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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS – “one big thing” – A tight-knit circle of friends is reminded that friendship is a million little things. WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Darko Sikman)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: Oh, God, that poor girl trying to have a baby in order to save her mom. I don’t blame her, but what an absolutely miserable, heartbreaking place to be in.

It makes a lot of sense the hospital is now going to a for-profit model, but this is going to make everyone miserable and I’m intrigued by this being done this late in the season. Is it to stage a last-second save by the finale? Or will that be the attempt, it fails, and then we kick off next season (whenever that happens) with everyone stuck in this new way of working?

THE MASKED SINGER: I say this constantly, but I’ll repeat it: I still hate this format. The right act likely went home, but it’s just hard to ever feel on steady ground this season. But, hey, at least I recognized the celebrity they unmasked.

CHICAGO FIRE: Look, I know Boden was warned if you come at the king you can’t miss—but I feel like if anyone threatens Boden, they’ve now pissed off all of 51, so they better be sure they don’t miss, too.

Gallo’s caretaking of his aunt was lovely and also just so deeply sad. The deep, almost child-like, relief when he saw her at the end and realized she had just gone to get groceries was heartbreaking and bittersweet. (And great acting from Alberto Rosende.)

Brett…you don’t even like this guy that much, don’t try this hard with the magic!!

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: I’m heartbroken. I also loved it.

I honestly wasn’t sure how much I’d cry in this episode given how utterly the penultimate hour destroyed me, but, yep, cried again. I actually watched it twice, and both times the same point made the tears start: Rome telling his father Gary wouldn’t make it. (Okay, and then I couldn’t stop crying.)

But I loved the callbacks. The homage to Jon and the original Sophie. DJ Nash’s cameo. That “For Good” cover.

I’m devastated we lost Gary, but I’m glad he got to go out in his own way. I’m glad Maggie was with him in his final moments and she told him it was okay to let go, that they would be fine. And Colin’s whimpering when Gary passed also absolutely destroyed me. I wish Gary had another couple of decades, but life isn’t fair. I’ll miss him—and this show.

I’m thrilled, though, we got the flashforward to Javi as a teen. Delilah and Eddie are married! Greta and Katherine have a daughter! Sophie and Tyrell are together and having a baby! And the boys are going to hockey games like their dads. My heart, man.

[For more on the finale, here’s what EPs DJ Nash and Terrence Coli shared.]

CHICAGO P.D.: I do not blame Atwater at all for being cautious around his father for a billion reasons—two decades is a long absence to contend with, no matter the reason—but I’m so glad he’s taking steps to let him back in under his own terms. (And thank goodness Lew wasn’t really mixed up in the mess in a way that would betray his son; I was worried about that.) They shouldn’t jump to being buddy-buddy—that wouldn’t be earned or realistic—but if Atwater can get a bit of help with his building, that’s good. Atwater deserves to have someone taking care of him for a beat, too.

Also, forever and always, Team Trudy. Her displeasure toward Lew and protectiveness toward Kevin was precious.

[For more on the episode, here’s what LaRoyce Hawkins shared.]

Which shows did you watch last night?

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