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BONES Season 9 Finale Preview

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BONES is airing its season finale on Monday, and yes, it’s a pretty big hour for the show. In fact, the hour is so big, the creative people who work on the show have been teasing what’s going to go down since January. (And even better? After viewing the episode myself, even the earliest teases remained totally relevant/accurate about the hour.)

If you’re counting down the minutes until the season 9 closer, “The Recluse in the Recliner,” I’ve compiled what the people who make BONES have teased about the big finale in recent months and added a few of my own teases…

What BONES boss Stephen Nathan said in January:

  • “It’ll be a pretty substantial cliffhanger. We’re building towards something that will at least temporarily change the way all of the crimes are dealt with.”
  • “Booth and Brennan will still be involved in finding murderers, but it will be done in a somewhat different way. The show will stay the same, but be different…You don’t want to lose what everyone likes, but you want to shake things up.”
  • “No [one is leaving], everyone will be used. We’re not going to permanently redo the show, but it’s going to go in another direction until certain things are worked out.”

What Nathan said in March:

  • “The season finale will redefine…Booth’s relationship with his crime-fighting. The heroes and villains will be reversed. They will not be operating the way they have been for the past nine years. How long that will occur — how long that will sustain — is something that will be answered at the beginning of season 10. But really, all bets are off at the end of season 9.”

What Tamara Taylor (Cam) said in April:

  • “The season finale is so not what anyone expected. I don’t know how we’re going to open [next year]; I don’t know what the season [10] premiere will look like. I really don’t know. I definitely understand what Stephen was talking about [with the temporary change], because it’s quite a pickle. The season finale certainly puts Brennan and Booth in an interesting position, and I have no clue how we’re going to get them out of it.”
  • “[The situation is] more contained around Booth and Brennan. We are involved in a crazy case that they are essentially the center of…We’re all here, we’re all alive, but the dynamic will change [next year], certainly in the beginning.”

What David Boreanaz (Booth) and Emily Deschanel (Brennan) said in May:

  • Deschanel: “There’s a big cliffhanger. There’s a lot going on for Booth and for Brennan…There’s a huge thing that happens at the end of the episode that we’re not going to tell you about now, but it changes everything for a while — not only with Booth and Brennan, between them, but between everything. Booth’s job, possibly Brennan’s job. I can’t tell you exactly how it changes things but it will change the dynamic, and kind of everything about them and their work and their relationships.”
  • Boreanaz: “I think it puts them in a different place. I think it’s interesting to see at the end of this run — especially season 9 and this finale — [because] there’s a lot of destructive forces that come upon us, and we find out there’s more to it than meets the eye, and they’ve be working underground for a while. Whether that’s through conspiracy theories or stuff they’ve been hiding from the FBI or the Jeffersonian, it all kind of comes to a head, and it’s pretty detrimental. Things will change…and there will be things they have to adjust to. And I keep saying adjusting, because it will definitely be different [after this].”
  • Boreanaz: “Emily does such an amazing job. This last episode is very emotional, and has some really great arcs in it for her character. I’ve seen it, and [she’s] amazing to watch. There were some days that were kind of rough because we were going through this, and Emily kept it together, but she elevated her game, and I’m so proud of her for that. It was a hard, hard shoot to do, and it took a toll on everybody.”
  • Deschanel: “David and I have some amazing stuff in this episode — he is awesome in it, too.”
  • Deschanel: “This is an unusual investigation, because the dead body…there’s a connection between Wesley Foster, who is the dead person [in the finale] — Booth gets a phone call from him, a mysterious phone call from someone he doesn’t know, who says he wants to talk to him about the McNamaras, who were the people related to the Ghost Killer case. In fact, Stephanie McNamara was the Ghost Killer. This has to do with the broader parts of the McNamaras. So Booth gets a call from this guy, who is a conspiracy blogger, and the next thing you know, this guy is burned to death in his trailer. A very suspicious circumstances, and it leads us to think there might be people involved with this at the FBI. It leads to lots of things, and is connected to the whole story.”

And a few of my own teases:

  • “The Recluse in the Recliner” is the most action-packed episode the show has ever done. (And yes, it tops last season’s finale with that epic chase after Pelant.) Stuff. Gets. Destroyed.
  • Some very vital information is stored in one of the most unique places/ways I’ve seen on TV.
  • As much as the team plays a part in the finale, the vast majority of the dramatic tension centers on poor Booth and Brennan. (Who, really, cannot catch a break.) But one team member could play a big part in solving their problems next season.
  • The only thing I can say about the cliffhanger? It is not directly related to this spoiler-filled preview clip.

BONES season 9 finale airs Monday at 8 PM on Fox. And be sure to check back with Give Me My Remote after the episode airs for some hints about what comes next…


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  1. chelsea on May 17th, 2014 12:28 am

    where did you watch the episode? where can I watch it?!

  2. Julie SBXMomX on May 19th, 2014 4:37 pm

    Can’t wait for tonight’s Bones season 9 finale! Going to be intense!

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