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Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

NEXT LEVEL CHEF: It’s absolutely insane that Chris was Gordon Ramsay’s first pick and ended up having to fight for his survival. Jordan has also made things interesting, too: If he goes far, how upset will Nyesha be that he was essentially stolen from her team? If he flames out, how annoyed will Gordon be with himself?

GHOSTS: Oh, I missed this show.

Look, the reality is knowing that one performer was unable to film early in the season meant that it felt mostly obvious who would be, uh, sucked off. But it didn’t take away from the impact of seeing the ghosts discover what happened.

Speaking for myself, I honestly didn’t really consider how varied the reactions to Flower disappearing might be. I thought about how Thor and Sam would be upset, sure, but as the show (and the showrunners) pointed out, this is something the ghosts actually want to happen, in a perfect world. It’s sad for us if we ever lose any of these people, but they want some sort of peace/the next step.

I’m absolutely fascinated by what led to Flower being sucked off now, though. On paper, two people just got engaged; you’d think that would be the level of happiness that might prompt closure and a trip to the next location.

And Jay trying so hard to help Thor, and then accidentally inspiring Thor to think Flower had been reincarnated as an owl…oh, I laughed. I also laughed at Pete sticking his foot in his mouth with the hope it might be a basement ghost who was gone…and then trying so hard to befriend them. He tried. (And was sabotaged a teeny tiny bit.)

[For more on the episode, here’s what showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman shared.]

Which shows did you watch last night?

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