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SUPERNATURAL at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

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Supernatural at Comic-Con

Credit: Robert Falconer/The CW

It’s SUPERNATURAL time at Comic-Con! Follow along for our live updates from the panel…

10:36: We’re getting a little sneak peek at season 14. “We’ve never met. But you read all about me,” Michael!Dean says. Apparently, Michael has been using Dean’s body to travel around the world asking various people, “What do you want?”

10:46: Time for the actual panel! Rob Benedict (Chuck) and Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) are moderating…and starting off with their own musical performance of “Dust in the Wind.” (Last year, Kansas opened up the panel with a performance of “Carry on Wayward Son.”)

10:53: “Dean’s kind of shotgun right now, while Michael is driving,” Jensen Ackles (Dean) said. “It was a little challenging, because normally we come back from having a break and you kick the dust off…to do it while playing someone different is a little more challenging than anticipated. But I get to have some cool scenes with cool people.”

The cast just got to see the season 14 scene for the first time along with us. “I kind of got chills,” Padalecki said. “Way to go, Ackles.”

10:55:  Ackles asked Christian Keyes (Michael) what he did to get into the character of Michael. “I actually pulled him aside during the last episode, and I was like is there anything you keep in mind…before you go on camera,” Ackles recalled. Keyes showed him that he dramatically whipped back his coat.

“Michael is not a funny character,” executive producer Andrew Dabb said of the differences between Dean and Michael’s dialogue.

10:57: “I feel like Sam this year has taken on more of a leadership role,” Padalecki said. “His brother’s not around. He hasn’t shaved in a little bit. All these people he never met, they’re under his watchful eye…Sam needs to take the cues and lessons he learned from Dean as he deals with the Apocalypse World hunters…It’s like the new Brady Bunch.”

10:59: “I think this is definitely a roll up his trenchcoat sleeves moment for Cas,” Misha Collins (Castiel) said. “He’s also taking Jack under his wing a little big, because Jack is struggling with some of the things that Cas has gone through in the past.”

Collins also points out that Alexander Calvert (Jack) looks a lot like him. He asked if there was a chance they were going to make it so Castiel was really Jack’s father. Executive producer Robert Singer

11:02: “I’m not going to even try and play it cool; this is awesome,” Calvert said of being at his first Comic-Con.

“Jack having no powers is an adjustment, and dealing with being a half-human,” Calvert said. “It’s been a struggle so far….It’s really cool to have all these things going for him.”

Apparently, Padalecki jokingly kicks Calvert in the crotch during filming. “Jack is going through a lot of struggles right now, so knowing I may be kicked in the crotch at any time really helps with the loss and struggle,” Calvert said.

11:05: “We all saw what Michael did, so what is his agenda here?” executive producer Brad Buckner  said. “What is his version of purifying the Earth…now that there are no angels to pull together an army of angels…who is he going to organize as his support unit for whatever he wants to do on Earth.”

11:06: Ackles and Padalecki joke how great it was that the writers found a way to keep Jack around sans powers. Benedict fakes heartbreak in reaction.

11:07: “Working with Misha Collins is almost as bad as working with Jared and Jensen,” Calvert said.

11:09: Collins is handing out voter registration forms. He’s encouraging people to register to vote.

11:10: “I think the ultimate thing is getting Dean back,” Calvert said. “That’s everyone’s driving motivation.”

11:11: “You try to bring back the favorites,” Dabb said. “Even the Almighty gets no respect,” Benedict jokes. Jodi will be back. There will also be “other members of the Wayward family” as well, Dabb said. Rowena will also be back.

11:13: “Andrew has a plan and he hasn’t let me in on it,” Singer said of episode 300. Singer will be directing the episode. Padalecki said Ackles wants episode 300 to be called “300” and they would be wearing togas. “Clip show! I said clip show!” Ackles retorted.

11:14: Ackles apparently has very specific wardrobe requests when Dean wears abnormal outfits.

11:17: “We have to push ourselves to the brink to find new ways to explore these guys,” Eugenie Ross-Leming said.

11:18: Why does the show work? “Brotherhood,” Calvert said. Ackles said it is all about one character: “The car.”

Padalecki credited the fans and the supportive network/studio. “There’s a legitimate sense of family, both our SPN family and our behind the scenes family…we get to tell classic stories that mean something to everybody.”

Collins echoed that the fans play a big role in the show’s success. Also, people have grown up with the show on- and off- the show. The cast has spent so much time together and “like family, it’s very challenging and emotionally draining,” he said. “We have forged real emotional bonds.”

Dabb credited the cast’s ability to do everything thrown at them. Singer noted they still “slow roll their plot over a season” unlike other shows which speed through storylines.

11:25: “I’ve learned to take things more slow,” Padalecki said of what he learned from being on the show.

“When they yell ‘cut,’ there’s gonna be a dust cloud,” Ackles said of how he plans to steal Baby when the show wraps.

11:28: What sci-fi monster would they want to go up against? “I’d say Donald Trump,” Collins said. “Misha, that’s even too scary for us,” Singer retorted.

11:29: Gag reel time, which means end of the panel.

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