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RAY DONOVAN: Octavius J. Johnson on the ‘Sunny’ Twist

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[This post contains spoilers for the most recent episode of RAY DONOVAN, “Sunny.” If you haven’t viewed it yet, please go watch it before you read this — this post contains massive spoilers for the episode.]

RAY DONOVAN delivered a massive blow in “Sunny,” as Marvin and Recon were gunned down in their car by Cookie…as Bridget was hidden in the backseat of the car.

I spoke with Octavius J. Johnson (Marvin) about his character’s tragic fate, his time on the show, and more…

When did they tell you that Marvin would be dying?
Octavius J. Johnson: I got a call from one of the producers, and I think it was two weeks before. It was just, “Hey, Octavius, wanted to let you know we’re killing off your character.” But he let me know it had been great working with me, it was nothing about me; they really wanted to make this episode the highlight of the season, really. You always have to have a huge element in the season, and this was it. That was what it was about. But it was great working with those guys for two years. It’s been an honor.

How did the rest of the cast react when they found out what was in store?
OJ: It was emotional; it shocked everyone. I wouldn’t have seen it coming, either. I figured Cookie and Recon [would be] having something, but definitely not Marvin. But there it goes. It’s going to be big.

RayDonovan_208_octaviusMarvin and Bridget had a really sweet relationship. If he had survived, do you think they would have gone the distance? Or was it more of a temporary thing in your mind?
OJ: I think it was real. That’s what I liked about the relationship. It’s like that high school sweetheart that you run across, and I think they had that. There was a genuine element there.

Have you spoken with the producers about whether there is the chance for Marvin to return via flashback or hallucination?
OJ: They’ve done [the hallucination technique] a few times, like with the dolphin. So there’s a possibility.

No, I haven’t talked with the producers about it. But the producers and the writers, they’ll never tell you that. But I would think they would bring me back in a flashback Bridget has [out of the two options]. It’s possible.

Is there anything you wish you had gotten the chance to do while Marvin was alive?
OJ: I would have loved to have a concert, perform some music more. But overall, they wrote some really great stuff for him. It was a really great run for him. They did everything they could have done.

Is there a particular lesson you took from your time on RAY DONOVAN?
OJ: I learned so much…I really feel like I’ve grown as an actor. Just from watching my work on the last season [to now], it’s just been an experience. Working with the cast, the kind of actors I’m working with, on this kind of network — it has been a great learning experience. I went to [acting] college.

Do you have a particular kind of project in mind for what you want to do next?
OJ: You always have those projects you want to do. I think this will definitely lead to another character similar to Marvin. There are good roles out there — I don’t know what’s next right now, but I’m auditioning and looking forward to whatever’s next.

RAY DONOVAN airs Sundays at 9 PM on Showtime.


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