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About Last Night…CHICAGO FIRE, SEAL TEAM, CHICAGO P.D., and More

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CHICAGO P.D. — “Due Process” Episode 812 — Pictured: Jason Beghe as Hank Voight — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

THE GOLDBERGS: Okay, it wasn’t exactly what Bev wanted, but Murray getting her a beach house was very sweet.

Erica and Geoff trying to move on was hilariously awkward. I seriously doubt they’ll be apart for much longer, but they’re also at an age where it makes sense to take a little time apart.

CHICAGO MED: Dean’s PTSD flaring up was tough to watch, but totally understandable. (On a lighter note, I did love that we got a lot of FIRE rep there, including Violet.)

Natalie stealing the meds for her mom…will not end well. At what point will she be forced to loop in Will—because, certainly, this isn’t going to be smooth—and how bad will this get for both of their careers? (And relationships, because, uh, yeah, Crockett won’t be thrilled.)

THE MASKED SINGER: It really might be the most even group of contestants in a bit; normally it’s fairly clear who is going to get voted off, and when, but this feels like it’s anyone’s game.

HOME ECONOMICS: Did not know how much I needed Topher Grace doing karaoke until this show, thank you HOME ECONOMICS. I did appreciate how they balanced Tom’s need to be a fun uncle with Connor’s struggles with his divorce. The show introduced heavy topics from the pilot, so they shouldn’t just be making light of everything; I’m glad they aren’t.

CHICAGO FIRE: Oh, my heart. Herrmann and Stella helping the former prison firefighter find a potential path forward now that he was free was a lovely storyline. (And the restriction that former prisoners who worked as firefighters can’t continue once they’ve been released is ridiculous and should be changed.)

Well, Brett is now single, and Casey is now healthy (minus a shoulder injury)…and that hug lasted a long time. I’m so curious if they actually, finally take the step forward, or they find another excuse to keep them apart.

Boden’s face when he realized his spot—and the recipient of his angry letter—was taken by someone helping a nun made me laugh so hard. Poor dude.

SEAL TEAM: Honestly, there should be a rule that Sonny never has to go on a boat. Just the mention of the submarine made me stressed again. (Ugh, that was such a great episode.)

With Sonny and Lisa split, again, I’m wondering what they’re going to do with her and the newly-introduced Alex.

As much as I worry about and adore Ray, I also…do not blame Naima for having a nest egg, especially given what he’s been through and how little he’s sharing with her. She’s walking into this situation blind, and it isn’t just about her. I hope Ray can get help and be more open with his wife.

THE CONNERS: I gasped when Dan said if Mark loved Becky, he would have died years earlier. That…is not something you can take back. I know Becky was able to express her own frustrations with her late husband, but yiiiiiiiiiiikes, ow.

CHICAGO P.D.: I’ve been wondering when Voight might crack, because he has spent so many years doing the job a certain way and had to drastically just….stop. (To be clear: It was needed, necessary, and good for him to follow the rules so far this season. But it’s hard to do one thing for so many years and suddenly have to do them another.) And I worried when he did, it would be in a way that was impossible to reconcile with the realities of what should be responsible policing. And while he absolutely skirted the line, I was also relieved that when push came to shove, he didn’t actually walk over it. (There’s an argument to be made about his biggest issue was protecting the former cop he had to convince to leave/not kill the perp.)

I know it can’t be a perfect, wrapped up situation where Voight is suddenly playing by the rules, but I do hope they never have him cross a real line again.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: I don’t quite get how the show is justifying Delilah not being able to come home, but Sophie being able to travel to get to her (especially since D has another kid in Boston, so you’d think it would be worth it to just keep trying to get home—obviously, real-life, pandemic-hampered plans excluded)…but I’m still glad the mother-daughter will be reunited.

Rome’s dad keeping his phone because he wanted the voicemails from his dead wife…well, that hurts. And it was a beautiful gesture for Rome to splice together a supportive message based on those recordings. What a gift.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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    SEAL Team must be renewed for another season!