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Veronica Mars Recap: “Spit and Eggs”

November 29, 2006 by  

I can’t believe we are already here. The first mystery arc for Veronica Mars is over. Those responsible for the Hearst rapes has been revealed, and the second mystery for our little Roni is already in full swing.

Due to my concern for the safety of your eyesight and your sanity, I’m only going to recap last night’s episode in this post. But there is a LOT to discuss and I will be back later with my take on Season 3 thus far, as well as my thoughts on the rapist reveal, and the second mystery arc. But for now, I think you have enough to deal with given the length of this recap. Now you know why I leave recapping to the others. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Title: “Spit and Eggs”
Original airdate: 11/28/2006

As we open, Mac and Piz are standing on the roof of a frat party looking for Veronica. They won’t find her there, she’s pretty busy running down the halls of Hearst, clearly being chased, but by whom. A hurt and bleeding Veronica collapses against Piz and Wallace’s locked dorm room door, only to look up and see….

(…a long time ago, we used to be friends)

dniwer ot reilrae ni eht yad…

Veronica’s VO is waxing poetic in the courtyard when she spies Hearst Hotties, Logan and Dick laughing. Her VO laments that it’s nice to know that Logan can still smile since she hasn’t seen it lately. Well that’s what you get for blowing off your mega-hot, mega-rich boyfriend Veronica….deal.

The three exchange some snarky quibbles before Dick drops trou and moons a truck filled with women celebrating the end of Greek life at Hearst. And no, they lost a huge opportunity here by NOT showing Dick’s naked ass.

Dick leaves, and the tension between Logan and Veronica is palpable, but not in a good ‘I can’t wait to rip your clothes off’ way. Before I’ve had time to really process what was going on, Logan is breaking up with V. It is clearly killing him to do this because he still loves her, but he knows that things aren’t right between them. As Logan puts is:“I don’t think I can measure up to the person you want me to be. And I just can’t take feeling like a disappointment anymore.” He talks about ending this now or staying the course and having it end really badly later.

A stunned Veronica just stares in his eyes, clearly shocked by what was happening. Dude, she’s soooo usually the dumper, and never the dumpee. Well, not since Duncan back in the day, and that was only because he thought she was his sister.

Anyway, Jason Dohring knocks the bejesus out of this scene, and nearly kills me when he says: “But ‘m always here if you need anything. But you never need anything.” And I think that’s one of Veronica’s problems. She’s always needing something from someone, but she never asks for the right things. With that, Veronica and Logan are no more. I feel empty. As does Veronica who finally breaks down in tears over Logan while in the shower. A little too late sista!!
Weevil is fixing Dean O’Dell office flatscreen when Mrs. Dean O’Dell comes in to switch cars. She has a surprise business trip and needs his car (yeah right, I know what business you’re into lady). The Dean thinks he knows too, and that’s why he hires Keith to follow his wife and find out if she’s cheating on him.

If this angst wasn’t enough, the Dean is then further bothered when a wealthy and generous Alumni stops in to share his displeasure with the closing of the frats on campus. Uh oh.

The cigar-puffing Alumni must have been very influential, because the Dean is now busting in on Piz’s radio show to announce that the Greek system has been restored on campus. A mixture of joy and disgusts radiates from campus. The frat boys celebrate in the streets, while the Liliths and their friends celebrate by egging and vandalizing the Dean’s car…with him inside (listening to Olivia Newton-John none the less..ha).
The Dean’s day gets a little brighter as Keith reports back that he tailed Mrs. O’Dell on her business trip, and she was very well behaved. Her business partner that she was traveling with…well, she’s not his type at all. He prefers blondes, like as in the James Van der Beek variety. The Dean is relieved.

