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November 19, 2008 by  

While the future of PUSHING DAISIES looks bleak, the show has not yet been canceled. The fight is not yet over. It’s beyond important for you to tune in tonight. It’s even more important that you get a few newbies to check in too. With all 13 episodes filmed and no more ordered it’s pretty easy for ABC to pull the official plug. The only way they are not going to do that is if they see an uptick in viewers. It’s that simple.

As we’ve asked you to do all season, PLEASE take some time out of your day to encourage others to tune in tonight at 8pm on ABC for an all new episode of PUSHING DAISIES.

So what can we, the fans, do to show our support and convince the powers that be at ABC to keep Daisies on the air?

  • TUNE IN: Tonight, watch the show. Live. In your house. Look for the glowing box that receives pictures via bunny ears, a satellite or a coaxial cable coming out of the wall. (Everything else on TV at that time? Obama, Obama and then more Obama. So there’s no downside for you—you won’t miss any other show—and the upside is that the show’s prospects might perk up!) For that matter, email five of your friends right now and tell them to watch, especially if you happen to know anyone who has one of those magical Nielsen boxes.
  • TURN ON: Go to and play old episodes. If you have some spare change, download a few from iTunes. If Daisies brings in enough digital dime, that revenue might offset the on-air losses.
  • REACH OUT: Contact ABC online or use the quaint ol’ post office to send a letter explaining, in your own passionate but polite words, why and how Daisies is the birdhouse in your soul. The address for ABC is 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-4551.
  • PUSH THOSE DAISIES: There are 23,000 species in the daisy family of flowers, including marigolds, coneflowers, sunflowers, chamomile, chrysanthemums, dahlias and zinnias. Send a bunch of your faves to ABC, or better yet, send flower seeds. They’re light and therefore cheap to ship. Seeds last for years and won’t go bad or go to waste, and they could be planted to grow into something beautiful in the spring. Don’t forget to include a note explaining that this is for the love of Daisies!
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Go to Facebook, MySpace and any other social media site to spread the word of Daisies. Here’s a few banners you can use. Do what you can. Now is the time.


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2 Responses to “Save PUSHING DAISIES…Please!”

  1. friendlyfan on November 19th, 2008 9:36 pm

    I do not understand ABC!! What are they doing. This is an awesome show. Tons of people I know are watching this show and love it. Lots of websites are encouraging people to start watching it. It is clearly a well loved show. Why isn’t ABC trying harder to keep it around? They never really gave it a chance. There has not been much advertising for it. Most shows pick up more viewers during the second season. Just give it a chance!!!

  2. Nicole on November 20th, 2008 12:19 am

    I have to post here because it’s too early for the recap to be up. If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode, there’s no major spoilers ahead, just me rambling and using a lot of hyperbole to try to express my love for this show.

    This was just such a funny, emotional and overall fantastic episode of PD!!! Fred Willard was brilliant as usual, the twin brothers were so endearing and such a good fit in their roles, and most of all, Lee Pace knocked it so far out of the park; I was mesmerized. Ned’s character was on a roll of emotions, and he had to express anger, sarcasm, bitterness, vulnerability, anxiety, humour and romance and he hit every note so perfectly. I’ve always been a fan of his on the show, but after Oh, Oh, Oh It’s Magic I’m in awe.

    I can’t believe that this show isn’t getting more viewers – that is so not a reflection of the quality! It would be such a colossal mistake to yank it from the air too soon. ABC has to remember that last season was so drastically affected by the strike that it had to play a role in the show flying under the radar – they should be rallying around the show and promoting the hell out of it.