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SUPERSTORE: Kaliko Kauahi on Sandra’s Surprise Engagement

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Superstore Sandra Jerry Engagement

SUPERSTORE — “Scanners” Episode 419 — Pictured: (l-r) Chris Grace as Jerry, Kaliko Kauahi as Sandra — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

SUPERSTORE had a surprise engagement in its season 4 finale—but it wasn’t the one fans may have expected.

“We actually had Jerry propose to Sandra at the end of season 3,” SUPERSTORE creator Justin Spitzer said at the time. “We shot it and ended up cutting it. And then on set, we hadn’t intended for him to propose this episode, and I threw it out like a lark; just to try it. And they asked if it was going to be a thing where every season Jerry proposed to Sandra and we cut it. I was glad we could keep it.”

“It was very surprising that it made it to air,” new series regular Kaliko Kauahi (Sandra) told reporters in the video below. “Until I saw it on television, I did not know that was the take they kept.”

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