Meanwhile, Veronica takes a risk and does what most women should never do just after getting dumped – she got bangs. But of course when you look like Kristen Bell you can pull of bangs and look smokin’. Oh right, the show…Anyway, the Hearst rapist has taken out an ad in the campus newspaper claiming that he will find his next victim at the Pi Sig party. Parker is doing her part by passing out those drink coasters that show whether or not your drink has been roofied. Veronica should buy stock in that company. Roni sees that familiar light bulb above her head and take a bunch of the coasters. She’s going to make the Dean insist that the coasters be handed out at the Pi Sig party. Oh and let me just say that it’s amazing how Parker’s hair grew back so fast after the rape. Really, really amazing.

Later, in what appears to be Veronica’s only college class, she once again gets an “A” from Professor Landry. The subject? “How to plan the perfect murder”. And with that, I’m pretty sure I just solved mystery arc #2, but I’ll get to that later.

Creepy Lucky/Tim the TA insists on seeing Veronica after class, and she takes advantage of her alone time in his office to check out his creepy rape investigation board. It seems that Tim has his eye on a few of the Pi Sig boys, including Chip Diller and Dick. Tim isn’t forthcoming with his investigation details. And in turn Veronica isn’t’ forthcoming when Tim’s girlfriend stops by – the same girl that has been having some fun with Dick and the other Pi Sigs.

Back in casa de Mars, Keith learns from Veronica that Mrs. O’Dell is having an affair, just not with her partner – it’s Professor Landry. Keith shares the news with the Dean, and then proceeds to watch him get plastered on some good booze.

Over at the Pi Sig party (which bears astriking resemblance to Mitch-a-palooza) safety seems to be the watchword. IDs are checked at the door (no worries, Veronica made a few for her and her buds), and ONE beer cup is provided. Each person must write their name on their beer cup, and use only that cup all night. Dude, I would be so sober at this party because I would lose my cup after one game of flip cup. Anywho, Veronica provides her posse with a bunch of roofie coasters, and asks that they use them if they see an overly intoxicated chick at the party.

Wallace and Piz are the first to spy a Drunkie McDrunk. To distract the guy that was with Miss Hammered 2006, Piz does his best imitation of a drunk…um, drunk…hmmm, well I don’t know what he was doing, but it involved him flailing his arms and body around to the music so I guess he was dancing. It was pretty funny. Anway, it worked and Wallace checked her drink for drugs, but it came up clean. And I just fell in love with Piz just a little more.

Back inside the rockin’ bash, Lucky/Tim the TA has crashed the party only to find his woman on the lap of Dick Casablancas. He loses it a little as people look on, and I try to suppress a laugh – I mean come on, that wig??

Also inside the party is one Mr. Logan Echolls, whom along with his good buddy Mercer, are chatting up some girls. At least Logan didn’t seem to be into it before he and Veronica locked eyes across the room. She approached. Mercer, sensing the awkwardness made a quick exit. The two try to have a conversation, but are interrupted when Wallace and Piz announce that they found an empty cup that tested positive for GHB. There’s a name on the cup but the girl can’t be found, but they know where she lives. Veronica sets off to go get her, but Logan insists that she stay out of danger and that he go with the guys to find the girl. See, he does still love her.

Meanwhile, Veronica takes over the band’s mic and asks if anyone has seen the missing drunk girl. As it turns out, she was never there in the first place…it was her younger sister who had borrowed her fake ID that was missing. So the boys were heading to the wrong house.

Veronica is heading to the dorms in search of the drunk girl. As she leaves she hears Mercer’s pre-recorded voice DJ’ing the music and Roni has a major “Aha” moment.

The always thinking Veronica calls in a bomb threat for the dorm in an effort to have it evacuated. Too bad Barney Fife and friends are the world’s worst policemen, and choose to ignore the threat. Nice…real nice.
Meanwhile, Drunk Dean O’Dell makes his way over to the Neptune Grand to confront his cheating wife, and he has a gun. Ruh Roh. He knocks on the door and saunters right in. This isn’t going to be good.
Over in the drunk girls dorm room, the Hearst rapist enters to find the girl passed out in her bed. The camera pans up and slowly reveals the Hearst rapist to be…wait for it…wait for it….Mercer!! Oh snap…ET with MTV will never be the same.

