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TRUE BLOOD: Shake and Fingerpop

July 13, 2009 by  

Hello, all. I hope that your two-week break from “True Blood” was eventful and fantastic. But, alas, the gang from Bon Temps was back this week in an episode that set up a lot of things for the rest of the season.

Sookie, Bill and Jessica

Bill kicks Hoyt out of his house. Jessica defends herself by saying that, essentially, she’s being a teenage girl first and a new vampire second. Sookie suggests that Jessica come with them to Dallas as a way for her to learn more about her new lifestyle and get out of the house a bit.

When they arrive, the limo driver attempts to abduct Sookie. After being glamoured by Jessica, Bill glamours him and finds out that he was hired by the Fellowship of the Sun to abduct the human with the Compton party.

Bill goes to meet Eric later (see below). While gone, Jessica orders a prostitute for her to feed upon. Sookie finds out that Barry, the hotel worker who brought the prostitute to the door, can read minds as well. Sookie leaves to chase him down.

Bill, Eric and Lafayette

Lafayette stays holed up in his house, even rebuffing Tara on her birthday. Eric shows up and offers his blood so Lafayette’s leg will heal. Eric explains that Lafayette is important to Sookie, which means that he is important to Eric, or at least interesting. Lafayette feeds and feels better. Eric departs for Dallas.

In Dallas, Eric sheds a little light on his relationship and concern with Godrick’s disappearance. Eric worries that if a vampire as powerful as Godrick can be captured, anyone can be and if the Dallas vampires don’t get answers soon, he fears that they will start to attack humans to get answers.

Jason and the Fellowship

Jason is an idiot, plain and simple. He starts to get a crush on Sarah Newlin. After an adventurous trip paintballing in the woods, the Newlins ask Jason to be a part of the Soldiers of the Sun, an elite group that will fight vampires head on. Even though the whole arrangement seems odd and rushed, Jason is in lust and keeps getting praise, so he stops caring and enjoys it.

I have to believe that Jason’s entire presence is some sort of power play on the part of the Newlins to get to Sookie, who, after an attempted abduction, seems to be an integral part to both sides. She’s like the Harry Potter of the True Blood universe…she means a lot to both the good and evil sides of the world and it will be incredibly exciting and fascinating to watch who wins.


I give up. I officially hate this storyline. Can someone who has read the books comment on if this is going anywhere, if you even know? Right now, I find myself not caring about her, Tara, Eggs, or anyone else involved, with my only intrigue being in her relationship to Sam. I think two episodes in row with giant orgies caused by her seizures or whatever they might be, added with speaking in toungues and perhaps being a giant beast who scratches people just passes my interest level and borders on silly.


Sam was going to leave, but hooks up with Daphne at Tara’s party. Daphne tells Sam that she knows what he is (a shapeshifter, we assume) before he has a chance to admit it to her.

This season has been, for me, the epitome of good vs. bad. I have loved literally every storyline, every plot twist, and every part of “True Blood” mythos that we have learned along the way. But, Maryann and the force that she has brought into the series, let alone the fictional town of Bon Temps. It seems completely unnecessary to everything else that might happen as well as completely non sequitur compared to what has occurred previously. It was fine enough in the beginning when there was an inherent promise of Maryann and the mystery surrounding her actually having some sort of weight on everything else. But four episodes into the season, all she has done is be “naughty”, shake around a lot and be full of innuendo and sly remarks. What has she actually done? Cause Tara to be in a dysfunctional relationship? Spur Andy Belfelur’s alcoholism? These are things that probably would have happened had her Cape Cod accent never showed up.

So, I ask all of you true “True Blood” fans out there…Where is the Maryann storyline going and, more importantly, why should I or anyone care? Stay away from spoilers if you can.

I’m serious. I want answers people.

Philboy is a Midwesterner WHO NOW HAS A JOB!!! His can’t miss shows are “24”, “HIMYM” and “True Blood”. His thought for the week is, “I have a job. A real one. Wow.”


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  2. SB on July 13th, 2009 10:26 am

    I finally got to watch it on the actual night it aired (at a friend’s house)! And can I just say how cute Hoyt was on his way out the door? Awww, I kind of love him and Jessica.

    You know, the first season was stayed pretty close to the first book, but the second season is a strange hybrid. I will say flat out that the second book was absolutely the worst one of the series for me, and I didn’t really like the maenad story in that one either. At least on the show, they’re tying it in and trying to make it make more sense. But I still hate it too. I thought after last week that they were maybe starting to take it in a more interesting direction, but this week was a letdown on that front and I agree with you, aside from Eggs and Tara Doing The Sex, which I also didn’t care about, it felt like a repeat from last week. I don’t know, they need to get it together. They obviously feel comfortable enough deviating from the book–it’s time to wrap this element up and move on.

  3. Kristi on July 13th, 2009 5:06 pm

    and… what the hell does “Shake and Fingerpop” mean or have to do with anything?

  4. Kathy on July 14th, 2009 6:26 pm

    To be honest, and I think I’ll have to re-read the books to figure this out for sure, I think the only purpose of the maenad attack and storyline is to give Eric a reason to heal Sookie more with his blood, which as the books have gone on, have a point. Now, if they take the show in that direction with Sookie and Eric? I sure hope so! Bill got on my nerves in the book and it’s the same with the show, so at least that is consistent.