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CHICAGO P.D. — “Blood and Honor” Episode 1015 — Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: Bed bugs?! Absolutely not. But given the sheer number of other things that could have spread (like infections), I guess they’re lucky it was “just” that and not something that turned deadly.

Crockett’s reliance on the robots is just a wee bit concerning. He just stepped back to make sure he didn’t lose his instincts, but he also just almost took off a kid’s foot needlessly.

But, man, the woman who was eating her sick daughter’s hair broke my heart. A hard night for cancer caretakers on ONE CHICAGO.

THE MASKED SINGER: None of the performances actually blew me away this week, but I guess I’m glad they saved Medusa. I assume they have to save one person per group, so the stakes weren’t wildly high. It’ll be interesting to see what the next group brings us. (Though WTF is DC themed?? The Batman theme???)

CHICAGO FIRE: Cindy and Herrmann broke my whole damn heart. David Eigenberg was absolutely soul-destroying as Herrmann desperately tried to keep it together for his wife and his family. Of course he broke. And I’m so glad the kids have that terrifying clown to beat up when they need it. I know it’s not realistic for Cindy to suddenly snap and get better, but I want her to get better ASAP, please.

I’m really glad Gallo is self-aware about Violet’s mixed feelings; yeah, she may have feelings for him, she may be comforted by/attracted to him, but she’s also still grieving so it isn’t just about him. And I’m glad they aren’t having Gallo keep his head in the sand so he can just finally get the girl…he wants her to want this for the right reason. 

My God, those cuts in the firehouse would have killed me. How can you downgrade the cable?!

I’m a bit torn on the Severide twist, but it was also not a long-planned story, so I’m willing to give them a lot more slack. Most importantly, sending good thoughts to Taylor Kinney.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: Truly one of the greatest surprises of this show in the past few years has been Eddie and Greta’s friendship. So many shows would have played up the awkwardness and perhaps even competition as they navigate their places in Grace and Theo’s lives, but instead they’re just buds. I love it. (Even if the dead bird storyline made me sad.)

And Gary and Maggie made new parent friends?! How adorable. I can’t believe they talked their way out of the awkward Google discovery.

Sophie’s unhoused friend dying felt like salt in the wound. It was bad enough Regina accidentally effectively caused him to lose his shelter and his possessions, and then he died? I don’t know, if I was her, I’d feel absolutely crushing levels of guilt for a long time…

CHICAGO P.D.: Continuity! Bless this show. And it felt earned. We saw that Kim shared that she was seeing a therapist with Atwater…this is good! And Kim being conscious of how this case was impacting Adam felt like a really great step for them and her, as simple as it may seem. Yes, she’s always cared, but she seemed a bit lighter, less burdened this episode as a whole, and she was able to see the early signs that, yep, Adam might be in a little over his head with the Becks.

But, man, Adam in pure Dad!Mode is going to be something as the situation with Samantha and the Becks continues. He already straight-up acknowledged he sees his own makeshift family in them, and I worry he’s going to go to great lengths to protect them, even if it ends up hurting himself. (It’s his job—I get it. But…)

Also, as if the Beck family wasn’t enough trouble with their illegal activity, Richard had to be a white supremacist? Good lord.

I’m really interested to see how the show utilizes them going forward. In theory, it’s not an arc you can push off until the finale, because Adam is supposed to be working with/for them. He’s undercover. So does this pop back up in a few episodes and wrap up then? Or will this continue to be a thorn in Intelligence’s side for the rest of the season?

TRUE LIES: I mean this in a nice way: It felt very much like a USA Network Blue Skies series. (Appropriately, showrunner Matt Nix did create BURN NOTICE.)

As someone with no familiarity with the original movie, I was expecting a double-twist, where the wife also had her own big secret life. (Or was an agent of her own, a la MR. AND MRS. SMITH.) But getting to see Helen get used to this world/life could be fun.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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