Mercer gives a ridiculously long soliloquy as to why he chooses to rape. Basically his theory is ‘why wait’? Why waste the time to woo a girl, and hear her talk, when he could just drug her and rape her. He’s all about being efficient. Not to be crude, but for a guy that who is that impatient to have sex, he doesn’t seem to be in a rush to actually get the deed done.

Mercer pulls out the now infamous shaver and heads for the girl passed out in her bed. The blanket is pulled back to reveal Veronica and her handy dandy taser. Man I have GOT to get myself one of those. Mercer and Veronica struggle and Roni is thrown around like a rag doll. She’s just about to be seriously beaten when she grabs a sharp object from under the bed and plunges it into Mercer’s leg (can someone tell me what it was, because I thought it was a thigh master).

Veronica takes this moment to escape from the room and run for her life. Damn Kristen Bell can really play damsel in distress well. Nice! So THIS is the scene where the episode started. We see Veronica look up to see….Mo the RA.

Mo brings her inside her room and makes her coffee as she tells him…wait, hold the phone…Veronica have you not learned a damn thing. NEVER drink liquid. I mean ever. Just assume that every drink placed in front of you has been laced with GHB.

Mo leaves Veronica locked in his room as he “goes for help”. Veronica quickly notices a pic of Mo and Mercer, and at the same time feels the GHB kicking into her system. Yup, Mo is in on it all. He’s a bad guy too.

Veronica tries to get out the door but it’s locked (from the inside? really?). She thinks about escaping through the window but she is up to high. She opts to hide in the closet.

A very groggy Veronica calls Keith but he doesn’t answer. Mo and Mercer enter the room and they fight about her escaping, that is until they hear her cell phone ring in the closet. She SO should have put that on vibrate. Anway, they drag her out and beat her some more. Mercer decides to go for more GHB…enough to make her not remember the last year. Just as he leaves, Veronica manages to blow the rape whistle Parker had given her earlier.

Parker hears the whistle and heads to the hallway to check it out. She runs into a bloody Mercer, and starts screaming “RAPE”. The guys from the dorm head out to the hall and corner Mercer. He manages to weasel his way out of the situation, but not before Mo makes it quite obvious that he and Mercer were up to no good. Mo and Mercer hurry out of the dorm and Parker finds a passed out Veronica on the floor.

Cut to Veronica and Keith leaving the police department. Veronica tells Keith that she called him from Mo’s cell phone, and he probably hasn’t shut it off so he could be tracked down. And that’s just what Keith does…with his gun drawn. Nobody messes with his little girl. Well, ok, EVERYONE messes with his little girl, but whatever. Bad guys are caught!

Later than night, the crew comes by to visit Veronica, and she tells the whole deal with Mercer and Mo. Mo picked up the drunk girls through safe rides and then handed them off to Mercer to rape. What a tag team!!

Mac asks if Logan has been by and a sad Veronica shakes her head no.

Logan hasn’t had the chance to visit Veronica because he’s been too busy taking a bat to a police cruiser. What?! Yup, this little deed gets Logan thrown in jail…with his new cell mates Mercer and Mo. Oh, those boys are in for a WORLD of pain. Logan Echolls I love you and your shady ethics but heart of gold.
Back on campus, the Dean is sleeping on his couch when is awoken by people throwing eggs at his window. He seems pretty calm for a guy who may or may not have just killed his wife or her lover.

You know when else the Dean has a calm look on his face? When Weevil finds him slumped over his desk with a bullet in his head. Yes, the Dean is dead, and ladies and gents, we have our second mystery arc.

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33 Responses to “Veronica Mars Recap: “Spit and Eggs””

  1. Natasha on November 29th, 2006 12:13 pm

    The item Veronica pulled from under the bed was a unicorn–the long, sharp horn is what plunged into Mercer’s leg (and was later removed by Moe).

  2. GMMR on November 29th, 2006 12:14 pm

    Thank you!!!

