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What Did You Get for Christmas?

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I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t watched much TV over this past week. And with no new TV on tonight, I’m a little hard pressed to find something to blog about this morning. So while I think of something useful and relevant to talk about, I thought we could at least discuss your Christmas/(insert relevant holiday here) gifts.

So share with us all your favorite gifts!!

Happy Holidays You TV Freaks!

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Merry Merry! For those of you celebrating Christmas, I hope you enjoy your day and I hope that you get lots of good presents (that’s what it’s all about, right)? I kid of course (but a little TV on DVD wouldn’t suck, right?).

For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, well I hope you enjoy the day off.

I’ll be taking at least the next two days off to spend time with my family and friends. But we’ll be back soon! And if everything stays on track, this will be the last week of GMMR as you know it. Things will look a little different in the new year (fingers crossed).

Happy Holidays,



We Need Your Holiday Cheer…and Money

December 23, 2008 by  
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Wait, did you think I was kidding about the whole Dan coming to my house and singing thing? Well I wasn’t. Check out this article from The Boston Herald…its for reals. (Read the article and leave. Don’t stay around the Herald. Do that for me, ok?)

Silly me…for those of you who know what I’m blabbing out, check out this important link here: Supporting the Arts & Make Ducky Sing

Dan (aka Ducky) is the managing director of the Independent Film Festival of Boston, and he and the other IFF staff are going to personally serenade anyone who donates $1,000 by December 31st.

My plan is to use GMMR to help raise the cash and in turn force Dan to and his friends to sign. I’ll record it and share it all with you.

To those you who have already donated, YOU ROCK!!

If you haven’t yet donated (and it can be small…everything helps), clickity clack over the the “Donate” button below. You know you want to do it. Do it! Do it! Do it! (Too much? Ok I’ll stop.)

Catching Up on TV Blog Banter

December 22, 2008 by  
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It’s your weekly round-up of the best in TV blogs. What were bloggers bantering about last week? Check it out for yourselves and weigh in.

  • Buzz reflected on the year Grey’s Anatomy went totally crazy. (BuzzSugar)
  • This week Team GMMR shared our TV on DVD wish list. What’s TV series are on your list? Here’s to hoping Santa likes TV as much as the rest of us. (Give Me My Remote)
  • Every day from now until the end of the year Scooter is unveiling a new Best of 2008 list. And in spirit of the holidays, Scooter is giving away a couple of of iTunes or Amazon gift cards to mark the occasion. (Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green)
  • Which EW 2008 Pop Culture moment photo, recreated by the gang at How I Met Your Mother, do you love best? Vance wants you to vote on it! Vance thinks it’s a toss up between the Michael Phelps Olympics one and The Jonas Brothers one. Either way, Neil Patrick Harris is hot. (Tapeworthy)
  • This week, Jace once again took a look into the future, offering advance reviews of Season Three of HBO’s Big Love and the Skins season finale on BBC America. (Televisionary)
  • Amy Poehler’s send-off on Saturday Night Live was bittersweet — Jesse was sad to see her go, but glad that she left on what could be the best episode of the season thus far! (TiFaux)
  • Heather and Ben warmed up for the final run of Battlestar Galactica and got quite excited about the new webisodes (TV Spy)
  • This week, the TV Addict poked fun at NBC’s latest attempt to cut costs. (The TV Addict)

Happy Chanukah My Friends

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On the first day of Chanukah Adam Sandler gave to me….

On the second day of Chanukah Josh Schwartz gave me to me…

On the third day of Chanukah…well, nothing because I’m Catholic and three days of Chanukah was really pressing my luck.

Happy Chanukah!!

What to Watch…Monday, December 22, 2008

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It’s time for the holiday repeats – bah humbug. There aren’t many new shows on tonight, so you’re going to have to get creative with your TV viewing tonight.

  • 2008: Today Looks Back, A Holiday Special | 8pm on NBC
    A countdown of the top-five stories of 2008 spotlights memorable events and newsmakers of the year.
  • Prison Break | 9pm on Fox
    Lincoln and his partners arrive in Miami to recover Scylla; Sarah searches for Michael; a betrayal leads to an arrest and a death.
  • The Soup | 10pm on E!
    2008: The Year in Soup – The most ridiculous entertainment news of 2008.
  • The Hills | 10pm on MTV
    Lauren and Heidi have a run-in; Spencer and Heidi deal with the fallout from the elopement; Justin surprises Audrina.
  • 17 Kids and Counting | 10pm on TLC
    Talk about a quick TV turnaround time.  The Duggars’ welcomed baby #18 last week.  In tonight’s episode she is welcomed by her 17 brothers and sisters.

