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About Last Night: GREEK, NURSE JACKIE, Kathy Griffin and More…

June 9, 2009 by  

Last night was an extravaganza of television.  What shows made their way into your home last night? My super quick thoughts on what I watched and then I’ll turn it over to YOU.

Why oh why are not more of you people watching GREEK (says the girl who just got caught up last season)? Next week is the season finale, but the show comes back at the end of August.  If I can watch 2 seasons in 7 days, surely you can get caught up in two months.  I’m not steering you in the wrong direction, the show is that good.

As for last night.  The IKI/Omega Chi float was brizilliant! Well, at least after Rusty and Heath’s “modifications”. Who knew that ABC Family would allow such crass sexual innuendo.  Loved it!  But I must say that I was disappointed that Heath will be leaving Kappa Tau early to start Med School.  I had high hopes that he and Calvin would be “playing baseball” again soon.

More drama for Cappie and Casey. Raise your hand if you thought their fight by the truck would result in some smooching!

I’ve seen next week’s finale and it’s so good. I’m not saying more than that right now out of fear that I will spoil you all.

Nurse Jackie…
When I start bitching and moaning about how high my cable bill is every month, please remind me just how incredible NURSE JACKIE is.  Did you guys watch? Did you love it?  I’m a few episode ahead and I can tell you that it just keeps on getting better.  Edie Falco is ridiculous!

And how about the supporting cast?  Fantastic.  I have not been this excited about a show in a long time.  NURSE JACKIE is smart, sassy and good…for all the wrong reasons.

My Life on the D List…
I’m a big fan of Kathy Griffin. She’s obnoxious and sometimes offensive but I love every catty part of her. But I was really disappointed in last night’s season premiere of MY LIFE OF THE D LIST.  In what I fear will be the theme of the season, Kathy is meeting with a bunch of A-listers in the hopes of climbing up the celebrity ladder of fame.  Last night, Kathy spent some time with the ferosh Bette Midler.  Love Bette. Love Kathy. It should have been great.  But it wasn’t.  Kathy came across as desperate and at time amateurish. It was uncomfortable to watch her be belittled by Miss M. I know their banter was part of the shtick, but Kathy came across as just too needy.  This is a comedienne that sells out Carnegie Hall.  She needs to step her A (lister) game a bit.

Jon & Kate Plus 8…
I missed it! And Jon and Kate shared screen time! I wonder if it’s available online?  It’s ok if it’s not since last night I read about 4 different recaps. What is wrong with me?  I’m hooked.  But I can hold my head high because there are professional TV critics watching “I’m a Celebrity” every night.  At least I’m better off than them. Ha!

What else…

The season premiere of WEEDS, THE CLOSER, RAISING THE BAR….any fans?!

Let’s talk TV. Share your thoughts on the shows above, or anything else that caught your fancy last night.


7 Responses to “About Last Night: GREEK, NURSE JACKIE, Kathy Griffin and More…”

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  2. Agent 86 on June 9th, 2009 4:39 pm

    Sorry. I missed those shows last night. I was over at the WB.com site for ‘Chuck Me Monday’ watching “CHUCK vs. The Helicopter” while eating my subway $% footlong….

  3. Grant on June 9th, 2009 5:46 pm

    Come on now really? Its Rusty, and Omega Chi. Get your Greek terminology, and character names right!

  4. Give Me My Remote on June 9th, 2009 5:53 pm

    Ha ha…I’m an ass. Randy? Um, yeah…Rusty – clearly I was thinking Andy + Rusty. I’m out of my mind.

    But really, listen to me kids, I’m such a fan! Ha ha ha!!

  5. Carly on June 9th, 2009 8:52 pm

    I totally know what you mean about Kathy & Bette, but I was crying of laughter in the beginning when she was staying at the HIE and hiding from… nobody, haha. I was seriously wiping away tears, I was laughing so hard. It reminded me of when her show first started and they just taped her living her life… not staged things for productions sake. Oh well… I honestly think she’s hilarious anyway, but the HIE put me over the edge 🙂

    I also loved Weeds but I’m not articulate enough to explain why, ha.

  6. Patty on June 10th, 2009 2:12 pm

    GMMR I have to thank you for talking about Greek. I am another person that is now watching. And buying DVDs I love it so much.

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