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CHICAGO P.D. — “Safe Harbor” Episode 11003 — Pictured: (l-r) Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess, EJ Bonilla as Danny Alvarado — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: Okay, when it kicked off with a fentanyl overdose, I laughed—it’s not funny, but it’s certainly the drug du jour on the Wolf Entertainment shows this season.

I’m torn over the patient who tricked her husband into getting checked out. Like, yes, she saved his life, ultimately. But if he had actually been going through a mental health crisis? You cannot do that to someone. Someone has to want to be helped in order for it to be possible.

I also feel like going into labor when you’re confronting the woman your husband tried to cheat on you with has to be a top 5 awful way to give birth. And, yeah, I don’t blame Hannah—how was she to know that the dude was married with a kid on the way? (They both should have gotten the chance to kick him in the crotch.) But, uh, also—is Scott Michael Foster coming back? It was a weirdly small role for him.

I’m sorry, Ahmad’s actions were inexcusable. It’s one thing to post what she did, speaking on her own. In that case, it would be good and entirely within her rights, and a badass way to harness social media for good. But to use a colleague’s words and name without asking for permission? A superior? In what world is that okay?

My heart absolutely breaks for Maggie; her lamenting the cancer screening she used to go to with Ben…ugh, it hurts. But on the bright side, I’m happy for Goodwin. Fingers crossed her relationship can last.

I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE: Not to be cynical about a participant, but I have questions for the dude who said he had a bet with his family that he would propose because he got on TV. In what world does that make sense?! Oh, buddy.

I’m glad the actual contestant played it safe, but what a bummer the final singer was so good. (And she was good.) Alas.

CHICAGO FIRE: I have mixed feelings about Severide leaving again. I appreciate they handled it differently this time—he asked, he spoke to the people in his life, it wasn’t a blindside—but we just got him back. It’s been three episodes. I assume he’ll be back in time for the Casey/Brett wedding, but will he be back before then? (And, spoiler alert, he will be back.)

I’m not saying I have a better solution, at all. If Severide had to be off for a few episodes, you can’t really pretend he’s still there and just not being seen. But it’s rough he keeps leaving and there’s been no time to really get into a rhythm with him back…and now he’s gone again.

I’m glad the guys had some fun with Herrmann’s hearing aids versus othering him in a way that would have made him spiral. Also, the shot of him turning them lower so he didn’t have to hear the bickering? Perfect.

The Carver/Violet stuff has felt pretty obvious it was coming, but I’m apathetic about it right now. I’m happy if they’re happy and I hope to become more invested at some point.

CHICAGO P.D.: This was a deep, deep dark episode, way more twisted than I expected even with the knowledge it was kicking off with the drive-by shooting. It was unnerving to watch Marina Squerciati’s Burgess navigate the layers of the trauma and investigation as she realized Alvarado, a cop, was actually behind said shoot…and he had raped/impregnated the target/victim of the ambush.

Again, this is dark. And, as Squerciati pointed out, taking on the police brotherhood is a dangerous thing that Atwater has certainly faced. Burgess wasn’t always going about the entirety of the episode’s justice the right way—buying fake documents for one of the refugees was more of a heart move, not a brain move, and I’m glad she was able to eventually do things the right way—but she is a damn good cop and she knew something was wrong with Alvarado pretty fast.

When he and Burgess faced off, I’ll admit I was worried he was going to end it in front of her…and, my goodness, she’s experienced enough tragedy. But thank goodness she didn’t give him an inch and was able to take him in.

And this is of course a tragic situation. As Burgess says, the notion that people can be illegal is inhumane, othering, and wrong. The show has frequently explored bad and dangerous policing—and has had to reckon with its own characters’ actions in the aftermath of the nationwide conversation about police reform—and this is another, awful, layer of it. Refugees are so largely unprotected (and frequently used as pawns), so being abused/targeted like this by a person who they may have trusted to protect them? Awful.

But there was a brief bit of happiness at the end: Kim and Adam are engaged! We’ve known these two are all in for a while—they’re living together and raising a kid—but that proposal and engagement scene was absolutely lovely. They’re happy. They’re home. They deserve this bit of a safe haven from the world, which has already been so tough on them and their family. Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger were absolutely fantastic in the subtle, but powerful, scene. (And dear God, let these characters stay happy/solid as long as possible.)

[For more on the episode, especially the engagement, here’s what Squerciati shared about the hour.]

Which shows did you watch last night?

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