British accent.

12:51: Emily notes she never thought she’d get the chance to get play Brennan with her mother. She loves the insight she was able to get into her character…and David pretends to fall asleep while next to her.

12:52: David says he enjoys getting to meet his onscreen mother this past season, and then Emily pays him back by faking sleep. “I love her for that, I really do. Can I just look into your eyes?” David jokes of his costar.

12:53: “He will last as long as he’s interesting…but they are getting married, so you have an answer there,” Hart says of Pelant’s future on the show.

12:56: Does Hart have it in mind how Pelant is going to die? “Oh yes,” Hart says before cursing and realizing how much he may have just given away.

12:58: There’s now a discussion of how people want to be disposed of once they die and it’s…morbid. And odd.

1:00: “We’re able to as costars communicate to each other on a daily basis how we feel,” David says of his relationship with Emily. “I have a great costar, the best. She teaches me things every day.” David says they have subtext bubbles over their head when they fight as characters.

1:02: Hart says part of the reason why they came up with the dancing episode was seeing a video of Emily dancing on YouTube as a child. David takes out his phone to try and find it

1:03: Fans will be getting copies of a TV Guide Magazine and Hart jokes, “Is that the CASTLE people on the cover?” (It’s not.) “I want to work four days not five days,” David jokes.

1:06: Hart has some ideas for a new squintern, but there’s a panel distraction by something/someone that seems like an animal.

1:08: Fan questions! Could Booth have forgiven his father if his father hadn’t passed away? “There’s always that scar that would have remained with that character,” David says, but you have to embrace it and make due with the scar. Emily says that in some cases you can forgive people post-death if you choose to.

1:10: If Emily was a character in the BUFFY/ANGEL universe, what would she be like?”What kind of suit would you have?” David asks. “Blue? Electric blue?” Emily says, “I would be immortal, let’s start there.” David jokes she should be Sister Soultaker.

1:11: Will Sweets get back with Daisy? “I don’t want to tell you,” Hart says. He notes they’re both in the show still, so…

1:12: Is there any part of Angel that David would want to bring to Booth, especially to kill Pelant? David says he could turn bad if he was Angel to get rid of Pelant, but aside from that, no.  As for the other way around, “The most obvious is he can walk outside without blowing up!” David says of the thing he would bring to Angel from Booth.

1:15: What episodes do they like the most? Emily says she loves going undercover, and David wants to bring Tony and Roxie back. Hart says the second episode is an undercover episode. Hart likes the video diary Booth did for Christine and Brennan solving her own murder.

1:17: “They go undercover to a couples’ retreat,” Hart says of the upcoming couple. “I think the fact that they’re having such brutal problems and they have to solve a murder while people are asking brutal questions is just fun.”

1:18: No, Emily’s blonde hair in last season’s premiere was a wig. She says she wouldn’t dye it for one episode! “I like Emily whatever way Emily is,” David says. “Blonde, brunette, whatever.” Ian says there were one or two problems of the wig, but they got there.

1:21: “We’d love to have her mother come back,” Hart says. He thinks it would challenge Brennan and her mindset. Hart says they’re trying to figure out an episode where they show the characters we know in teen versions at the Jeffersonian.

1:24: Will we see Zack again? “We don’t have plans for it, we don’t have not-plans for it,” Hart says. “Never say never.”

1:25: Where would they like to film? They say Rome. Hart says the show does better around the world than the US. “It’s something we’d love to do…there are six or eight places we’d like to go,” Hart says. “We’d love to go to Brazil. Spain.”

1:27: “For us to do a movie, the show would have to stop,” Hart says. Emily notes VERONICA MARS did Kickstarter. Hart says what would make it possible is if the two leads like each other, and David and Emily do like each other.

1:28: Who would the actors want to be aside from their own character? David says Caroline. Brennan says it would be interesting to play Booth. David mocks the way Emily says it, and Emily jokes, “You act like you’ve never heard the name before!”

1:30: David wants to play a woman. He’s pretty much challenging Hart to write it at this point.

1:32: And we’re done! Thanks for following along!

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  1. Rita on July 19th, 2013 1:49 pm

    YES YES YES, keep us updated. Us being those who can’t be there and are currently crying about it.

  2. Sofi on July 19th, 2013 4:07 pm

    Thanks for the live-blog!!!

  3. jules on July 19th, 2013 4:26 pm

    Thank you for keeping us posted on Comic Con… Loving it… 🙂

  4. Julie @SBXMomX on July 19th, 2013 4:36 pm

    Thanks for the live update. Was nice to hear the above comments. Looking forward to S9!

  5. Sylvia S. Hill on September 13th, 2013 10:16 pm

    When do we get to see the live video of the comic-con 2013 that the blog was taken from?

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