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CHICAGO FIRE — “Danger Is All Around” Episode 1118 — Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett — (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: Oh, man, Hannah broke my heart. And that whole storyline with the young mother who died and her kid?? Again, my poor heart. (And them. Sad for them.)

Though I’m a little worried about how bad things are going to be when Archer realizes Hannah went behind his back and told his son how sick Dean is. (And she said not to tell, but, come on, who else is it going to be?)

I’m still not sure what to make of Charles’ relationship with Liliana, but it’s very sweet that she is buying a house in Chicago because she wants to stay there with him.

The fight for the hospital is going to get messy. And with it being this close to the end of the season, I could see them losing the battle and then having to fight next season to get control back. We’ll see…

THE MASKED SINGER: A much better episode than last week. But these theme weeks remain so weird, and feel so sponsored at this point. It’s a bit uncomfortable, because it also doesn’t feel like it’s better servicing the show, either.

CHICAGO FIRE: It was so, so lovely to have Casey back, but I’ll admit I’m a little confused about what they did and are doing with him. His new job seems to have come out of nowhere (I know he’s been gone over a year, but we saw him less than 11 months ago; he clearly keeps in touch with some people, too), but what’s really making me raise an eyebrow is how it very much seems like they’re keeping the door open for a possible return.

It also felt like it set Brett’s recovery back from that heartbreak back ten steps. Because she wasn’t totally moved on—clearly—but she was trying to move forward. She was dating. And now we saw her uncomfortable on her date and crying as she said goodbye to Casey. If this isn’t leading to some kind of Brettsey reunion (and semi-soon), I’m sad for them both.

Much like MED’s Hannah broke my heart, Gallo did here, too. He has so much familial trauma and his aunt’s reappearance (and then her leaning on him as she was about to fall off the wagon)…too much.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: This may have been my favorite episode of the season so far, because it had so many things I was dying to see (Eddie and Delilah reuniting and having to deal with some of their drama!) and the unexpected (Sophie and Tyrell?! I’ve seen chemistry there, but I didn’t think they’d ever pull that trigger).

Loved seeing Gary and Danny at their meal, because I’ve deeply missed that relationship. (And the Christopher Lloyd cameo made me laugh.) I appreciated how they handled Rome and his father’s search for a new living facility, because it’s necessary but hard.

I really, really hope we do get to dig further into the Eddie and Delilah of it all, though, because these two have a kid and are living across the world from each other. I’m sure there’s so much we’re not seeing of that parenting relationship, but there’s so much unfinished both with how they started/ended their romance and what the future looks like, even if it’s just making sure Charlie has two parents on the same page.

[For more on the episode, here’s what co-writer M.D.J. Clarke shared.]

CHICAGO P.D.: If I used emojis in here, I’d use the siren one around the next word: DAD.

Finally! It’s been interesting to see Makayla so readily call Kim “mom” but keep to “Adam” with Adam. And, sure, Kim was her initial person/parent, but Adam’s been her dad for almost as long. And they’ve been living together for a while, too. But her casualness about it and Kim and Adam’s joy over it was just precious.

The juxtaposition between Adam’s real home life and the undercover persona he’s had to embrace was a beautiful sequence. I’ve really appreciated how the series has made an effort to give us Burzek personal scenes (and I’m talking about general non-case stuff, like last week’s therapy or multiple home scenes last night) in addition to their work. We’re seeing them work at this relationship and grow, and by doing that, it allows the cases to hit deeper, too.

The Becks are great villains, too. And those Dale scenes were so deeply messed up. (But the Becks better stay the hell away from Kim and Makayla. Worried for them, a bit.)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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