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ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST — “Zoey’s Extraordinary Session” Episode 212 — Pictured: (l-r) Mary Steenburgen as Maggie Clarke, Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke, Andrew Leeds as David, Peter Gallagher as Mitch Clarke — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC/Lionsgate)

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!

AMERICAN IDOL: The top 7 performed well, but I’m really stunned by how incredible Grace has been. She flew under the radar for me until the live rounds, but wow…her voice is just mind-blowing.

I still feel uncomfortable about Arthur Gunn’s return to the show. It’s not his fault, at all, but it just felt like a gimmick, and he probably deserved to make it through father than he did. (But, then again, if he had won it all, it would have felt incredibly unfair to the contestants this year.)

THE SIMPSONS: I’m sure the show won’t go on to show a definitive version of the family’s future, but I’m intrigued by how many hypotheticals have shown Lisa as the president. (It would be badass.)

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: It’s so bad I wanted a (veggie) burger after watching this, right?

I loved Sara and Gary meeting (alien!!) Amelia Earhart. But, uh, those aren’t fireflies at the end.

THE EQUALIZER: I’m so glad Vi knew what was going on, even if she didn’t know the specifics—and that she kept the secret from Delilah, at least for now. And I’m also glad that Robyn told Vi the whole truth when she was confronted.

THE GREAT NORTH: Okay, I’ve eaten weird food combos at the end, but that final dish at the end sounded absolutely disgusting.

I did love the snowflake friends, though. And given the (natural) role snow plays in the show, I wonder if they’ll come back in a future blizzard.

ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST: I loved this episode so much. Pre-series flashback episodes are often tricky to pull off, but this had an extra tough line to walk: how to incorporate musical numbers into the show with Zoey’s “powers” not in effect. They did a great job of making it feel natural, but also not overdone. And, man, it was lovely seeing the Clarke family together.

No matter where you fall on the Zoey/Max/Simon triangle, it feels like Zoey and Max’s friendship was such an essential part of the show in season 1 that they’ve really struggled to handle (in the aftermath of their break and then breakup) in season 2. Seeing them at the start of things in this episode was so bittersweet. Even if Zoey stays with Simon forever, I hope they can bring the Zoey/Max friendship back in a real way. (I am a little bummed we didn’t see Simon in this episode, though. They were creative with how they brought in Emily and Mo, but I get it might have been too much to work Simon in, too.)

BOB’S BURGERS: I never know if I should be impressed or terrified by how sneaky the kids are. They could take over the world if they really set their minds to it.

FAMILY GUY: Ah, so, uh, this episode was written by dog people, huh? (Also, I knew it was going to be temporary, but it would have been a bit fun to see Brian have to contend with another animal in the home.)
THE ROOKIE: As soon as Lucy got grabbed, I hoped it was a final test, and A) I’m so glad it was and B) I’m glad she handled herself as well as she did.

I felt awful for Jackson that he was blindsided with Stanton being back on the job, and his issues with how it was handled was valid. I’m so, so glad he was able to show Stanton’s true colors to his new squad, which will almost certainly limit how long Stanton actually wants to stay around. (I don’t know if it would help with a possible suit against the LAPD, if Stanton does quit, but at least he can’t sue for wrongful termination.)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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