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CHICAGO P.D. — “Adrift” Episode 917 — Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: Oh my God, the cancer-stricken young woman being given meds without her consent was awful and heartbreaking. It makes sense her boyfriend felt helpless, but it absolutely was not his choice and it was such a huge, huge violation.

The transplanted uterus also felt like a similarly tricky situation. The sister should have been more upfront that she didn’t want kids so they could have talked it out versus there being a “surprise, I gave you my uterus despite you not being okay with it!”

THE MASKED SINGER: Penn and Teller?! I was thinking it might be Martin Short and Steve Martin, at first, but there was clearly a voice in there who was a wild card. Nope. But that’s kind of brilliant, because as they noted, we don’t really Teller’s voice, so it was a fantastic fake out. (Sorry to them, though, because, uh, they can’t really sing.)

CHICAGO FIRE: Chloe and Cruz’ growing family is kind of perfect?! Javi is absolutely precious, and I love seeing how Chloe and Cruz are parenting a school-aged kid.

Stella absolutely broke my heart, but I love how absolutely badass she remains and how she figured out what was going on with the car wreck. And kudos to Severide for supporting her throughout it all.

Well, you have to give it to Hawkins and Violet…they tried for like five minutes to stay away from each other. (It was never going to last. But it also is messy as hell.)

[For more on Violet and Hawkins, here’s what Hanako Greensmith and the CHICAGO FIRE team had to say about the unexpected journey the couple has been on.]

DOMINO MASTERS: The Back Breakers’ build was incredible; truly, how impressive. I felt bad for the Construction Crew, because it was really extensive and it felt like they were ambitious…they just fell short.

CHICAGO P.D.: Well, I didn’t think for a second Ruzek was going to die, but owwwww to that brutal Burzek “breakup.” I really wish they had been both on the same page beyond what was best for Makayla—either both of them want to fight for them and their family or both want to separate. Instead, Adam wanted to fight and Kim wanted space. And both sides make sense! It just is so rough. I hope they can get to a better place soon, because, at this rate, what will push them to move forward together?

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS:  Protect. Gary. (But, also, Gary, YES, it was a huge violation to track Maggie, even for a prank, dude.)

I honestly didn’t see the Shelly twist coming, though given what Regina went through, it makes a tragic amount of sense. I hope we can see a bit of Shelly’s healing moving forward.

I’m so glad Katherine was honest with her mom, even if her mom reacted…so poorly. Katherine was prepped for it, but it didn’t make it any less gutwrenching and sad.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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