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LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME: Tamara Taylor on How Angela is Handling Richard’s Revelation About Elliot’s One True Love

June 1, 2021 by  

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The increasingly complicated case of Kathy’s (Isabel Gillies) murder has taken yet another twist on LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME.

Angela (Tamara Taylor) confessed to Elliot (Christopher Meloni)—after Izak (Ibrahim Renno) turned on her—that she was the cause of his wife’s death, but she swore it was an accident: she was grief-stricken about the loss of her son, and believed Richard (Dylan McDermott) when he blamed it on Elliot. She insisted she just said she wanted him to suffer, to feel “pain worse than death”—but she didn’t mean for anyone else to die.

But when Angela confronted Richard in the drama’s penultimate episode, under the watchful eye of Elliot, Richard spun a different story, one he claimed he had on tape: Angela and Izak plotted to kill Kathy, and orchestrated it so Elliot would witness the entire thing.

Richard, however, also had a final card to play—Angela killed the wrong person.

“You know you’re not the love of his life,” Richard said. “Nor was that poor woman you had brutally murdered the love of his life. Yes, she was the mother of his children. And he cared for her. Apparently, Detective Stabler is a good God-fearing Catholic…but, plot twist: there’s someone else. Another woman who’s the one true love of his life. Every time he was looking into your pretty brown eyes, touching your face, or wherever else he was touching, I’m willing to wager he was thinking about her.”

At that, Angela—who, earlier in the episode, didn’t answer when her lawyer asked if she had fallen in love with Elliot—was finished with the conversation.

“Angela obviously has developed some surprisingly deep feelings in a very short period of time for Elliot,” Taylor acknowledges in the video below. “I also think Angela’s a grown-up; she’s a grown woman. And knowing that maybe there’s someone else that he’s held a torch for forever is not surprising. Maybe saddening, but not surprising.”

However, the realization that Angela doesn’t quite know as much as she thought will shake her going into the finale.

“I do feel like Angela takes quite a turn, and goes from feeling like she’s five paces ahead of everybody at all times, always the smartest one in any room, to [getting] set back on her heels a little bit when she gets all of this information,” Taylor admits. “But, I think, in the end, [she] will regain some balance.”

Watch the video for more from Taylor!



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