CRUSOE: Challenge

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Okay. I have to be honest here. There’s something about this week’s episode that just absolutely missed the mark with me.

It begins with Friday trying to construct some type of defense mechanism out of a skeleton. When he tries to launch it like a catapult, it fails. But Crusoe is able to fix it for him and when it does launch, it lands in a lake where a crocodile swallows it whole. When Friday was a boy, he watched another child his age swim into crocodile infested waters and get killed during a rite of passage into manhood. Seeing the crocodile swallow the catapult causes Friday to become upset and to start flashing back to his childhood where he remembers a series of tests and challenges he had to go through in order to enter into manhood.

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Are You a Fan of The TV Talk Podcast?

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Hey gang, I know that Dan and I owe you another TV TALK PODCAST and we’re trying to squeeze at least one more in before 2008 goes buh-bye, but that’s not why I’m writing today.

Are you a fan of our podcast? Are you on Facebook? Why not be a fan of The TV Talk Podcast with GMMR & Ducky on Facebook!

Happy Holidays from THE OFFICE

December 19, 2008 by  
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The Office, Christmas

THE OFFICE doesn’t return until the New Year. According the NBC.com it doesn’t come back until February 5th! What?! That can’t possibly be right. I’m going to have to check on that…that’s a really long time to be off the air, no?! Bah Humbug.

Meanwhile, here’s a holiday treat to brighten our spirits.

Skins | 10pm on BBC

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The friends gather to say their goodbyes on the day of Chris’s funeral.

[View all of Today’s TV Spotlight posts…]

Support the Arts & Make Ducky Sing!!

December 19, 2008 by  
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For those of you who don’t know, my BBF (best blogging friend) Ducky (aka Dan from DuckyDoesTV.com) is the Managing Director of the Independent Film Festival of Boston.

The Independent Film Festival of Boston (IFFBoston) shows films that people might not get a chance to see anywhere else, films that are both innovative and crowd-pleasing. It offers the chance to meet the filmmakers at post-screening parties, and to ask them questions both after the films and at festival panels.

IFFBoston is a 100% volunteer run non-profit organization, so that means it needs YOUR donation to make it happen.

I’m sure you are saying, ‘but GMMR, I don’t live in Boston. Why should I donate?‘, well here’s why…In addition to lending your support to independent film making, you’re also going to have a little fun at Ducky’s expense.

In an email I just received from IFFBoston it says that whomever donates $1,000 or more by December 31st will be personally serenaded by the IFFBoston staff. I think GMMR readers and TV Talk Podcast listeners can easily donate a total of $1,000 by December 31st right? If we do Dan and his friends will come to my house and sing…and I of course will video tape the entire thing and post it right here on GMMR. Hilarious!!  I’m sure we can give them a few requests too.

So help me help Dan help the Independent Film Festival of Boston and Donate to the GMMR-IFFBoston Fund today. A donation of any kind is welcome: $1, $5, $10, $25, $50 or more!!

Every dollar raised will be donated directly to the IFFBoston on behalf of GMMR readers. If you have any questions or concerns, email me directly at info(at)givememyremote(dot)com. OTHER TV BLOGGERS, FEEL FREE TO POST THIS LINK ON YOUR SITE – I’LL SHARE THE VIDEO WITH YOU TOO!!

Cold Case | 9pm on CBS

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Rush reopens the case of a stewardess murdered in 1960 while trying to organize a union.

Million Dollar Password | 8pm on CBS

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The ChenBot (Julie Chen) and The Philiminator (Phil Keoghan) try to help contestants win cash.

Just in Case…

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I’m working on the back end of the new GMMR. Since I really don’t know what I’m doing, there is a pretty good chance I could mess something up. So over the course of tonight or early tomorrow GMMR looks a little funky, I apologize.

Wish me luck.

Straight No Chaser Takes on Washington

December 19, 2008 by  
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The 10 men who have commanded my attention this holiday season just took over Washington.  Straight No Chaser (my recent musical obsession) performed at this week’s Christmas in Washington which aired Wednesday night on TNT.

They performed ‘Carol of the Bells’ as well as their version of ’12 Days of Christmas’ (which started it all).

And in this video, the SNC guys sing a little ditty for Wolf Blitzer.

SNC will be performing on The Today Show on Monday, and on Fox on the 24th (details after the jump).

For more on Straight No Chaser, check out their site: www.sncmusic.com (And no, I am not on their payroll, just a sucker for some good ‘ol a capella)

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