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GREY’S ANATOMY – “The Center Won’t Hold” – Bailey finds herself in the middle of an argument with patients’ families as they await news about their children who were injured in a fire. Winston surprises Maggie, and Amelia and Link try to have some fun as new parents. Teddy learns her colleagues know more than she may like about her relationship woes with Owen, and Richard and Koracick go at it during the second hour of the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 17 premiere, THURSDAY, NOV. 12 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC)

Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

SUPERSTORE: I really liked the premiere, so I had hope the show would bounce back to that after Amy’s exit—and I really liked “Floor Supervisor.” Garrett struggling with love advice when it was pointed out that maybe he hasn’t been in love was a great reminder that Colton Dunn is wildly underrated on this show. I love Dina and Garrett’s odd relationship, and I’m really curious to see how they handle them/what their dynamic would look like if they actually gave a real romance a chance.

Cheyenne was really impressive with her floor manager speech. I don’t expect her to suddenly be a real, mature adult, but it’s also really nice to be reminded that she’s growing up and is absorbing better ways for them to get by.

SUPERNATURAL: Um, so did we accidentally watch the SUPERNATURAL finale? Dean and Sam defeated Chuck. Jack is now…all-powerful, but in a less meta and controlling way. We had a series-long montage. Sam and Dean drove off into the figurative sunset.

So, uh, where do we go from here? Do they jump forward a large bit of time when it’s close to the end for the brothers?

(And did anyone else get unexpectedly emotional when all of the people returned to Earth? People were together! In groups! Sigh.)

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: After CHICAGO P.D., it felt like SVU had, potentially, the roughest road ahead with how to contend with police reform. The characters have good intentions, and the show is inclusive, but the series has been on so long that every single character has done things that are not okay, especially when viewed with a 2020 lens.

There were some great performances in the premiere, and new (full-time) addition Demore Barnes was a standout. And I really appreciated that Carisi was fully in A.D.A mode instead of straddling both lines.

What I’m most curious about is how they handle Olivia going forward. By having her account for herself to IAB—because a wrongfully arrested man filed suit against the NYPD—the show did confront her unconscious racial bias. But if they’re really going to be looking over people with a fine tooth comb, wouldn’t her admitting she perjured herself during the Lewis trial have come up, especially during a lawsuit?

It also seems like the show wasn’t actually approving of Olivia’s actions in the final scene. Yes, under some circumstances you should apologize no matter what, but she shouldn’t have personally reached out—in person!—to a man who was suing the NYPD, because at best it was inappropriate and at worst it could feel like intimidation. I’m really, really, really glad the writers didn’t have him just accept her apology, even if the police were taking steps in the right direction by charging the woman who made the false claim. Olivia is a good person, but that apology was as much about clearing her own conscience vs. making things better for a man who had already lost so much. If he had accepted it…it wouldn’t have felt right.

MOM: Marjorie’s boyfriend went through a lot, but…I’m still a little torn on him.

GREY’S ANATOMY: Wow, yeah, I’m not okay. I had hoped Patrick Dempsey might return for the eventual final season/series finale, but I did not see him returning when Meredith’s life was in danger. Honestly, silly me, I should have, because the show has never shied away from utilizing dead people in extraordinary circumstances.

The two-hour block felt like a series of callbacks to the show’s history. Jo weeping when she tried to sleep with Jackson felt very much like Meredith crying while she had sex with George. And even opening with Meredith at the beach, clearly that wasn’t real—these doctors couldn’t even get proper sleep, Meredith couldn’t see her kids, she certainly wasn’t going to take time to go to a beach—and it should have been apparent we were going to have something like when Meredith nearly drowned in season 3 and hallucinated Denny and the afterlife. (Possibly worth noting, that episode ended with Meredith, clearly, surviving, but her mom died. Who do we need to worry about?)

But…Meredith and Derek. They were so essential to the show’s early years, my heart was so happy to see them reunite, even if it’s a brief encounter. It’s lovely to think she can fill him in on her life, their family—and about the child he never met!—even if it is just a lovely dream.

As for the rest of the episode, I really appreciated how they structured the two hours. It had been so long since the show was on, and there were so many characters to check in on. Amelia and Link remain the cutest, and them being at home and juggling domesticity in the midst of the mayhem (taking care of their son as well Meredith’s kids) was a bright spot. I do hope Teddy/Owen can work through their mess, but I do wonder what direction they’ll take them in. (He is VERY CORRECT to be angry, but her confessing to Jo she self-sabotaged also feels like important information to share…)

THE UNICORN: Okay, Wade went a litttttttle crazy trying to find Shannon. But it also feels like it was a good example of HIMYM’s The Dobler-Dahmer Theory: If she wasn’t interested, it would have been creepy as hell, but because she was, it was (mostly) romantic.

I am curious how Shannon will fit into the group itself. They’re so close, and borderline co-dependent, so someone coming in and shaking things up—for better or worse—is going to change things.

THE PALEY CENTER PRESENTS LAW & ORDER: BEFORE THEY WERE STARS: This was fun! It felt like there was so much the special celebrating SVU becoming the longest-running primetime drama could have dug into, and while this was franchise-spanning, it was nice to see so many familiar faces reflect on their time on the show.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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