  3. Mandy on November 29th, 2006 12:39 pm

    I LOVED this episode. I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with Logan more, but at the end, I was even more smitten. He has got to be my #1 TV boyfriend. My tv went out when he was doing the break up scene, so I missed his line about not measuring up and feeling like a disappointment. Thank you SO much for adding that to your recap.

  4. Tobes on November 29th, 2006 1:00 pm

    I only watch this show once in a while, but last night hooked me in. Now I cannot wait to see what happens next. Thanks for the excellent recap!

  5. Jo on November 29th, 2006 1:24 pm

    hahahaha unicorns. Seriously as soon as Mercer was revealed i kept going “but he interviewed her for ET!!! WHAT?”

  6. kilwiggle7 on November 29th, 2006 2:01 pm

    that was such a great episode. i loved it. i was surprised i picked up on a lot of the little things throughout the episode without having to rewatch- which i am going to do over and over again anyway.

    I LOVE logan. he’s so stinkin adorable. i felt like I was being broken up with when they broke. all he did was try and protect her… *tear*

    i’m making this guess all over the place- the murderer is the secretary… (i am NEVER right, so please don’t think i am trying to spoil anything!) just in case i am right, i want everyone to know that i made the initial guess way back when! 😉

  7. Post-it Thief on November 29th, 2006 2:41 pm

    Four words that made this episode for me: Neil Diamond Cover Band

  8. Heather on November 29th, 2006 3:28 pm

    When I get on this site, I usually only read the recaps and what everyone has to say about the episodes, but today I feel compelled to write something.

    “Spit and Eggs” is now my favorite VM episode to date, even if Veronica and Logan broke-up and Veronica was beaten up. The Fatboy Slim song playing in the beginning when VM was running from the rapist really pumped me up and got me ready for all the action later on. The ending really cemented it for me though, Logan purposely destroying the cop car so that he could be thrown in with the rapists, classic.

    Loved everything else about the episode, including the fact that all the characters got to be in it! Finally Mac was back, wallace had more than three lines, Dick in all his glory (wish we could have got a peek), and even Weevil made an appearance without being blamed for a crime.

    VM= Best show ever! 🙂

  9. Jo(h)n on November 29th, 2006 3:32 pm

    Yah, I dont think that was a unicorn….more like a Drill and in his leg was a drill bit…

  10. spacyz on November 29th, 2006 4:10 pm

    That was absolutely a unicorn that she grabbed from under the bed with a twisted horn that ended up in Mercer’s leg. It made sense because Mercer even commented on all the unicorns in her room, and I recognized it immediately since I also liked them as a kid. Can’t say I had any unicorns in my dorm room though.

  11. Becky on November 29th, 2006 4:27 pm

    I really liked the episode. And it was definitely a unicorn that she got from under the bed. I have been loving Wallace the last couple of episodes. He defintely seems like his old self (probably helps that he’s had more than one or two lines). Also Mac with her “Ask me about my STD” shirt. And when Veronica was giving her the puppy dog eyes “Resistance is futile.” All of Logan from the break up to the end. How gorgeous and messed up and lovely is he. I like Piz. I do. I just can’t see him and Veronica. I mean – that’s not gonna work. Also, couldn’t tell that that was Mo and Mercer in the picture but was that from the Prison episode? I don’t remember Mo or Mercer on that episode. Am I crazy? Also, have we seen Mercer before this year? Was he on the Hearst episode last year where the rapist was introduced? And did the dean go to the hotel and then back to his office to pass out? Also what about Tim and his girlfriend. What was that all about?

    Sorry that was so long. I really liked that episode. I really like Veronica. I thought she had been b*tchy a lot this year too but she seems to have gotten back in the groove.

  12. beeble on November 29th, 2006 7:12 pm

    It was such a great episode. Veronica kicked ass and she actually got along with Parker pretty well too. Logan was so twisted and sexy (always hot when his shirt is off). The thing that got me about the episode was that weird teacher’s assistant to Veronica’s criminology teacher is that he even had a girlfriend. I was expecting some sort of transsexual sort of them from him because he doesn’t look like a guy.

