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Big Brother Spoilers (Update #16) – POV Winner

March 18, 2008 by  

James won the POV.  They had to run back and forth over a plank 500 times carrying something.  He uses the POV to take Sheila off the block and put up Matt.  So Matt and Ryan are on the block together.  Natalie was ticked off and is trying to get votes for Matt, but it doesn’t look good.  Matt is playing the card that he doesn’t want to be in sequester for his birthday (on April 9).  Either way, it doesn’t look like he is going to stay in the house at this point.  Sheila is playing both sides because she doesn’t want to be a target with Natalie if she wins HOH next week, nor does she want to be a target for the other team.  She thinks that Adam is going to vote the same way she does, and will back her up in her decisions.  We’ll see how well that pans out for her.

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