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The LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME Team Teases the End of the Kosta Arc

November 8, 2021 by  

Organized Crime Ashes to Ashes spoilers

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “High Planes Grifter” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Dash Mihok as Reggie Bogdani, Caroline Lagerfelt as Agnes Bogdani — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Things left off on quite an explosive note on the last episode of LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME, as Jon (Michael Raymond-James) and Albi (Vinnie Jones)—who were tipped off that cops were on to them by Agnes (Caroline Lagerfelt)—blew up the the family boxing gym.

But despite warning the family, Lagerfelt says Agnes was trying her best to protect them and her son from looming danger.

“I don’t feel that I did stab my son in the back,” she says. “I feel that she had definitely conflicting problems, but I think that she’s probably one of the smartest members of the family that’s been through it all. She’s been through a husband being shot in the head, her being shot in the head. And I think that she is just working for time, trying to figure out what she can do; I think she’s looking for a way out for them.”

Though she acknowledges Agnes was “appalled” by the fact that Reggie (Dash Mihok) was helping the cops, when she found the opportunity to bribe the court reporter to delivery the warning, “she’s buying time and trying to figure a way to warn her brother and [Jon]. But also, at the same time, women and their sons—I have two—[she was] trying to figure out a way to save his ass.”

“[The thought is Reggie] can at least go into witness protection and she’ll be safe with her family,” Lagerfelt says. “And she won’t be able to see her son again, but he’ll be safe. And she will have saved her family. And she’ll have saved Besa…it’s more than just a code of silence, it’s more like a word of honor. It’s an oath. It’s faith, you know? And she saw what happened when her husband broke it: he got his head blown off. But I think all along she’s trying to work both ends against the middle: tried to warn her brother and the organization, and at the same time to save her son. I think her love for her son is fierce.”

Loyalty comes at a cost, though, which Albi may now be discovering. “[Agnes is] totally for the family. And so is Albi,” Jones says. “But Albi got caught up with the secret [of him being gay] and Stabler [who knows], he’s trying to keep him quiet. I think he would have shot and killed Stabler earlier if Stabler didn’t have that on him.”

Now, with the cops looking for the members of the Kosta organization on the Thursday, November 11 episode, “Ashes to Ashes,” it’s all about “survival,” Jones says. “Get out of the way, Dominican Republic, get the passports, get some money, get Flutura, and get out of there. I think the only problem he’s got is his boyfriend and his wife. How’s this gonna work out?”

Organized Crime Ashes to Ashes spoilers

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Ashes to Ashes” Episode 208 — Pictured: Vinnie Jones as Albi Briscu — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

And on top of the cops, the family has reason to fear Jon. “The worry is Kosta, because Kosta is going, ‘How did this happen?'” Jones previews. “And now he knows that Reggie brought him in. And why didn’t Albi see this? Why did Albi keep sticking up for him?” 

But with so many factors in play, what is actually the biggest threat to, well, everyone? “I would say the organization, as a whole, is the biggest threat,” ORGANIZED CRIME showrunner Ilene Chaiken teases. “Kosta is the leader of the organization—Stabler and Bell have made it very clear that without Kosta, they haven’t done their job. But it’s not like Kosta is the only dangerous one out there. It remains to be seen which of the dominoes falls first.”



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