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Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

CBS, ABC, and Fox all launched new shows last night, and a few favorites returned.

Let’s talk about what went down Tuesday night…

THE MUPPETS: As someone who tends to love behind-the-scenes of a TV series shows, I enjoyed the new Muppets. It’s occasionally jarring to realize the crazy characters are Muppets, but I felt like it worked. I also thought the celebrities playing themselves worked — and an impressive roster of guest stars are already lined up — but I do wonder how much that will remain a regular thing if the show goes 100, 150 episodes.

THE VOICE: A solid group of performers, but no one made me stand up and go “OH MY GOD.” Ellie Lawrence and Ivonne Acero were good. I actually think James Dupre (the country singer who picked Adam over Blake) probably chose wisely (given the abundance of country singers on Blake’s team), but I’m very curious how far he’ll actually go. We’ll see…

SCREAM QUEENS: Jamie Lee Curtis is so, so excellent, and Emma Roberts is deliciously fun as an uber bitch. I didn’t love the text messaging death (which I seem to be in the minority about), but the show is campy fun. I don’t have a solid theory about who the killer is at this point (the show seems to be hinting that it’s a duo, with fake-dead Boone as one of the killers), but I really, really, really want Dean Munsch to be a part of it.

LIMITLESS: There are still a handful of pilots that haven’t been made available to press, but as it stands, LIMITLESS is one of the new shows I find most enjoyable. I actually never saw the Bradley Cooper film, so I didn’t know what to expect from the CBS continuation…I was really pleasantly surprised. Jake McDorman is very effortlessly charming as Brian, and I enjoyed watching him try to get a handle on his new, drug-induced powers. And, as I’ve said, Ron Rifkin and Blair Brown playing Brian’s parents is basically winning the TV parent lottery. (Very curious what people who saw the film thought of it, too.)

BEST TIME EVER: It’s so depressing to say this, but episode two didn’t work any better for me than the first installment did. It was less creepy than the first hour (because NPH stalking a couple for months was not cute), but it still felt like cobbled game segments of every other talk show put together in one show. And I’m not the biggest Alec Baldwin fan, but it’s kind of ridiculous they got much better use from Seth Meyers in his one game guest spot vs. Baldwin as the announcer.

What did you watch last night?

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