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Who Went Home on AMERICAN IDOL Tonight?

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UPDATE: Looking to find who went home on IDOL? Click here for tonight’s shocking results: Who Went Home on AMERICAN IDOL? (March 17, 2010)

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THE OFFICE Spoilers – Season Finale

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THE OFFICE season finale is only a few weeks away. I know, right? Way too soon. But if there is anyone that knows how to put together a kick ass season finale it’s the crew over at THE OFFICE. Need I remind you of the kiss that shook the world on ‘Casino Night’ or perhaps those heart stopping three little words: “It’s a date!”.

This year’s season finale is sure to have some big moments. Security had been super tight during the shooting of the finale, going as far as requiring the actors to turn in their scripts at the end of the day and having everyone who even set foot on the set sign confidentiality agreements. But why?

After the jump (because we would never want to spoil an innocent passerbyer) we’ll talk about news about THE OFFICE spin-off and some rumors about just what might happen during the super secret OFFICE finale.

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Paula Abdul is Off Her Meds

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…or else AMERICAN IDOL is fixed. Either idea is completely plausible. But in what was definitely the strangest moment of the night, Paula Abdul critiques both of Jason Castro’s performances. Too bad he had only sung once at that point in time. How does Paula already have detailed notes on his second song? And somewhat negative comments at that?! Something smells a little fishy. Oh and did you see how Randy and Simon quickly jumped in and covered for her rather than simply make fun of her like they usually do? Check out the look on Simon’s face when Paula starts giving comments on Jason’s second song. He looks a little panicked if you ask me. See for yourself…

So is this Paula just being Paula (probably) or am I just looking for a story where there really isn’t one (most likely).

Project Runway Canada ‘Eh’

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Before we got any further I think it’s important to say that I’m not hating on Canada. (I like to save all my jokes about our neighbors to the North for use on my friend Mark). I’ve only been to Canada a few times but the beer has always treated me well. And would I really hate the homeland of Josh Jackson. Come on, you know me better than that.

That being said, I had to share this hysterical review of PROJECT RUNWAY CANADA by international PROJECT RUNWAY expert, Jennifer Eolin.

Jennifer’s Runway, eh…
Okay, I’m a little late to this party. By about 5-ish months. But I live in LA, so technically, I’m still waaaay early. I really had NO idea that there was a Project Runway: Canada edition out there!! Heidi Klum is Iman! Tim Gunn is someone I never heard of! Confused fists!

Project Runway Canada (1)

I have to say though, I do like the idea of Iman being the “Heidi Klum” of Canada. I wonder if she says: “You’re out, eh?” (Tee-hee!)

Their Tim Gunn is Brian Bailey. Yeah. Nice mustache, guy. Do you moonlight as a pervert?

I’ve never heard of Brian Bailey either but apparently he’s HUGE in Canada. I’m guessing he must make flannel jackets or something. (I kid! Mounties’ uniforms for sure. No! That’s terrible! Fishing boots. I’m certain of it.) I hazard to assert that he is NO Tim Gunn. No doubt aboot it. (I can’t control myself!)
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David Cook Sings ‘All I Really Need is You’ and ‘I’m Alive’

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Surprise, surprise – my favorite performances of the night were that of David Cook. He took on two of Neil Diamond’s less popular tunes – “All I Really Need is You” and “I’m Alive”. I’ll be watching these a few more times.

Am I blinded by love or was Cookie that good?

David Archuleta Sings ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘America’

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David Archuleta is going to sail on to next week with his performances of ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘America’. Then again I think he could have just stood up there and stared at the camera and he would be safe until next week.

Were you a fan of these performances?


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American Idol Top 5

I am I said.  Ok well I didn’t say it but Neil Diamond did.  And Neil is the main man tonight as the IDOL performers take on his words and music.  Each Idol will try their best with two of Neil’s songs.  Who will give us a stunning performance and who will forget the lyrics, stop mid-way through the song and start again?  Oh look at me…I’m sooo snarky.Before we get this party started, Seacrest informs us that the Idols will only receive their critique from the judges after their second performance.  I say ‘boo hiss’ to this. Are you really going to deny me the chance to hear Simon say ‘you’re lucky you have a chance to redeem yourself with your second song because that is not enough…you daft prick” (ok I threw in that last part because I’ve always wanted to hear him say that.

On the with the show…

Jason Castro leads off the night with “Forever in Blue Jeans”. The boy has his guitar back tonight.  Let’s hope he can remember the lyrics because he struggled with them while performing for Neil.  Listen, I enjoy Jason but this performance lacked that certain something to make it great.  He was energetic but not energetic enough.  It was either Simon or Randy that recently compared Jason to to Jack Johnson, and I’ll tell you ever since then that’s all I can think of when I hear Jason.

