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WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?: Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie on the Show’s Renewal and Continued Popularity

August 6, 2013 by  
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Whenever a canceled show is revived in one form or the other, it runs the risk of not quite living up to the nostalgia that made us yearn for more. But thankfully for The CW’s WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?, viewers tuned in for the funny-as-ever improv series…which led to the show already getting renewed for an expanded “second” season.

“I think we had a feeling it would do well,” WHOSE LINE star Colin Mochrie told me after the renewal news was announced. “Just because ever since the first show ended, people were always going on Facebook and Twitter, ‘Bring back WHOSE LINE.’ What I loved is that they were like, ‘Why don’t you bring back the show?’ As if we had that power. So we knew there was an appetite for it. And [The CW boss] Mark Pedowitz was at ABC when we did the first show, so I think once he moved here, he was just trying to get it back. And I think some people thought The CW was an odd choice because of the younger demographic, but our fans are younger. All of us that have been touring have noticed our fans are getting younger, thanks to YouTube. They weren’t born during the first incarnation, and they’re discovering how funny we were in the last century.”

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