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Chloe’s back! How good did the end of tonight’s Smallville episode feel when everything clicked back into place! This season has been great but there was still a few things missing, for me anyways. Now with Chloe back to her old computer whiz tricks and Lois and Clark back on the road to lover’s lane things are starting to heat up! And it’s all thanks to Zatanna and her magic tricks. It seems her visit to Metropolis to collect a family heirloom has left the Smallville gang with some clarity. Love stories are my favorite but when most of the characters are sitting comfortable in their relationship and there is no solo drama I get bored. Yes, Lois and Clark aren’t an official couple but they seem to be stuck in this back and forth rut and this series needs some action, besides the flying and heat vision.

Lets face it they needed something to wake them up especially when they all decide to ditch a newly single Chloe on her birthday. With Clark on a mission, Lois on her way to Mexico and Oliver running for the door, Chloe is definitely thinking the grass is greener on the other side. She wants what Lois has; a press pass and a life in the fast lane as a Daily Planet reporter. Now with Jimmy gone she feels like a failure and unknowingly is granted a wish by the sexy, fishnet wearing Zatanna. The next day when she wakes up she’s Lois. After checking in with the real Lois, Chloe decides to go to the Daily Planet where she researches Zatanna. Clark is there and has no idea that his sidekick is actually Chloe. The two discuss Chloe and Jimmy’s break-up.

Meanwhile Zatanna pays Oliver a visit. She wants him to get her heirloom back, a book that holds the key to her father’s return. Zatanna wants to resurrect him and is wiling to grant Oliver one wish if he steals it from Lex’s possession by midnight. After her meeting with Oliver, Zatanna is paid a visit by Clark and Chloe. Clark finally knows that Chloe was turned into Lois from the hex. When they all come face to face Chloe is a little embarrassed that Clark knows the full story, Chloe’s wish to be Lois. Zatanna works her magic again and Clark thinks he’s human. She also discloses that the hex will only break when the person desires another destiny.

On the other side of town during Clark and Chloe’s rooftop excursion Oliver steals the book and attempts to destroy it in front of Zatanna. If she resurrects her father the dark magic will take a life. In desperation she gets the book and chains Oliver to a pole leaving him there so that she can resurrect her dead father.

In the end Clark and Chloe return to normal and manage to save the day. Clark talks Zatanna out of her decision. It was good to see Clark and Chloe back on the same team. It doesn’t look like it will be for long though! Chloe has decided that the Daily Planet isn’t her cup of tea and helping the meteor infected just isn’t enough either. So she’s back to the watch tower for the Green Arrow and the gang! As much as I like Jimmy their split seems to have heated things up.

What do you think Smallville fans? Is Chloe setting herself up for trouble? Is Clark and Lois any closer to an actual relationship now that Lois wants things back to basics? Will Jimmy and Chloe get back together?

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4 Responses to “SMALLVILLE: Hex”

  1. Erik on March 27th, 2009 7:29 pm

    I am thrilled to have Smallville back on the air so that we can see more of your stuff on GMMR before Californication starts up again.

    Quick question about Smallville: I had Seasons 1-4 on DVD, sitting idly on my shelf for 2 years, before my recent bout with the economic crisis. I have enjoyed the 30-32 episodes I have watched so far, and I think it is an underrated show.

    Is Tom Welling really capable of pulling off such strong romantic chemistry with a third major love interest in Lois? Obviously, that’s where the story has to go in order to get to the end game, but I am curious as to your feelings about which of the three (Chloe, Lana, Lois) appear to be the best fit with Clark onscreen? I’m a sucker for Neutrogena commercials, so I suppose I fit in the Kreuk camp…

  2. sarah on March 27th, 2009 11:18 pm

    Hey Erik,

    I would have to say Lana. On screen they work so well together. Lois just comes off too frigid and bossy to me. I think she’s a great actress but the love/hate relationship between them is off somehow. I just can’t seem to get into them together. Maybe when the time comes they’ll romantically work well together on screen. I’m hoping anyways!

  3. Sam on March 28th, 2009 1:47 pm

    Yup, Lana all the way!

  4. Brittny on March 31st, 2009 3:33 am

    Great recap/review. I don’t think her work as Watchtower is setting Chloe up for trouble. I like that she’s so enthusiastic and decisive about it. I like Chloe and Jimmy together but if they got back together at this point it would kill the momentum that “Hex” has generated. I like Lois pulling away from romance just as we see Clark getting a little more interested. I think the dance is more fun than fully realized romance for Clark and Lois on Smallville – at least for now.

    As beautiful as Clark and Lana look onscreen together, I think Clana loses something content wise after season 3. I think that the love/hate relationship between Lois and Clark is fun. Visually I guess they aren’t as pretty but… I enjoy the dynamic between them more than Clana.

    In the early years I really liked Chloe as a character so I was a bit biased toward Chloe when it came to the Chloe/Clark/Lana triangle.