My boy David Cook is up next with “I’m Alive”.  I can tell just by his intro video that he’s going to be amazing tonight.  It’s guitar tonight obviously because Cookie is rocking out tonight too.  This isn’t one of Neil’s most popular songs, but it’s great none the less and David is owning it.  Wow, this song was crazy short.  Definitely not my favorite performance, but come on it was still pretty damn good.

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Dear Mindy Kaling…

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I’m not having the best day and I could really use a pick me up.  I know you don’t know me, or for that matter owe me anything, but if you had a few minutes to update your blog I’d greatly appreciate it.  It makes me happy.


American Idol Takes on Neil Diamond Tonight

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American Idol, Neil Diamond

No one can sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ like Neil (and the 35k+ fans at Fenway Park in the 8th inning) but Carly Smithson was going to try. That was until she was booted from the show. Should another wannabe Idol take on singing about our non-sour Caroline or are there songs better suited for their style?Tonight each of the Idols will sing two songs from the Neil Diamond songbook. Spoilers are starting to leak about who sang what, but I thought I’d ask all of you.

What two Diamond tunes should each of the Idols take on tonight?

The Morning After: Barney & Robin Big Bang in the House of Paradise

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Sorry for the saucy title but last night’s TV called for a little sauciness – and I’m not even talking about GOSSIP GIRL (which I’ve yet to see so I beg you not to spoil me). But senses were heightened and the drama non stop – even on the comedies.

If you’re a fan of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, ‘How I Met Your Mother‘, ‘House‘ or ‘Paradise Hotel‘ (anyone? anyone?) come chat with me.

The Big Bang Theory…

Leonard bought a time machine. Well, technically he is time-sharing a time machine with Sheldon, Howard and Raj. Penny doesn’t approve which spurs Leonard to consider getting rid of his nerdmobilia. Thankfully his boys put a stop to that nonsense just in time. I can’t say this was my favorite episode but these guys now how to nerd out better than any ensemble on TV. And the group participation when Leonard ‘traveled’ into the future for the first time…hysterical. (Sadly, it’s not on YouTube, but I’ll keep looking.)

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BONES Recap: The Baby in the Bough

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Dearest Bones watchers,
That was one cute baby. Apparently they used a set of twins and triplets. Here’s hoping they don’t turn out as psycho as Mary Kate and Ashley. I think they’ll be okay seeing as how Uncle Jesse and Joey are no match for Booth and Brennan.

I thought we’d break this week’s show down Mythbusters style…

The Case:
Brennan and Booth are looking into a woman’s death when they are called to a scene where a car was run off the road, and they hear a baby crying from a tree…BUSTED…not buying that one, sorry, Bones writers.

The baby quickly swallows a ‘key’ piece of evidence (rimshot) and then pees on Brennan…confirmed.

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Amy Poehler & Will Arnett Expecting a Baby

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Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

Just wanted to pass on the happy news that SNL star Amy Poehler and husband, Will Arnett (Arrested Development, 30 Rock) are expecting their first baby. Amy is due in the Fall. This kid is going to be cute and hella funny. Amy and Will are fabulous and I’m happy for them. Congrats!

What to Watch…Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Another Tuesday night. There’s lots of TV to check out tonight, but I don’t have a lot taking up space on my TiVo. Tuesdays are relaxing – I like relaxing.

American Idol | 8pm on Fox
American Idol The final five contestants take on the music of Neil Diamond with Neil himself as their mentor. I’m a big Neil fan myself and I’m really excited to hear the Idols sing his songs, but let’s think about the overall demographic of Idol and more importantly – the voting audience.Next season I’d like to see mentors that are a little more relevant and contemporary.

Reaper | 9pm on The CW
Reaper (CW)“Coming to Grips”
Andi sees Sam behead a demon and thinks he’s killed someone, so Sam makes a deal with the Devil. Meanwhile, Ben gets married under unusual circumstances, and Tony (Michael Ian Black)

Women’s Murder Club | 9pm on ABC
Women’s Murder Club“Father’s Day”
Lindsay must bend the rules to catch a cop killer. Along the way, she crosses paths with her estranged father (Gerald McRaney)—whose reputation in the department isn’t exactly pristine—and a captain from narcotics (Wendell Pierce).

