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FBI: INTERNATIONAL Post-Mortem: Vinessa Vidotto on Vo’s Blast From the Past

April 12, 2022 by  

FBI International Thorpe betrays Vo

“Left of Boom” – The Fly Team lands in hot water when Vo is found at the scene where a Hungarian gambling regulator was murdered, on the CBS Original series FBI: INTERNATIONAL, Tuesday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.
Pictured (L-R): Tom Forbes as Nick Thorpe and Vinessa Vidotto as Special Agent Cameron Vo. Photo: Nelly Kiss/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Tuesday, April 12 episode, “Left of Boom.”]

Vo (Vinessa Vidotto) got a little too close for comfort to the case on the Tuesday, April 12 episode of FBI: INTERNATIONAL, “Left of Boom.”

After running into an old academy friend, Nick Thorpe (Tom Forbes), the duo went to catch up…only for him to excuse himself from Vo and a Hungarian gambling regulator wind up dead.

Though Thorpe insisted he was innocent—and Vo assured her team he was a good guy—he repeatedly proved to be unreliable: between breaking into Vo’s space and lying to her about important details about his life, eventually Vo had to concede she didn’t know her one-time friend as well as she thought.

When Thorpe ducked Vo and she caught up with him, he tried to plead his case again, telling her no one would know if she let him go. Obviously, she didn’t take him up on his offer and he was eventually caught.

Even after filming the hour, Vidotto admits she’s frustrated for her character that Nick ended up being such a snake. “As we were going through the scenes with Tom, who plays Nick, I was thinking like, ‘Why would you do this?'” she recalls. “I am still perplexed to this day.”

But the actress gets why Vo was all-in on believing her friend was telling the truth. “Life is all about taking risks,” she says. “You live and you learn, and you have to make mistakes. How can you be a leader if you don’t get the chance to try to take the lead, even if you make mistakes? At the end of the day, her team came through, and she took the lead [in catching Nick]. In the end, she knew that it was up to her to solve this and to not let him go.”

“So it’s a balancing act,” she continues. “Some cases, it might strike her to remember to tread carefully. And then other times you got to take the shot or do it. There’s a lot of time Forrester is like, ‘We have to take a risk. We can’t just wait until something bad happens.'”

And, as Vo revealed in “Left of Boom,” something bad did happen to her when she was younger—she admitted that Nick had once saved her life, but she (and the episode itself) didn’t reveal the circumstances around the situation.

While Vidotto hasn’t officially been told what went down back then, she has a theory: “I think it has to do with her mental health,” she says. “Because in one of the episodes, she was staring at the, ‘If you need help, call this number’ [sign]. And I think when she says, ‘He saved me once,’ and [then implies] that it’s too much to talk about, I don’t think she’ll ever talked about it. But who knows. [For right now,] I think it was something mentally going on; I think he saved her in some way like that.”

This wasn’t the first Vo-centric hour of the show’s freshman series, but Vidotto is still relishing every time her character gets to step up to the plate.

“It’s rewarding,” she says. “It’s what every actor wants—the substance, the emotion, the truth. [Co-star] Carter [Redwood, who plays Raines says] there’s three pillars [of storytelling: the technical, emotional, and the action. And when it hits on a specific cast member’s episode, it just feels very fulfilling to really be artistic and take control and talk to the director. What emotions is this character going through?”

But for as difficult as the ordeal was for Vo, Vidotto admits the experience of filming the hour was a little bittersweet.

“This episode was really hard in the best way,” she says “I had Nina [Lopez-Corrado] as my director, and she was absolutely amazing and gave me the space and allowed me to take my time to get into the headspace, because it’s a lot…I’m not the type of actor where you can just snap a finger and you can be that upset or be frustrated or have those rev of emotions. No, those emotions are built over time.”

“There was one day I cried a lot on set, because I had to get extremely angry in defending Thorpe, and it’s hard for me to get very angry,” she continues. “And when I do, I start to cry immediately. So I can’t stay angry for very long at all. And I just started to cry and my body, physically, if you looked at it, I wasn’t shaking—but my entire body inside was shaking. And she just allowed me to keep going until she was happy with the take. I just had to trust her and let it go.”



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