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CHICAGO MED — “A Red Pill, A Blue Pill” Episode 614 — Pictured: (l-r) Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead, Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

THE GOLDBERGS: I absolutely do not want the show to end, but so many things are wrapping up. I’m glad Geoff and Erica are back together, and Adam got a lovely prom. But I’m also wildly curious what the show would look like if/when it gets renewed.

CHICAGO MED: Well, with Torrey DeVitto leaving, it’s hard to imagine Natalie’s pill-stealing not blowing up in her face, but how the heck is Will going to keep his job now that he knows and he’s helping her!? Especially if Natalie’s mother has a sudden health turn…

And Maggie covering for her (oblivious) bio daughter is breaking my heart, because it absolutely feels like it’s going to lead to trouble for both of them.

THE MASKED SINGER: I know we’re getting to the extra tough part of the competition, but they voted off Hanson?!

HOME ECONOMICS: I loved the episode, which, intentionally or not, actually felt like a bottle episode. Tom and Marina trying to prove they could pick up other people made me laugh out loud, especially as she kept oversharing in a way that made it verrrry understandable they went away. (Sorry.)

CHICAGO FIRE: Well, Severide talking to Casey about wanting to broach marriage with Stella was absolutely precious. And yay Stella passed her test!

Also, that garage sale was incredible. Mouch is so good at that, even if he did accidentally sell Veronicat.

THE CONNERS: It really is crazy how much Barb has messed with Darlene’s life. Is it good these issues get pushed to the forefront? Probably. But also…ouch.

Jackie on JEOPARDY was so. bad. Not unfunny, but oh my God, Jackie did so poorly.

SEAL TEAM: Ugh, I’m worried about Sonny. He’s spiraling the hardest, but it also feels like it’s just the beginning of the mess for the team.

Which…God, the situation with Whitshaw is awful. Davis was right to try and take action against him, but even with retaliation, they still weren’t able to really shut him down. And now Davis is trapped, feeling like she made things worse.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: This was a hard episode to watch, and I mean that in the best possible way. The show did a beautiful job of connecting the overarching trauma of George Floyd’s death and the wave of protests to Gary having to contend with him changing his name—from Javier Jr. to Gary. Rome’s concern about Gina making him finally understand what she might have gone through when she found his suicide note…goodness, that hurt. (Also, James Roday Rodriguez and Romany Malco were so damn good.)

I really hope Katherine and Eddie can continue to co-parent Theo as well as they are amidst the split.

CHICAGO P.D.: Oh, God, Voight’s warning to Upton that they need Halstead the way he is feels like such foreshadowing. I’m glad Voight isn’t splitting them up, but Upton was probably right to ask—even if it would have sucked. And he is crossing lines he probably wouldn’t, especially right now, if not for her.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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