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: SVU “Authority”
Robin Williams guest stars as engineer Merritt Rook, who poses as a police officer on the phone to trick people into committing criminal acts. Rook’s clever self-defense at trial sets him free, leading to publicity and followers.

Also playing…

  • NCIS | 8pm on CBS: Two team members go to Iraq when a mortar attack turns into a murder investigation. Nikki Jardine: Susan Kelechi Watson.
  • According to Jim | 8pm on ABC: Andy fears his relationship with his girlfriend, Emily, may be in jeopardy when Jim offers to take her daughters to a concert with Ruby and Gracie.
  • Beauty & the Geek | 8pm on The CW: The group travels to Big Bear Mountain in California for a sled-building challenge. Also: One of the men develops a crush, and the situation ends badly.
  • Dancing with the Stars | 9pm an ABC: Another person who will forever only be known as that person who was on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ gets sent packing.
  • Hell’s Kitchen | 9pm on Fox: The first challenge facing the 11 remaining chefs: make a gourmet pizza. The winning team enjoys a gourmet meal in Santa Barbara while the losers must take pizza orders and deliver them during dinner service.
  • The Unit | 9pm on CBS: Children of government officials and foreign nationals are taken hostage at an elite private school near Washington, D.C., and the Unit is called upon to rescue them.
  • Shark | 10pm on CBS: Sebastian builds a case against an underworld kingpin as part of a covert deal with the state attorney general’s office that could keep him from being disbarred for covering up a 1996 murder a former client committed.
  • The Office | 10pm on TBS: “Performance Review”
  • The Office | 10:30pm on TBS: “E-mail Surveillance”

Talk to me people…what are YOU watching tonight?

Attention PUSHING DAISIES Fans!!

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Calling all Daisy Pushers!! PUSHING DAISIES doesn’t come back until the Fall but it’s time we start doing our part to spread the word of the show to newbies. That’s where YOU come in.

Are you one of those crazy talented PUSHING DAISIES fans that just loves to create fanvids for the show? Well, then this contest is for you! ThePieMaker.com is asking fans to create and submit fan videos to help introduce the show to people that have not yet seen it. Show the world Pushing Daisies through your eyes.

What’s the best way to get someone to tune into Pushing Daisies when the show returns? Do you share the epic love story of Ned & Chuck? Or perhaps it’s the unrequited love of Ned & Olive. Maybe your video explains Ned’s unique ability to bring the dead back to life. Or maybe the charm of the Darling Mermaid Darlings. And don’t forget about Emerson Cod or all the alive-agains. What ever the subject matter, it’s up to YOU!!

For details on how to enter, click here: PUSHING DAISIES FanVid Contest

Moonlighting with MOONLIGHT

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Welcome back MOONLIGHT. CBS’s vampish cult hit returned with a new episode this past Friday and it returned with quite an impact. There was a lot to take in this week, and I found myself once again drawn into the show…despite realizing that it’s far from perfect.

In case you missed it…
In a nutshell, when we last saw Mick he had taken Coraline’s cure that turned him from a vamp back to a human being. Mick is now enjoying his life as a mortal and all the things that come with being alive – you know, like going out in the daylight, sleeping in a bed instead of an industrial freezer, eating hotdogs – the finer things. But when Beth’s Editor is murdered (bye bye Tammy from Real World LA) and Beth’s life is put in danger, Mick makes the ultimate sacrifice to turn back into a vamp to save the woman he loves (cue the violins). The two finally confront their feelings – although let’s be honest here, Mick is 80-something years old, one would think he would be a bit more comfortable talking about his feelings by this point. They smooch and Beth calls Mick out on letting his vampish ways get between them. Mick says he just needs time. Beth says don’t take too long. Hey Mick, if you need a fire under your ass you might want to take notice out the hottie mchott detective that was snooping around your lady this week. I’m just saying.

Things that make you go hmmm…
So that’s a little MOONLIGHT recaplet for ya. But I also thought I’d share some of the random notes that I jotted down while watching the episode.

  • If the powers that be want to put a shirtless Alex O’Loughlin in every episode you will not hear any complaints from me.
  • Did you really need to hurt me by naming a character Logan in a show that stars Jason Dohring? I live everyday with the sadness that Veronica Mars is over. You don’t need to put salt in the wound. There are a billion names to choose from but you just had to choose Logan?
  • Speaking of “Logan” – cheers to casting David Blue aka Cliff from UGLY BETTY. I love that guy. I just want to pinch his cheeks (and play Guitar Hero with him – I’m obsessed).
  • Sophia Myles really needs to work on her American accent. She’s slipping left and right. Why does it annoy me so much?

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