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GOSSIP GIRL Notes from The CW TCA Panel

July 20, 2007 by  

Tcatour_2The CW is the only network that hasn’t bothered to send me their Fall pilots.  As I was such a champion of GILMORE GIRLS, EVERWOOD, and this little show called VERONICA MARS, I had hoped that I was on their radar.  I guess not.  And it’s a bummer for them, because while I trust that I would love the salaciousness of their new show GOSSIP GIRLS, I can’t write a proper review because I haven’t seen it.  Instead I’m going to have to post a review from someone whose cup of tea this show ain’t.  Come on CW, give me some love!!

Here’s what MeeVee Editor Joel Brown had to say about the show, and its presentation at the TCAs.  You gotta love a guy that isn’t a afraid to hold back when it comes to asking the tough questions.  This had me snickering.

Earlier in the CW session, they touted their interactive site for the new show “Gossip Girl,” allowing teens to “enter the world of the show.” I think I pissed off head honcho Dawn Ostroff by asking if the kids would be able to buy their Stoli online along with the fashion and music. (No.)

The kids on this show are mostly rich, spoiled and nasty, and while one or two are trying to do the right thing, mostly the show makes underaged sex, drinking and drug abuse look glamorous. But hey, I grew up in the ’70s. What is so troubling about this show is how glamorous it makes the lives of selfish, backstabbing, bitchy mean boys and girls.

For more on Joel’s take on the GOSSIP GIRLS TCA panel click here.

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  2. Brooke on July 22nd, 2007 7:08 pm

    Read the pilot, haven’t seen it. Very much a guilty pleasure show, but yeah, content wise, not exactly what parents will want their kids watching. But what is… the OC wasn’t exactly great for the pre-teen set either when it came to values and behavior. I did find myself asking a few times, “How are these kids getting served martinis in a bar??” If you’re looking for intelligent, thoughtful television, this probably won’t fit the bill, but Josh Schwartz knows his market and for that reason, will probably have kids watching. I’m interested to actually SEE Blake Lively in this role, not just imagine it via pages of dialogue.