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THE SIMPSONS: Bart makes a new friend on the all-new season finale “Bartís Brain” episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, May 19 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. THE SIMPSONS © 2024 by 20th Television.

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!

AMERICAN IDOL: Congrats to Abi! Absolutely the correct choice from these finalists…her performances last night (and in general) were stunning.

I am surprised there wasn’t a bigger deal about Katy Perry leaving…I know they had a montage of the judges’ best moments and the women from the show singing a medley of her songs. But I thought they might do more. It’ll be interesting to see who they get next year and what it does to the judging panel’s chemistry.

THE SIMPSONS: We’ve seen an episode where Bart is forced to care for something in a way he didn’t expect (hi, “Bart the Mother”), but I actually preferred this episode by a lot. Bart reluctantly coming to care for it, but everyone around him freaking out? Honestly, so realistic. (Especially in a town filled with people with, um, quirks. And nicknames that very much are guided by their One Specific Known Thing.) For as popular as Bart is, it’s frequently superficial, and his projecting that he found a kindred spirit was so bittersweet. And him officially donating the brain back to science when he realized his “friend”‘s true identity was such a sweet, sweet sequence.

(I was a little bummed we didn’t get a proper couch gag, at first, but them recreating the opening credits with the brain in the jar more than made up for it.)

All in all, a lovely way to end the season.

THE EQUALIZER: Oh, my heart. Look, it’s early in the show’s run, so I didn’t expect happily ever after and all sunshine/rainbows for Robyn and Dante for the rest of the series. But, man, I hoped they’d have a couple of episodes, especially given all they’ve been through and how desperately they want this.

And, honestly, even if Dante did (temporarily) leave, I’m both surprised and heartbroken it was in the aftermath of Robyn asking him to stay. I figured she’d keep it in, but my God, she made herself vulnerable and made it clear she wanted him there. The devastation on both of their faces—absolutely excellent acting from Queen Latifah and Tory Kittles—hurt so, so much. Of course she wanted him to go when she heard about the case, even if it killed them both. When he returns, can we at least have an extended stretch of them being happy together before things fall apart again, please?

The stakes of this cliffhanger compared to last season’s are interesting. We knew they weren’t going to kill off Robyn’s entire team, and we know Robyn won’t stop Equalizing/Mel and Dante won’t stay gone for long. So the question we’re faced with is similar: How do they get out of this? And in this case, unlike last season, there’s the potential that the cliffhanger fallout will last way longer than just the premiere episode. Are we going to spend 5-6 episodes with Robyn working quasi-solo? Leaning on Dee and Harry?

THE GREAT NORTH: Things I never thought I’d write while watching this show’s very first episode: Beef is such a romantic! He may have gone a little overboard—and he probably should have asked before setting up all of those dates—but, man, it was sweet.

BOB’S BURGERS: Maria from SOUND OF MUSIC would be proud of Tina’s ability to make clothes out of nothing. But, aw, Tina and Sam were sweet. (Even if some of the circumstances were gross.)

Absolutely hilarious that the silly competition to build things in the basement led to a full-on second restaurant…and that fell apart within a night because of termites. Hey, at least they made a heck of a lot of money in those few hours it was open!

Which shows did you watch last night?

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