  13. Destiny on November 29th, 2006 11:16 pm

    Parker’s wearing a wig but I think they just decided to use the actresses real hair instead of a wig.

  14. Lisa Jenssen on November 30th, 2006 9:09 am

    To Becky – Mo & Mercer did the prisoner/guard thing the prior year. If you go back to Season 3 Ep 2 you will hear Moe talking about the event being “life changing”. The item that impaled Mercer is most definately a unicorn horn – albeit a long skinny one, but a unicorn horn nonetheless. Gotta admit I’m pretty please that Logan did the dumping and Ronnie is doing the regretting – in privet – which shows just how painful this is for her. I hope she wises up some time. Love the new mystery – and I agree that it will be tied in to Veronica’s How To Plan a Perfect Murder paper – it should be a lot of fun to watch her solve this murder. Kudos to Rob Thomas who wrote and directed the best ep of Season Three thus far. I’m totally addicted!

  15. Heather on November 30th, 2006 12:04 pm

    I have not been feeling the LoVe all season long (and pun completely intended), but this episode rocked! I loved all of it. I had pegged Moe as the rapist from his first little cameo in the season opener. He was just too textbook square not to senister in Neptune. Anyhoo, I agree with everyone how awesome it was and would urge people to join in on my spoiler-free diet — totally worth it! I think that “Tim” killed the Dean to protect his idol Landry and will try to pin it on Miss V.

  16. Geri on November 30th, 2006 12:13 pm

    How great was it to have Veronica saved by a unicorn?

    Remember Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang when Veronica showed Keith her desktop screen with a pic of unicorns and then said something like ´I love unicorns. Girls are crazy about unicorns!`


    Plus Veronica planning her perfect murder on Sheriff Lamb? Classic! Also loved: Mac attack (and the shirt)! Logan destroying the police car (remember him smashing Veronica´s headlights?), the feminists party on their crazy colored car just be be followed by the frats´ yellow Hummer, Dick being the ´master debater´ (although I liked Corny´s ´master bait´ even better) and on and on…LOVED IT.

    Rob Thomas for sure knows how to make season/mystery arc finales!!!

  17. Geri on November 30th, 2006 12:14 pm
  18. coloradokila on November 30th, 2006 4:37 pm

    Dang – there are some great comments here.
    I learned so much reading them – VM is such a puzzle and I don’t always have all of my pieces put together right.
    – Like, I didn’t put the Prisoner/Guard thing together when I watched it
    – And the other unicorn reference – interesting – must be a writers joke of some sort

    I am thrilled that they went this route of 2 story arc’s this season, so much better, so much more build up. I feel so much more vested in the show.

    This episode was by far the best of the season. And probably the second best after season 2’s finale – to me anyway.

    Do we know if the LoVe break-up is permanent? Cause anyone that would throw themselves in jail to beat up someone for me, is not staying out of my heart for long!

  19. John D'arc on November 30th, 2006 7:07 pm

    -It was Moe’s phone that rang. I dont think Ronnie could put it on vibrate.

    -Ronnie heard Mercer’s prerecorded voice on the radio? I thought he left to go do the radio show? What happened? I must have missed that.

  20. Geri on November 30th, 2006 7:44 pm

    Mercer indeed had his radio show up when he left the party, the people danced to his music. However after that girl told Veronica that it was Carrie´s little sister that drank from the cup, Mercer´s voice was heard as part of the call-in-request-show (is this the right word in english?) and there was a sound of contortion/delay like the tape was a bit broken. Therefore it couldn´t have been live. Mercer must have taped it.

    One question though: That hotel clerk who works at the Grand is also in Landry´s class…he knew so much about Veronica and ´Captain Moneybag´ by observing, I wonder if he also noticed his teacher´s latest conquest. Well maybe he just doesn´t know the woman actually is the dean´s wife. But since this is Neptune, nothing happens accidently;) Just a thought.

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